Just. Lance is in in 9th place!  (shurely some mishtake?) as ever Jan Ulrich is right on his shoulder in 10th place.

Mind you, this internet list  might not be the most authoritative poll of the Top 10 cyclists of all time, the picture accompanying Miguel Induarain's spot in 8th place is of Marco Pantani. And Jacques Anquetil in 3rd looks to be on a Rapha photoshoot - it's the Rapha jacket and cap that's the giveaway. If he is wearing Rapha Maitre Jacques looks to be in pretty good shape for someone who's been dead for 22 years… riding the bike is a pretty neat trick too.

Plucked from the obscurity of his London commute back in the mid-Nineties to live in Bath and edit bike mags our man made the jump to the interweb back in 2006 as launch editor of a large cycling website somewhat confusingly named after a piece of navigational equipment. He came up with the idea for road.cc mainly to avoid being told what to do… Oh dear, issues there then. Tony tries to ride his bike every day and if he doesn't he gets grumpy, he likes carbon, but owns steel, and wants titanium. When not on his bike or eating cake Tony spends his time looking for new ways to annoy the road.cc team. He's remarkably good at it.


Barry Fry-up [188 posts] 8 years ago

ullrich in the top ten? lance below bartali? never mind the pics, it's the order that's getting my goat!

here's my top 10, apropos of nothing:
1) Merckx
2) Coppi
3) Anquetil
4) Armstrong
5) Hinault
6) Gimondi
7) Indurain
8) Kelly
9) Lemond
10) Bartali

John_the_Monkey [438 posts] 8 years ago

Probably old news, but I like "The Virtual Musette"'s round up best;


If you disagree, the author provides the scoring methodology for you to pick apart too.

purplecup [217 posts] 8 years ago

yikes, that's some pretty thorough number crunching. i was just going to do it on a whim, but i'd feel pretty shallow if i attempted that now  1

John_the_Monkey [438 posts] 8 years ago

Bah, do a whim one anyway, and just claim that your methodology is top secret. I won't let on, honest  3

Tony Farrelly [2929 posts] 8 years ago

Coppi and Bartali come in at three and four on the Virtual Musette's list (below) their scores are very similar, and they both raced in the same era - restricting the other's chances of winning whereas all the other top riders had periods of time that they dominated. Makes you wonder what either Coppi or Bartali's rankings would have been had the other one not been around scooping up prizes at the same time?

1) Eddy Merckx, 410.5
2) Bernard Hinault, 232.5
3) Fausto Coppi, 219.5
4) Gino Bartali, 213
5) Jacques Anquetil, 184
6) Rik Van Looy, 152
7) Sean Kelly, 146.5
8) Roger De Vlaeminck, 139.5
9) Francesco Moser, 131.5
10) Felice Gimondi, 114 (higher raw score)
11) Lance Armstrong, 114*

wild man [297 posts] 8 years ago

Theirs does seem an odd list- why not have Zotemelk instead of Ullrich for an almost eternal runner- up. (Or Poulidor, if you're the sort of person who used to cheer for Tim Henman.)

Also, I'd stick Koblet and Pantani in there somewhere for sheer flair even if a points based ranking system would screw them.

Mr Sock [156 posts] 8 years ago

yeah it's more like a list of the Top 10 cyclists I've heard of