After a Saturday afternoon spend cruising up the River Thames getting sun burnt and a evening out for a meal I wasn't expecting too much from a Sunday morning spin.

But, at the traffic lights going out of the village I saw a Livestrong jerseyed rider on one of those new full carbon Raleigh's whizz over the cross roads.

So I chased, and chased, and chased and then made the catch. The dude had his I-pod on though so the conversation was a bit one sided. He went south and I went north and the next junction and I had the A1 service road to myself at just after 8 in the morning.

The wind direction was beginning to stress me though. I never expect warm sunshine to come from a northerly breeze. So my planned route home was completely in the wrong direction to avoid a bashing.

I put this out of my mind as I rode along the top of the Nene Valley (looking out to the famous Fotheringhay Church) and into the cool shade of Ashton Forest.

After dropping into Barnwell I headed back up the hill with my road.cc jersey ripped open and my Oakleys perched in the vents of my helmet. At least I looked pro even if my legs were telling me otherwise!

The roads were beginning to fill up with other riders despite it being only just after 9 in the morning.

As I headed back over the A1 via Glatton and turned for home (confusingly at the village of Holme!) the 3 mile virtually straight drove was bathed in glorious sunshine and a stupid stiff headwind.

I battled back at just over 15mph with a whopping heart rate before the shelter of the village and a lucozade out of the fridge.

Despite the tricky finale it was a lovely ride and if this weekend is an indication of the weather to come this summer then we have plenty to look forward to .

James has been blogging for road.cc for 5 years and racing bicycles (averagely) for 20 years. 


dave6779 [34 posts] 8 years ago

I like it, sounds like a great ride! I live in a hilly area of salford and it going up a steep incline with wind speed like that is certainly a test of your endurance. Keep it up man.