The Postman Always Rings Twice...

by Shaun Audane   May 19, 2009  

Bottom Bracket installed

I was planning to install the Acor bottom bracket on Saturday morning having flooded the frame internally with Waxoyl on Friday night. This was somewhat dependant upon the splined fitting tool arriving in Saturday’s post. Sadly the postman brought it to my door but fought shy of ringing the bell, choosing instead to deliver his calling card!

Something of a frustration but time’s not for wasting so I threaded the unit hand-tight inside the shell, using it as a template for accurately positioning the front mech. Taking advantage of a warm, sunny afternoon, I set about cleaning the remaining frame threads, installing other components while planning some radical cockpit and positioning amendments.

Mercifully Monday came and with it the much-prized fitting tool, meaning I could install the venerable UN53 copy with much grease and minimum fuss. Thoughtfully the plastic cable guides chose to disintegrate just as I was sliding the Stronglight cranks aboard the tapers-not a biggie but means I’ve had to order another. Contemplating my next move, rotating the cranks had my senses screaming with alarm- the inner ring appeared elliptical and inexplicably warped.

Demanding closer inspection, I removed the rings and placed them on a level surface. Thankfully it was only a trick of the light but presented the ideal opportunity to re-grease the fixings.

Justin (Burls) is indisposed at the moment so, front mech perfectly positioned I’ll fit another cable guide, wire up the derailleurs and hopefully we can arrange a mutually convenient hour or so in the coming weeks to tidy the seat-tube and add a new headset.