For those of us based in Yaxley, the windswept trek from the football ground to the Admiral Wells is a neccessary evil to get out of the village and into the hills for riding.

The A15 from the Crossroads to Normans Cross seems to have turned into the main straight at Silverstone as people race to get to the 4 lane motorway heaven of the A1. Not great when you are going 50mph slower than them with just a layer of lycra as your armour.

That has been the beauty of the Fenland lanes for me over the decades.

Without going all nostalgic, as a child that very ride to Holme and back via the woods took all afternoon, as floods of kids on BMX's armed with fizzy pop and sandwiches would ride out from the village.

But even the Holme Road is starting to show signs of being caught up in modern life as cars and 4x4's hack down it to get a head start on the A1 at Sawtry or across to the A14 via Ramsey into Huntingdon.

The problem is magnified by that fact that a number of them I see are chatting on hand held mobiles whilst bouncing over the uneven surface.

Those that dont want to take the bounce of the uneven edge, sinking into the peat simply drive full pelt down the middle of the road, moving not one inch to give the cyclist coming the other way any room.

What can we do? very little other than be aware and take extra care. I think its fair to say those mid 80s summer afternoons of not seeing a car whilst riding down the Holme Road are long, long gone.


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Wooliferkins [50 posts] 6 years ago

Hmm.. This brought about a flashback from the 1980s. The Somersham Mountain Rescue Team!

Simon_MacMichael [2507 posts] 6 years ago

I read some survey last year that said 3 per cent of drivers used mobiles at the wheel. It clearly wasn't conducted in this corner of the Cotswolds, I reckon it's at least one in ten going by my observations when sat outside the local cafe.

Although last week, when there was a hi viz-clad copper stationed outside on traffic duty (while removal vans commissioned by the police emptied the money-laundering-operation-cum-antiques-shop over the road - it's like Lovejoy never left the TV screen), curiously I didn't see one driver on the blower.

Funny, that.

Oh, and memo to iPhone users - putting your phone on loudspeaker and holding it away from your ear while driving does not a hands-free kit make...

stevevfr [46 posts] 6 years ago

Wow, that brought back memories JTC  1

I was one of the 80's gang, picnic in rucksack and pedalling off for a days adventure down the Holme Rd (I had a Grifter XL though as never did the BMX thing). Those were the days hey mate!!

Sadly you are right though those days are most definitely gone now, the only time you stand a chance of being traffic free on that road is 6.30 on a Sunday morning (not guaranteed).

Thanks for the memories mate.

James Warrener [1086 posts] 6 years ago
Wooliferkins wrote:

Hmm.. This brought about a flashback from the 1980s. The Somersham Mountain Rescue Team!

Think they are still raising money for charity as Pidley Mountain Rescue nowadays.