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by TRs Blurb n Blog   April 22, 2009  

Taga child transporter

Although I might not be fond of having children (at least not yet) I am fond of good design and this contraption from the Netherlands is just that. Escorting your children in safety and by a sustainable means is the key to modern transport. If we could get rid of the fat, fuel guzzling, smog pumping, street cloggers that are used to take kids to school then I am all for it. This I believe to be a giant leap towards something that can be used as a 'true' viable alternative to taking the car or the bus to do those little chores. For more information on this product visit

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Spookily enough just had a link in to a review of the Taga from our mate Peter Eland over at Velo Vision

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
22nd April 2009 - 17:27


Aha! what a great design, totally usable.

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posted by Ruthe [50 posts]
22nd April 2009 - 18:12


Have you seen the TrioBike?

The stroller detaches and the rear part can then be used as a standalone bike. Great if you continue your commute after dropping the nippers of at playgroup, for example.

"Tant que je respire, j'attaque!"

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posted by John_the_Monkey [428 posts]
23rd April 2009 - 12:15


nice crumple-zone there


posted by LesBianchi [16 posts]
24th April 2009 - 10:03

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how photoshopped does that pic look...?!

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posted by jezzzer [339 posts]
22nd May 2009 - 13:58