Further Fettling

by Shaun Audane   April 20, 2009  

Univega & Tag Along


The Easter weekend was not complete without some Obree-esque fettling of the tag-along. Family and friends have become fiercely protective of their washing machines, inspecting them upon my departure to ensure I’ve not amputated the main bearing for an improved Q factor! I have mounted some Smica micro ends inboard of the grips to give Joshua alternative hand positioning and more crucially, shelter from the wind that leaves him rather chill after a few miles. Removing the majority of the chain guard has improved chain alignment and addresses the problem of the plastic binding against the spokes.

I’ve worked out, factoring a pannier festooned with Kryptonite New York chain, Squire U lock, patch kit, spare tubes, pump, multi-tool etc into the equation that I am hauling an additional eight stone with Joshua and the tag-along-great for resistance training-especially with the dynohub but demanding lower gears on the climbs. That said, he and I have an understanding when daddy starts grrrrning, Joshie gets a churning-namely taking up the slack. High time I got him sorted with and competent aboard a solo too methinks…