Cyclists Eyes

by VecchioJo   April 11, 2009  


Stopped dead by a large advert in a shop window...

Train of thought..

*SPDs and plastic platforms on a road bike, tut tut.

*She's going to ruin her knees with the saddle that low.

*Nice arse.

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that bike's got narrow bars too, if you can't see them past her minimal thighs. maybe some of those peacemakers that fixie make... Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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posted by purplecup [232 posts]
11th April 2009 - 17:19

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Not to mention the chaffing she'll get from her inappropriate riding apparel.

Still, I'm sure she'll get lots of offers to make it better Wink

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posted by Trek Sal [52 posts]
12th April 2009 - 14:33

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the phrase "stack height" instantly comes to mind.

I agree with Jo though, it's the poor girl's knees I'm worried about

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posted by hammergonewest [105 posts]
12th April 2009 - 16:58

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I'll bet she's not got a helmet or gloves... Sad

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posted by DaveP [467 posts]
14th April 2009 - 8:40

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Maybe the saddle is the right height if she took her platforms off. I think CTC should advertise like this?

Streamlines, refines, tones.

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posted by Ruthe [50 posts]
14th April 2009 - 9:30

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Ruthe wrote:
I think CTC should advertise like this?

maybe with a nice beardy bloke in his underpants astride a longstaff trike? Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

only joking CTC luvvies!

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posted by cactuscat [301 posts]
14th April 2009 - 9:39

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If I could be anything I'd like,
I'd be the saddle of a lady's bike.

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posted by sponging-machine [108 posts]
15th April 2009 - 22:27

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What bike? I can't see it.

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posted by mooseman [59 posts]
17th April 2009 - 14:01

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