Lance Watch 2. Get down on your knees…

by Tony Farrelly   April 7, 2009  

 … and thank whatever god you pray to that you are not a celebrity and don't have to put up with people like Annie (second comment down) on the Celebrity Baby Blog talking rubbish about you, and your ex-girlfriend.

Before I barf I will just observe that that man Lance really does get everywhere.

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"Wyatt sure is a cutie and it seems Sheryl is a GREAT mom!"
what, based on the fact that, erm, they're behind a bench? or that they happened to be smiling? for the love of pete.
and as to whether he looks like lance... well, maybe lance looked a bit like the Mekon when he was two. I can't say i know.

actually i do now, cause i just googled it. and here is the big man aged, i don't know, one i guess.

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posted by Barry Fry-up [193 posts]
7th April 2009 - 12:46

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