Friday Schwag Grab: Genesis Tee

by Dave Atkinson   March 20, 2009  

Genesis T shirt [2]

A different tee this time, in a different size. Large, with a kind of grid graphic on the front and some guff on the back too for good measure. In grey.

Who wants it? Usual rules: just post a comment and you're in the bag/hat/mug. The judge's yadda yadda. No alternative prize will be offered*

*except we do have an XL too Smile

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It's not often you can usefully re-cycle an old forum post but…
ctrl c ctrl v

I'm always partial to a nice T-shirt, and indeed a nice cup of tea - so a mug would be nice

… stick my name on the list if you ever do one of those.

Spinning on a wheel

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posted by Hammy [97 posts]
20th March 2009 - 20:10

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we've got another of those nice icebike mugs knocking around... maybe next week then!

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7830 posts]
20th March 2009 - 22:01

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please put me in for it, looking to expand my small but motley collection of t-shirts Tongue

posted by Mynydd.Mawr [28 posts]
21st March 2009 - 18:37

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Can I put my name down for the XL??

It's not that I'm overweight, just have odd sized bones... Wink

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posted by DaveP [467 posts]
22nd March 2009 - 22:48

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Please count me in for the XL t-shirt.
Been doing a little to much weight training in the gym for the last ten years..!!


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posted by bicycleworld [26 posts]
25th March 2009 - 16:13

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I have always liked Phil collins!!

posted by raykcv [12 posts]
25th March 2009 - 18:20

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I need the XL for not having spend ENOUGH time in the gym!

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posted by el.dudino [75 posts]
25th March 2009 - 18:25

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I'd best opt for the XL so I can fit my other half in.

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posted by vtwenty3 [29 posts]
25th March 2009 - 20:05

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XL me up landlord

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posted by Skardy [97 posts]
25th March 2009 - 20:54

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I should be okay with the large though Smile

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posted by cactuscat [305 posts]
25th March 2009 - 21:06

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Hey I remember Genesis when Peter Gabriel was frontman. Put me down for an XL please, passing time has made me a bit bigger !!

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posted by oldspikey [79 posts]
25th March 2009 - 22:16

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i can't dance...

posted by scotlander [14 posts]
26th March 2009 - 9:03

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This will greatly assist with my mid life crisis- something to lose weight for.!!

posted by Are We There Yet [53 posts]
26th March 2009 - 9:47

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I've told my other half that we can't afford his dream of a Kona Kula. I thought that this smashing tee would make up for it a little? After all he's still got his Litespeed Obed to keep him occupied. Surely one bike is enough for any man? Basically I feel bad can you help me to make it all better? He's a large.

posted by Dawnie1 [1 posts]
26th March 2009 - 10:07

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One bike! Best make sure he doesn't catch site of the poll they had on here last week

Oh, and I'm in btw, put me down for the large and I'll keep my fingers crossed they come up small Smile

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posted by Denzil Dexter [141 posts]
26th March 2009 - 10:40

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Dawnie1 wrote:
Surely one bike is enough for any man?

you're joking, right?

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posted by cactuscat [305 posts]
26th March 2009 - 10:49

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xl please... or a cool coffee mug will do...
thanks.... B)

round guy on the loose...

posted by biggie1969 [1 posts]
26th March 2009 - 20:11

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sus-sus-studio! Or whatever the genesis lyric is. Put me down for an XL please. At 135kgs, 6'2" with the biggest calf muscles in all the land, a new nice tee would do well at covering my not so big pecs....

The Man In Black.

posted by gandberg [215 posts]
27th March 2009 - 15:33


Bang me in there for an XL. Or a mug. Or whatever else you've got knocking about.

posted by spicypedro [102 posts]
27th March 2009 - 16:04

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you mean Sussilio or summat, sus-sus-studio wasn't that an 80s ad for hair gel
Studio Line… not going be be able to get it out of my head now.

Anyway eating tiffin now - so the draw is immininent

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
27th March 2009 - 16:05

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drawn by the fair hand of @JazzLotus who's in delivering some Treks (and next week's schwag)...

It's el.dudino's week! congratulations...

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7830 posts]
27th March 2009 - 16:30

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Su, sussudio, was Phil Collins on his own, i'm ashamed to know this without the aid of google

St, st, studio Line was that L'Oreal hair gel whose graphics were very Mondrian/La Vie Claire, i think i bought some because of the latter, and one of the girls in the advert was cute maybe

posted by VecchioJo [806 posts]
27th March 2009 - 17:02

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Yeah Studio Line had those very Mondrianesque graphics and always seemed to advertised on the telly late on Sunday morning when I had a raging hangover and no need for hair gel… funny

Was that you on the Bontempi sax?

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
27th March 2009 - 17:22

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no, but i may have dreamt of being the keyboard-sax thing here

posted by VecchioJo [806 posts]
27th March 2009 - 18:31

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An uncanny resemblance to the bloke on the sax I'd say… the person playing the keyboard sax/clarinet thing (definitely made by Bontempi I'd say) is a girl Jo.

You have weird dreams, but we knew that already I suppose

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
27th March 2009 - 18:39

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Genesis T in large would be gr8 in slate!!!
If I am not 2 late 2 go in the hat!!! Crying

posted by davide [5 posts]
2nd April 2009 - 10:33

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Sorry davide, el dudino beat you to the punch on that one. We do have more Genesis Ts though… so we might do that one again

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
2nd April 2009 - 10:49

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