• All bikes cleaned and lubed - check.
• Even the winter-grimed hack-bike - check.
• All punctured tubes mended - check.
• The brake cable that had the tiny hang-nail of wire by the caliper-bolt that's been annoying me for a year, replaced - check.
• That slightly loose front hub nipped up - check.
• Graunchy freehub investigated - check.
• All coffee-shops within a wheezing half-hour phlegm-loosening, dry-hack-inducing ride tested and reviewed. Vital cappuccino quality/bun selection/pretty waitress ratio noted - check.
• Event entrance-fees wasted - check.
• Friends training in earnest so they can unleash a special kind of pain on me when I'm finally back on the bike - check.
• Being asked "Have you been taking Echinacea" ten times a day by idiots - check.
• Stopped looking at Metcheck - er, check.
• Stared out the window at the sunshine - check.
• Legs atrophying - check.
• Bulk gently sedimenting elsewhere - check.
• Bouncing off the walls, irritable, grumpy, fed up - check.
• Sense of self, collapsed - check.

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looking on the er, bright side (quite literally by now I should think)  how's the leg-tanning experiment going?

Tony Farrelly's picture

posted by Tony Farrelly [4173 posts]
17th March 2009 - 16:30


know exactly how you feel, am sat on sofa not enjoying weather wanting to be on bike, even just for the commute to work... daytime tv is such a curse...

posted by guidob [57 posts]
18th March 2009 - 9:57


Poor Vecchio, unable to ride in weather like this, having bounced off all the walls and checked off all the important stuff, you'll be out clearing foliage in the garden next....

Trek Sal's picture

posted by Trek Sal [52 posts]
19th March 2009 - 0:30


you'll be out clearing foliage in the garden next....

He said he was ill - not SICK! Wink

posted by BigYin [13 posts]
19th March 2009 - 10:18


'Normal' then?

mooseman's picture

posted by mooseman [69 posts]
20th March 2009 - 16:42