Best 2011 World (Pro) Tour jersey..?

by jimmythecuckoo   January 24, 2011  

We did this in the blog last year but everyone else has jumped on and done it already in 2011... I suppose I should be sharper and stop working/preparing to be a Dad for 5 minutes Wink

But hey! why change a winning formula.. so what does everyone think of the 2011 kits then?

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It pains me to say it but the best of the lot for me has to been Radioshack...

...I know, I know. It stands for a lot more than a cycling jersey and you are either pro or anti Lance. But as well as feeding my addiction for 'tweeting' by having a Twitter logo on ( it is actually a really smart kit.

So it could be on the shopping list with that patriotic nod to Team Sky being put on hold ! 

What does everyone else think? 

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Rabobank for me. Looks better in the flesh than it does on that CF page, really classy. they should do a wool one.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
25th January 2011 - 10:45


Team Leopard for me

not all carbon is the same.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
25th January 2011 - 10:54

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+1 for Leopard Trek, probably has an advantage by not having a big old sponsor's logo plastered all over it.

Quite like the Movistar too (and at least with the green helmets they'll be easy to pick out).

There are a fair few shockers in there this year, mind.

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [9498 posts]
25th January 2011 - 11:26


Yeah. The Radio Shack kit does look good. Stood out well on TV during TDU as well. Ultimately though I'd say Team Sky have the strongest. Remember the days when Formula One teams typically had one sponsor? The cars looked so much better. What was more beautiful or cohesive than a JPS-Lotus, an Elf-Tyrrell or indeed a Durex-Surtees? The same goes for cycling kit - too many big logos dilute the look.

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posted by simonmb [360 posts]
25th January 2011 - 11:57


Sorry, but the Radioshack shirt looks like Team Rocket from Pokemon

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posted by andylul [418 posts]
25th January 2011 - 13:42

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Smile That must be why I like it.

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posted by jimmythecuckoo [1348 posts]
27th January 2011 - 20:57

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I like the Euskaltel-Euskadi kit, as it is so bold.
And HTC has gone backwards. Its so much worse than last year with the silly vertical stripe. Angry

J Andrew Hill

Its a marathon, not a snickers


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posted by JAndrewHill [1278 posts]
2nd February 2011 - 19:27

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