I have just discovered Oury grips from the States, introduced to me by my fixie riding American "buddy". If you are riding flat bars, riser or are a singlespeed  / fixie rider, then these could be the grips for you!  They are better for those with larger hands as they are thick, so much so that it actually feels like a small amount of suspension at the end of the bar. They are very comfortable and come in a massive range of colours from baby blue to shocking pink. There is even a "day glo" set, I shall have to get some for summer dusky rides. Check out the ox-blood set in the picture.

Flo K


Morgan [58 posts] 8 years ago

BMX grips are without doubt, the comfiest... I run ANIMAL (US... not the petty clothing co.) grips on my single speed and BMX, and FLYBIKES grips on my MTB. I prefer a flange (ooer..), as it's something to rest against, but I know plenty who chop'em off. Ether way works, and they look damn cool!