Cycle Lane Fail

by Dave Atkinson   December 1, 2010  

Cycle Lane FAIL (Thanks to Allan Dade for the pic)

I know that cycle lanes in this country are universally crap and their crapness has been extensively documented, but there's something special about this one. I don't know what exactly, maybe it's just the sheer pointlessness of it all, with the sign and the give way so that pedestrians can walk from a wall into a road. Maybe it's the white van completely obscuring it for good measure. It seems to be pretty much everything that's wrong with cycle lanes in this country. If only it were just 10 yards long and eight inches wide, it would be perfect.

Thanks to Allan Dade for the pic

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I think we need to know what the sign says, to know whether it adds to the sheer pointlessness of the whole thing. Thinking

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posted by abudhabiChris [516 posts]
2nd December 2010 - 9:47

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Seems to be a common misconception among drivers that it's okay to park on double yellows if you're on the non-road side of it.

We have a wide pavement outside our house, very common to have a car parked on it despite road having double yellows, often blocks our gate, despite us being no more than a student's placard's throw from a police station.

Of course it's the local council that does the enforcement, and we never see a warden in this part of town.

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [8025 posts]
2nd December 2010 - 10:01

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Where is that one?

This example in Harlow, with its forest of "CYCLISTS DISMOUNT" signs is still my favourite:

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1335 posts]
2nd December 2010 - 12:19

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I despair of the idiots who (a): sanction this kind of thing and, (B): install the things.

Wouldn't you think that someone would have the sense to question the sheer absurdity of it all. Planners? Sign makers? Labourers? Accountants?

Actually, no I'm not surprised. Nobody is prepared to stick their neck on the block.

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posted by ColT [210 posts]
2nd December 2010 - 12:33

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This example in Harlow, with its forest of "CYCLISTS DISMOUNT" signs is still my favourite

I especially like the dismount signs where there's not even a path Smile

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7320 posts]
2nd December 2010 - 12:43

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maybe it's for cyclo-cross training?

David Else

posted by David Else [284 posts]
2nd December 2010 - 13:42

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Flo K

posted by Flo K [178 posts]
2nd December 2010 - 15:33

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They aint cheap either.

not all carbon is the same.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
2nd December 2010 - 15:55

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That one in Harlow is hilarious. It'd be fun to publish a book with all the rubbish cycle lanes in it. Perhaps the intro could say how much money is wasted on these ill-conceived cycle lanes. A competition to find the UK's worst cycle lane might be good - publicise it along similar lines to the bad sex awards in novels - the councillors responsible could be invited along to the awards at a major cycling event be given a bent bicycle wheel as a prize.


posted by OldRidgeback [2189 posts]
3rd December 2010 - 18:17

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Can't be for cyclo-crossers unless someone nicked the hurdles...

posted by Dunlin [11 posts]
3rd December 2010 - 18:44

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Didn't you know those "Cyclist Dismount" signs are there so as to free up storage room at the depot !
Notice how many road signs have a destination with "X" miles, then 200 m you see another with an even further distance then 500 m later 10miles/km have been deducted !It is only too obvious that there are "planners" who have no idea of what they are doing or how best to do their job.
Driving from Luxembourg to Karlsruhe you will pass signs to there with 300+km but then you get down into the half way point and all of a sudden the distance is again 300+, obvious that there are people asleep at their desk !
Remember the New cycle lane mentioned in an article last year?

Skippy(advocate for "Disabled / Para Sport")@skippydetour. blogging as skippi-cyclist.blogspot & Parrabuddy.blogspot currently on the road with ProTour Grand Tour Events .

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posted by skippy [383 posts]
3rd December 2010 - 19:37

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I wonder what would happen to the cyclists that don't dismount? would they be fined and end up in court when they contest it? and only at that point would the authorities concerned realise what an expensive and ridiculous mistake it is. They should then question and name and shame the individuals concerned that authorised and implemented it.


posted by tommy2p [84 posts]
4th December 2010 - 15:41

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It'd be fun to publish a book with all the rubbish cycle lanes in it.

You mean like this one?


posted by ratherbeintobago [30 posts]
5th December 2010 - 11:10

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A right laugh. Here's another:


posted by bikeylikey [164 posts]
5th December 2010 - 12:14

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That's Doctor Who having a laugh.


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posted by antonio [950 posts]
29th December 2010 - 16:34

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