I spotted this on the Affinity bikes website, supposedly this collaboration with fancy fashion  designer Ralf Lauren has been 'under wraps' for a while now. As far as I can make out to my untrained eye balls, the global fashion house has chosen some frame colours and picked out some components that were 'hip' a couple of seasons ago. Either way, it is good to see prominent fashion figures taking a keen interest in bikes even if some will think that running a plastic wheel on the back is a bit passe. or as one person commented on the Affinity website: 

"Sadly missed the point, and moreover, very widely missed the mark. Maybe you should have not kept them a secret so you could get feedback, undoubtedly it would have resulted in something a little more… well, better. That being said they will probably appeal to buyers of Ralph Lauren clothing, time to sell my fixie and move on, me thinks."

I wonder if we will spot it at the Motorbike and Bicycle show in Milan next week?



andylul [410 posts] 7 years ago

Sweet Jesus, what a minger...

Tony Farrelly [2948 posts] 7 years ago

Phew! Saw your comment and was jumping in expecting to defend the Edelbrock
…as you were then