Day out at iceBike

by Tony Farrelly   February 24, 2009  


Bit quiet at towers today cos we've been out at Madison's inhouse show, iceBike. Madison are the UK biggest distributor of cycling bits 'n' bobs handling major brands like Shimano, Cervelo, Kryptoinite, Profile, Blackburn, Giro, Bell and a load more plus their own bike brands Ridgeback and Genesis and their own clothing and parts brands too.

In fact they've got so many brands and so much interesting things to see that it is a proper show and does actually take a day to go around, in fact the only downer about it is that it is in Milton Keynes - which is a reet bugger to drive to from Bath (I'm writing this in the car on the way back now).

So what good stuff was there to see? Well a very interesting, not to say lovely, early prototype of a flat bar'd titanium Ridgeback Flight another interesting pointer to possible things to come was the bike belonging to the designer of Madison's Genesis bike range, a Genesis Day One with drops instead of a flat bar and a 39-18 instead of the current 46-18 – pics of both to follow in the morning.

Apart from that we learned that Reynolds 953 is the frame material of the future… maybe, and we saw the launch of the new Plowman Craven Madison cycling team, coming soon to a city centre crit near you.

More on all of this and lots more tomorrow.