Team Sky have spent their first year in existence on the steepest possible of learning curves, and the overnight news of the death of one of the team staff will have been the harshest ramp yet.

TXEMA GONZÁLEZ died of a blood virus contracted only 5 days ago. You can read more here.

Dave Brailsford has taken the correct decision of withdrawing the whole team from the Vuelta with immediate effect.

We all love our cycling, and all love our discussions and giving our opinions... it's why sites like this one exist.

But sometimes things happen that transcend the sport and bring us down to a human level. It is with that in mind that I say my thoughts are with Gonzalez's family friends and colleagues.

The racing will go on, it has to. But that doesn't mean there is no time for reflection and thought as it do so.


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skippy [416 posts] 7 years ago

Repeating a comment made elsewhere !

Just found the photo of the "Masseur" from Sky who died, it is a regret that i did not know his name without seeing the photo. So many of these "Team Support Workers" have helped me in so many ways over the years that it shames me to have to admit that even when i am talking to them at the various Grand Tours that i cannot always give them the credit they are due or respect that they deserve by using their given name!

GUYS , so many of you are due my thanks for 13 seasons of assistance both in large or small ways and it is time for a sincere thankyou now rather than later !

James Alexander is always in my thoughts for the help and friendship that he gave me uring many years, his not appearing some years ago caused me to enquire and i learned he died of a heart attack in malaysia, many fans will recall his cheerful approach to his job as a Team Pullman Driver !

skippy [416 posts] 7 years ago

To the members of the "Sky Team " , i had just arrived at the Vuelta Meta area when i saw "Jaffa" being interviewed, TVE told me of the loss of your colleague and i did not get the chance to express condolences !
Was about to speak to Jaffa when someone butted in and the interuption distracted him and i lost the opportunity.
You have many on your team who have helped me when with previous teams and perhaps this man was one of them !

Sincere condolences to his family and i will try harder to use "First names" when talking to ANY team support worker , the least that i can do , considering the assistance so often offered in the past years.