Tweaking the tag-along

by Shaun Audane   February 10, 2009  

ShaunAudane: tweaked tag-along.jpg

I’ve been making minor modifications to my son’s tag-along- nothing radical- despite what might be termed my fiximytosis, he hasn’t incurred my zealot like passion for the purity of the fixed sprocke – not least as I’m loathe to drill resin platform pedals for clips and straps. Common with all seat post mounted hitches there’s quite a bit of whip and I’ve decided rubber bushings are the most effective means of combating this – enough to take up some slack, offering improved stability on longer descents without adversely affecting hitch articulation when cornering or turning into junctions.

Make no mistake, the trailer hardly wags its tail or performs unnerving shimmies but the whole idea of a tag-along is to introduce young apprentices to the thrill of life on two wheels whilst keeping spills to the absolute minimum. They also make fantastic resistance training tools. After a few weekends trailer tugging I virtually fly on the solos!