Revolution on the M25?

by Shaun Audane   February 5, 2009  



I spend a fair proportion of my life trundling around the M25 and recently I’ve started to notice what might be the onset of a growing phenomenon – cyclists bowling along in the slow lane.

The first sighting was on Saturday 27th of December, as I crawled along on the clutch I noticed a the warm glow of a fluro yellow race cape and a clubman aboard a Cervelo joined the motorway from the slip road and sprinted through the sea of traffic without a moments hesitation.

Fast forward to Saturday the 24th of January and I was again trundling around the world’s largest car park when behold! Another rider, this time astride a fully equipped Trek hybrid entered the main roundabout and proceeded to the nearside lane. Knowing it had been a while since I fully digested the Highway Code, I had a quick flick through to confirm bicycles are indeed not permitted on motorways. Were these misguided thrill seekers, dissatisfied with TT courses on major A roads or a secret underground movement plotting to convert this particular section of motorway into a cyclist’s super-highway?