1. That thing with my keys where I put them in my pocket after locking the shed and then have to take them straight out again to unlock the gate, that I knew I would have to unlock. I do it EVERY DAY. Why can't I stop?
  2. Ride home in the snow (with gloves on), get home and take gloves off, immediately go back outside again to build snowman. but can't be bothered to get gloves, which are just inside the door. LAZY. and my hands got really cold.
  3. Tried to dry my feet while standing in the bath. A new low.

I think I need more sleep

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Trek Sal [52 posts] 9 years ago

And ALWAYS, before cycling to work:
1. Check all back pack zips closed
2. Put extra powerful flashy rear light in mesh pocket of reflecty back pack cover
3. Check zips closed again
4. Attach reflecty cover to back pack
5. Turn on flashy light and check position
6. Carefully put back pack on, secure both clips, check light again in mirror
7. Set house alarm and lock front door
8. Put key in back pack. Damn.