Not really dieted before but last spring my workload changed somewhat and I dida lot less riding. The weight crept up and I stepped on the scales over New Year. I was about a stone above where I should be so undertook to lose 12lbs in 12 weeks. Aim is to eat less / better and also to leave work on time 2 nights a week (I don't get paid for the extra hours).

So four weeks in I have lost 7lbs and upped my exercise a bit as well. Hope I can keep it up but I did weaken today and have a snickers.......




Tony Farrelly [2835 posts] 6 years ago

Don't beat yourself up over the odd treat - the thing to remember is if you burn more calories than you take on you will get thinner. The best results also come if you take a gradual approach which involves long term, sustainable changes to your diet/exercise regime, changes you can stick to and which don't seem like a hardship.

Joe Beer used to say that you should be aiming to lose about a 1/4 of a pound a week - you can do that and barely notice it, but the weeks soon fly by… One of the things I have always found useful is to look at when you eat as much as what you eat. The old Breakfast like a King, have lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper - I once had to do that for a feature and it worked amazingly well. 

The tricky bit was family evening meals and saying that I only wanted a little bit…

cactuscat [284 posts] 6 years ago

i'd be black and blue all week  1

Seriously though, you've done good work and a snickers can't spoil it. What can is thinking that now you've gone astray (snickers, chinese, night on the p*ss followed by a doner kebab, whatever) there's no point carrying on. that's always been my downfall on diets. and like tony says, the sums ain't rocket science: if what comes out is more than what goes in, you get thinner. whatever else you do, it really is that simple...

Blackhound [432 posts] 6 years ago

what you guys said. I also recall reading that if you do something for two weeks it becomes a habit. SO avoiding the trolley was going well. Sure I will be OK, must have burned a few on the turbo tonight.