Courteous Or Useless?

by VecchioJo   January 29, 2009  

Now, I appreciate the gesture, but if you're going to follow me any longer finding it impossible to overtake on this wide country road in your you-don't-know-how-wide-it-is-do-you MPV (here's a tip - 2nd gear) can you at least hire a Spanish directeur sportif to lean out the window and scream "Venga! Venga!! Venga!!!" at me.


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Or at least offer you a roll a bar and a couple of waterbottles.....

posted by Raouligan [12 posts]
30th January 2009 - 13:05

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posted by Secret Squirrel [26 posts]
30th January 2009 - 13:40

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that's stunning

a few weeks ago a small group of us where told it was highly dangerous for us to look behind us, signal and move into a right-hand filter lane to turn right, by a man in a car who had stopped in the middle of the fast road

it's a fine line between "thanks for not trying to squeeze past me" and "for f**ks sake go past me, there's tons of room", and i'm not quite sure where that line is

posted by VecchioJo [721 posts]
30th January 2009 - 16:35

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I suppose in this male dominated place I'd better stop short of saying women are better drivers than men.

But I bet the courteous, over cautious and possibly useless driver Vecchio encountered was a woman.

I often wonder why men and women motorists are a danger to cyclists in such distinctly different ways.

Cycling up to my local roundabout a maniac screeched past me and took the roundabout almost on two wheels. On the other hand there was a car doing a three-point (or rather eleven-point) turn on the sliproad to the motorway, clearly unable to reverse back.

Not much guessing which was male and which wasn't!

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posted by Trek Sal [52 posts]
30th January 2009 - 19:58

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i'm not going to make sweeping generalisations about certain genders styles of driving because bad driving is bad driving and dangerous in a multitude of ways.

with reference to the others days ride, the driver who passed me knowing exactly how wide their car was and so squeezed past knowing there was room to spare (in their eyes) is as dangerous as the driver i was behind who had no idea how big their car was and so nervously slammed the brakes on any time a car came the other way, or there was a slight bend in the road.

maybe the drivers were the same sex, maybe they weren't.

posted by VecchioJo [721 posts]
31st January 2009 - 14:51

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Riding the lanes of the East Midlands we find similar instances to Vecchiojo, plenty of room and not passing. But then you get a big, wide road with nothing coming in good conditions and drivers will blow there horns and shout of windows if we are safely riding two abreast.

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posted by Blackhound [434 posts]
2nd February 2009 - 23:11

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