Commuter diaries - I feel like Dorothy

by Flo K   June 14, 2010  



Well, usually I feel a little self conscience when I wear my blingy Sidi Dragon, Carbon shoes. Am I a good enough rider to warrant them? That kind of thing.

Look at the World Cup, some of the worst players have the most flashy shoes. Come now, more confidence. PMA!

The weather is good again and they certainly bring out a smile in the sun. They make you seem faster than you actually are, it's amazing how high performance / race kit does that! Aesthetic aside, they do perform brilliantly, uber comfortable and very light and they turn me into the "blingiest" tourer in town.

There not a shoe you can hide in.

Bring on the road.

Flo K

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Yeah, I get the same the thing with my diadora carbons... they're red too Big Grin

"Inside every car is a pedestrian, just Waiting to get out..." S.J.L.

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posted by scotter [64 posts]
16th June 2010 - 22:11

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And I get precisely the opposite feeling when I venture out in my ancient, creaky Specialized MTB shoes. Time for an upgrade soon I think...

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posted by Martin Thomas [567 posts]
18th June 2010 - 13:39

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