Time for the last update of the blog before my wedding on Saturday (and hopefully honeymoon next week; ash permitting).

I haven't been riding that much due to all the last minute planning that seems to have come up and bitten our bums.

One thing I have insisted on doing is watching the classics on Eurosport and to stop the theme dying it was nice to see "the bold" Albert Timmer in a break at the Amstel and having his picture in the 'new look' procycling magazine. Go King Albert.

Last night saw a 90 minute window in the madness of trying to guess how many of our guests overseas right now would make the ceremony and if we needed to go plan B for the honeymoon, so I took the Bianchi out for a spin.

After riding the single speed to much since getting it, there was a weird feeling once out in the country and flicking the Campagnolo buttons to find a comfortable cadence and rhythm.

The wind was a north westerly of some magnitude which left me wondering how I would have coped without gearing.

By misjudging the wind direction it was 3 straight flat miles home into the teeth but I found myself in the big ring on the drops pushing hard... so the training is working.

Now for  a wedding and three weeks off, hopefully on a cruise  1

Speak soon everyone.

James has been blogging for road.cc for 5 years and racing bicycles (averagely) for 20 years. 


DaSy [821 posts] 8 years ago

Good luck with the proceedings Jimmy, hope it all goes according to plan.

stevevfr [46 posts] 8 years ago

Good luck JTC, looking forward to the reception on Saturday mate, are you still supplying the bacon butties?

We've gotta get some training in when you get back mate, as I've got a bit of a competition on in the Peterborough CC summer TT series!


James Warrener [1086 posts] 8 years ago

That competition could be me !!! I am hoping to ride some later in the summer.

Tony Farrelly [2948 posts] 8 years ago

Good luck for today JTC and even more luck to the future Mrs Cuckoo!