TRAT 2010 - roadkill bodycount

by Martin Thomas   March 8, 2010  

Seagulls - these ones are still alive as far as I know


The roadkill bodycount on this morning’s training ride was as follows (one of each): seagull, rat, badger and rabbit. Looks like the rabbits got off relatively lightly last night.

I usually figure I’ve chosen a good route if I see more live animals than dead ones, but the only noteworthy live one today was a pheasant that jumped out of the hedgerow as I passed, making such a racket that I nearly fell off. For a few seconds I would have cheerfully added it to the roadkill list – but only for a few seconds.

First impressions of the new Vittoria Open Pave Evo CG tyres are very positive. They’re definitely faster than the old 25c Gatorskins – but so they should be, being something like a third lighter – and they felt very reassuring on some dodgy (wet, messy, potholed) surfaces. I’ve got nothing else to compare them too but I’m happy, which is a relief because they weren’t cheap.