Verging On The Odd

by VecchioJo   February 25, 2010  


Strange things seen on a ride.

#7 Woodpecker

Chicken's day off.

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see, this is what happens to the early bird...

It's not just about the size of your cog.

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posted by TRs Blurb n Blog [270 posts]
25th February 2010 - 17:07

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TRs Blurb n Blog wrote:
see, this is what happens to the early bird...

But he did catch the worm.

Just didn't get long to enjoy it, poor thing...

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [7853 posts]
25th February 2010 - 17:33

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looks like its frozen. how queer. Big Grin

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posted by Fringe [1081 posts]
25th February 2010 - 20:18

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unfortunately, that's his tongue Sad

Safe miles,

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posted by Mark Clarke [20 posts]
26th February 2010 - 15:23

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Clearly it'd be alive today were it not for the pothole.


posted by OldRidgeback [2114 posts]
26th February 2010 - 16:36

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So did he fly into it, or trip over it? Maybe he was pushed? I know it was the chicken's day off but can he account for his movements?

Spinning on a wheel

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posted by Hammy [97 posts]
26th February 2010 - 16:58

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That'll look great on your mantlepiece.

posted by GavinT [76 posts]
26th February 2010 - 18:03

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must have taken an eternity for woody to peck that pothole before choking to death on the worm

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posted by Trek Sal [52 posts]
27th February 2010 - 0:50

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No Pay, No Say.

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posted by neilwheel [130 posts]
27th February 2010 - 15:45

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Well the worm won't go hungry...



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posted by Zaskar [137 posts]
28th February 2010 - 1:43

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