Verging On The Odd

by VecchioJo   January 20, 2010  



Strange Sad things seen on a ride.

#5 Sign.

There's a story here, but we'd prefer not to know. I'm quiet and pensive for the rest of the ride.

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I've passed this sign frequently. It was there for weeks, disappeared over Xmas and is now back in this new incarnation. Yes, a sad story behind this no doubt...

posted by GavinT [77 posts]
22nd January 2010 - 16:15

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Ahh, good. The sign's been fixed.

Was getting worried we'd stumbled into some kind of points scoring, parental tug-of-love mutual self-loathing contest for a minute!

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posted by neilwheel [130 posts]
24th January 2010 - 23:38

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blimey, i never realised the full gravyty of the situation

posted by VecchioJo [740 posts]
11th February 2010 - 16:10

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