Stick 'em up - decorating Team RadioShack's Trek Madone

by Simon_MacMichael   December 31, 2009  

If you like strong graphics on your frame, and you like Trek bikes, you're likely to find the Team RadioShack's Trek Madone a thing of beauty.

Just pity the poor guy at Trek's factory in Waterloo, Wisconsin who has to apply what appears to be hundreds of decals to each frame, as shown in the following video.

I've no idea how many frames he'll have to prepare ahead of (and during) the 2010 season, but if it were me, I'd be putting forward a strong case for a minimalist design for 2011.

And by the way, who knew Oakley did safety goggles?


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that is minging. lovely frame, horrible graphics.

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posted by jezzzer [339 posts]
1st January 2010 - 18:07

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