Things I have learnt about pants today

by Dave Atkinson   November 27, 2008  

There's some things you just don't think about as a cyclist, they're just the law. Like lycra and pants. You don't wear undercrackers under lycra, and I have on occassion laid down said law to newbie buddies. I've never broken it myself, until today. Today I rode in on the road bike to give the RS80 wheels a final spin, so I was in lycra and not baggies. Come home time I was in a hurry to get home for the plumber (who never showed up Angry) and I couldn't be arsed to get into the cupboard - it literally is a cupboard, too - to de-pant and lycra up. so I thought to myself, 'how bad can it be?'

AAAARGH! BAD! It's a chafing, creasing, sweating nightmare! I had to stand up basically the whole way home, and it's all uphill so by the time i got back my legs were jelly and i nearly fell into the hedge getting off the bike.

Another day older, another lesson learned...