Burls in clean winter bike shocker

by Shaun Audane   December 11, 2009  

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Justin Burls has mysteriously purged old faithful ( his Columbus framed winter workhorse) of several season’s grime and treated it to a new chain. This loyal, high mileage (and some might say, mistreated) racy winter companion extrudes a really authentic lived-in beauty rendering it all the more desirable. True, the salt monster has left his calling card on the crank arms but despite countless miles in all weathers, it looks remarkably well preserved and certainly owes him nothing. Old faithful is fairly unique being one of Justin’s earlier frames painstakingly finished in automotive two-pac rather than stoved enamel.

Those in search of glamour will undoubtedly left mesmerized by his latest sub 15lb Ti road build but I must confess irrational, nay guilty attraction to his Rosso red workhorse. Yes, deep down I acknowledge this is wrong, on a par with fancying your best mate’s wife/husband and such public declaration is likely to find me prohibited from passing within four hundred metres of his workshop.

However, assuming Justin and I remain on speaking terms following these revelations, I hope to be back in the New Year with polishing cloth, Waxoyl and MR Sheen-er, I mean a full report on his latest featherweight Ti missile.


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Sorry, must've gone temporarily blind during the upload..

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11th December 2009 - 17:56