Tonight on my ride home i stopped a young lad riding without lights and he proceeded to abuse me!

I guess you have to be careful who you confront these days, even if you have a fast get away option and good motives.

If he got hit by car, heaven forbid, we all lose. I even offered him a set of knog frogs as a rescue light.

Flo K



nigel_s [43 posts] 8 years ago

Sorry, but if a complete stranger started trying to remonstrate with me in the street they'd get short shrift from me, too, right or wrong.
Maybe some would congratulate you on your "public spiritedness" but nobody likes unsolicited "advice", so not surprised at the rider's response.

cleanthes [6 posts] 8 years ago

I disagree. If someone cared enough about my health to offer me spare lights, and (politely!) remind me that I should have my own, I'd appreciate it. Sure, I'd be embarrassed but that's because I know I shouldn't be out in the dark without good lights.

Keep it up, Flo! (But carefully, and with one foot on the getaway pedal)