Eureka! Riding clean on the wash cycle…

by Tony Farrelly   November 8, 2009  

Could this be the future of the turbo trainer, the pedal-powered washing mahcine? Okay, Dave Askins invention doesn't do the whole wash using pedal power, the actual washing bit is done using a hand-washing contraption (think of that as a pre-ride upper body warm-up), although that doesn't take that long. The reall fun starts when it comes to the spin-cycle, then it's on yer bike. 

The great thing about this is that as it's inventor Dave Askins tell the presenter from greenovationtv, there more yet that could be done with his washing cycle - Dave has plans to pipe in rainwater, but from a winter training point of view I'm wondering if he couldnt turn that spinning drum into some sort of washer dryer? 

Mind you, I'm sure after a dedicated session of turbo intervals and the like your clothes would be pretty dry anyway. 

It's a long- shot, but I can see another possible use too the UCI could incorporate as one of the sanctions to be used against pro riders caught doping - they could be made to wash their dirty laundry in public and then ride it clean on the wash cycle. 

Chapeaux! Mr Askins