• Shimano Metrea 1x11 urban groupset unveiled11 min 4 sec agowould like that with Alfine

    would like that with Alfine and a belt drive..... Cool

  • The Chichester junction where drivers must give way to cyclists who they can’t see21 min 34 sec agoCertainly it should be a

    Certainly it should be a stop. Interestingly, I drove past that junction the other day and there are now cycle lanes on both sides of the road Smile

  • Cervelo R3 Disc spotted at Eurobike25 min 41 sec agoExciting to see discs making

    Exciting to see discs making it to higher end bikes. The next few years likely to see the R&D folks hard at work making these sets lighter and more compact. I like the through axle concept for recreational applications. Stronger and stiffer where it counts. But, I wonder how this will work in races where lightning fast wheel changes are essential.

  • UCI bars Vincenzo Nibali from racing until Vuelta is over33 min 47 sec ago@langsett When riders


    When riders abandon they are not automatically allowed to compete in other events but they may do so with the approval of both the UCI AND the organiser of the race from which they abandoned. Effectively the organiser will not block it unless they think the rider was taking the piss.

    So yes there is a big difference between disqualification and withdrawal.

  • Shimano Metrea 1x11 urban groupset unveiled46 min 10 sec agothink that's cable and just

    think that's cable and just from the right lever. Looks like the brake lever can rotate- with the whole of the end of the hood.

    In at a cheaper price point than a IGH?

    As for Di2, Shimano do a Di2 Alfine, if you're struggling to find things to spend money on.

  • Cyclists being killed due to delays fixing potholes say CTC47 min 9 sec agoRamuz wrote:Well done Tories!

    Ramuz wrote:
    Well done Tories! No money for proper policing, decent road surfacing, buses or the Northern Powerhouse.

    Because all these potholes have sprung up since the election, and the roads were a utopia before.

  • Buyer's guide to electric bikes47 min 43 sec agomarche wrote:So, a motorbike

    marche wrote:
    So, a motorbike is better than a car? Therefore it's a good thing ???

    The futur of motorbikes will be more speed, better technology and new infrastructures for fast engines. These gadgets won't change our habits.

    The real question is how to avoid long commuting ways so that I (non sportive average human being) can do it by bike with as less technology as possible and with my "own" energy.

    By the way: You won't see any electric bikes in Copenhagen. This success relies on collective infrastructures and not on individual – not as sustainable as they pretend to be – motorbikes.

    Well, I've certainly seen them in the Netherlands, being used by older or disabled people, to get around on the (rather good) cycle infrastructure. I don't believe it should be either infrastructure or ebikes. As for 'not sustainable '- sure, less sustainable than an ordinary bike, but more so than a car - depends what they displace.

  • Tour of Britain48 min 29 sec agoLooks like a pretty open race

    Looks like a pretty open race this year.

  • Dog walker pleads for understanding on canal towpaths after receiving death threat from ‘racing’ cyclist51 min 11 sec agoLots of over-analysis ; All

    Lots of over-analysis ; All we know is what the pedestrian says happened and if he did receive such a threat then the individual on the bicycle needs to take a long hard look in the mirror.

  • Tour of Britain53 min 49 sec agoCheers TER.

    Cheers TER.

  • Shimano Metrea 1x11 urban groupset unveiled1 hour 9 min agomikroos wrote:I do I like the

    mikroos wrote:
    I do I like the looks of this groupset. But I don't get the point or the target market at all. Why not use Nexus or a cheaper 1x10 groupo of any kind? And who the hell needs Di2 in an urban bike?

    Anyway - we'll see, the market will decide.

    Completely same opinion, 1x11 with TT bar is too good for urban bike.

    I'd like to consider it as a experiment from Shimano.
    Hydro TT brake lever, 1x11, and maybe DI2, although the derailleur seems to be cable driven, but I can't image how to use cable to do left down right up.
    -I also hope the crank could be BB386EVO-

    Urban bike may be just an execuse for Shimano to try new things.

  • Hands on: Cycliq Fly121 hour 18 min agoCyclic, Thanks for taking the


    Thanks for taking the time to comment on people's comments, I take this as a clear demonstration of your company listening to it's customers.

    Just to be clear of my meaning, "expensive" does not mean poor value.

    I'd also suggest another advantage of your design, in that it is not obviously a camera. Not because I condone secret filming to catch people out (however much they might deserve to be), but because it removes a particular source of antagonism that people are becoming more resentful of having cameras conspicuously pointed at them. It's a bit like when I am travelling in the USA in certain states that allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. I am aware that there is probably some muppet who is packing a gun to go to the supermarket but I'm happier not to see that are doing so.

  • Rotor/break pad clean hints?1 hour 22 min agoMiracle happened!!!!! I was

    Miracle happened!!!!!

    I was going to give up and ready to order a new pair of pads torrmor, but before that, I tried to apply degreaser on pads and rotor, waited for about 3 minutes.

    Then rub the pad with the other for 1 minute, and wash both roter and pads with water.

    Dry them and reinstall.

    Suddenly, the noise is gone!!
    However the brake power is not at its best yet.

    I'll ride for tens of kilos to see what will happen then.

  • Hoy Cammo 650c1 hour 48 min agoMy younger self desperately

    My younger self desperately wanted one of these.... Sad

  • Buyer's guide to electric bikes1 hour 53 min agoEbikes, brilliant. So great

    Ebikes, brilliant. So great feeling safer in car traffic being able to whisk up to speed and hold primary all the way. If all those others in cars used them, those of us on old skool bikes would notice the improvement, the lack of buzzes etc, even you grumpy not-a-real-bike types.

    StoopidUserName wrote:
    giving us even more of a bad name (for what it's worth)
    Worth nothing, there's no such thing (imho), they would not care in the slightest if it weren't for issues of road space.

  • Shimano Metrea 1x11 urban groupset unveiled1 hour 53 min agoI do I like the looks of this

    I do I like the looks of this groupset. But I don't get the point or the target market at all. Why not use Nexus or a cheaper 1x10 groupo of any kind? And who the hell needs Di2 in an urban bike?

    Anyway - we'll see, the market will decide.

  • UCI bars Vincenzo Nibali from racing until Vuelta is over2 hours 6 min agoDo the UCI rules ban riders

    Do the UCI rules ban riders who have abandoned form competing or is the rule as you report "governing body has reiterated that under article 12.1.023, he cannot ride until the race from which he was disqualified has run its course"

    There is a big difference between disqualification and DNF?

  • Dog walker pleads for understanding on canal towpaths after receiving death threat from ‘racing’ cyclist2 hours 11 min agoIt is difficult to

    It is difficult to generalise, and many non cyclists refer to any drop handle bar bike as a racer, equally it is difficult to accurately assess speed.

    What IS going to happen is that while ever transport authorities use Government cash meant to increase cycling to improve the canal tow path network there is an increasing potential for conflict which highways engineers refuse to consider.

    If the money is to be well spent it may be that the route is used by commuters or transport and if the money has been taken from improving cycle facilities on road, then they need to be designed for? Often there is very little room on a canal towpath for good shared use paths (see Sustrans design guidance)

    Another issue is that after consultation Canal & rivers trust, along with highway authorities change the design spec and either put gravel down or add in passage & access barriers, which prohibit many users especially disabled or impaired.

    The point about dogs is well made and prevalent on all shared routes, loose dogs or those on a long lead are a liability.

    Perhaps we should ask DfT to audit schemes to ensure they deliver what was promised and if not take their money back?

  • Rotor/break pad clean hints?2 hours 12 min agoThanks a lot. Seems I'd

    Thanks a lot.

    Seems I'd better order a new pair of pads now...

  • Rotor/break pad clean hints?2 hours 19 min agoYou need to give the caliper

    You need to give the caliper and disc a good clean with rubbing/isopropyl alcohol

    Also if the pads are contaminated then try giving them a light sanding and you may be lucky, if not then new pads will be needed

  • Dog walker pleads for understanding on canal towpaths after receiving death threat from ‘racing’ cyclist2 hours 22 min agoI dont think Strava has

    I dont think Strava has anything to do with this, if Strava banned all segments on shared paths,the kind of person thats fussed about setting a fast time on a canal path isnt just going to turn around and say well Im NOT cycling down there now, or Ill cycle it really slowly instead thatll show them, are they Thinking

    IME of all the encounters on shared paths Ive had, anyone who is moving on a bike and/or wearing lycra is considered by a pedestrian as "fast/racing". I was accused of speeding by a pedestrian once, when Id actually come to a complete stop to let them past, I did point out their grasp of physics was lacking and was told to f*** off for my trouble.

    and dog walkers who let their dogs off lead on these paths are the bane of my of commute, to the point Id rather mix it with cars& tipper trucks on the roads instead of having to avoid another dog leaping out of a bush.

    shared paths seem a great idea,but cyclists are the only ones who do the sharing, everyone else treats it as their own private path

  • Hands on: Cycliq Fly122 hours 27 min agoArticle says it uses the same

    Article says it uses the same mounting tech as gopro so I guess that's a yes.

  • Cyclists being killed due to delays fixing potholes say CTC2 hours 29 min agoHaving a busted shoulder from

    Having a busted shoulder from a pothole in 1992 I'm well aware of the problem.

    My local council is Sefton. I suspect they have a road repair schedule that is at least 3 years post survey. It is the only way to explain the way they re-surface roads that are ok and yet leave others covered in potholes.

    Their subcontracted road crews will only patch what is on their survey list leaving new potholes alongside those patched as the new potholes weren't on the original survey back in 2012.

    Micro Tarmac - a thin glue and gravel mix laid over an existing poor surface and the heavy wear gravel heavy surfaces are now appearing in residential roads in my area.

    The smooth stuff has the best run off which means less frost damage so lasts longer - but it costs more.

    The whole system is a mess.

  • Dog walker pleads for understanding on canal towpaths after receiving death threat from ‘racing’ cyclist2 hours 34 min agodrawkrb wrote:the big problem

    drawkrb wrote:
    the big problem here is STRAVA segments, they have been asked to do some thing about it but say they cannot. they leave it up to cyclists to block these dangerous areas but that does not work I suggested they had people over here that could block canal tow paths but got no reply. on chesterfield canal 0ver a 6 mile section you have 5 blind bends long sections that are only 2 people wide a main road to cross with bad line of sight, and a café area with no cycling.

    This isn't my experience of strava at all, my local shared use paths are all marked as dangerous segments and have been for a long time.

    As an aside I don't really understand the system, cyclist and pedestrians sharing a space is dengrous. But cyclist sharing the road with homicidal people in 10 ton metal boxs, that's fine.

  • Campagnolo releases free MyCampy app2 hours 34 min agoMoan, moan, sob, sob...you

    Moan, moan, sob, sob...you lot need to feck off and polish your square tapers. It's pathetic!

    V1 user and I'll be upgrading to V3 as soon as this is out for no other reason than because it looks like a great upgrade. The V1 will get retrofitted to one of my other bikes.

    Campagnolo just doing their thing, doing it well and doing it without fanfare.