• No Hopers2 min 14 sec ago5 points scored today, but

    5 points scored today, but only a teammate bonus, so cant complain too much, teammate bonuses are inevitable tbh

  • Canyon Aeroad Advice.. L or xl6 min 31 sec agoYes, cheers DanTe... Your

    Yes, cheers DanTe...

    Your right, I think it costing them.. I could demo a propel tomorrow but wanted a bit something different.

    I can't make my mind up. I need it to double up as a TT and general mile eater so I'm nervous of clicking buy on either one until I know I can go down to one do it all bike..

    I'm sure they had a uk demo fleet at one time.. Can't find any info on that now mind..

    Keep me posted captain..

  • Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro20 min 32 sec agoNice one! Cheers, @KiwiMike

    Nice one! Cheers, @KiwiMike

  • Ankle Issue22 min 6 sec agoSounds like your peronial

    Sounds like your peronial tendons are strained/injured. Try using standard pedals for a few weeks, lessen mileage for a while .Seek a bike fit or podiatrist to check your gait.

    I have been told I might need surgery on my peronial tendons caused by a fall I had. Next week I get news whether or not.

  • Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro22 min 9 sec agoNice one! Cheers, @KiwiMike

    Nice one! Cheers, @KiwiMike

  • Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro22 min 14 sec agoNice one! Cheers, @KiwiMike

    Nice one! Cheers, @KiwiMike

  • Deda Elementi Zero1 120mm stem23 min 45 sec agoHi , I'll take that , is

    Hi , I'll take that , is paypal gift ok, if so, send me your details, regards Andy

  • Newcastle campaigner says parents experience abuse while cycling with children to school26 min 36 sec agodotdash wrote:Put tyre spikes

    dotdash wrote:
    Put tyre spikes where the zigzags are that will stop people parking on them
    i think they should build retractable spikes into stop lines at traffic lights. Stop the idiots jumping lights and an even worse peeve of creeping forwards whilst on red until the rear wheels are past the line.

  • Newcastle campaigner says parents experience abuse while cycling with children to school29 min 35 sec agoMy children's previous school

    My children's previous school before we moved had problems, for months parents complained, the police only decided to get involved when a child at the school got run over by another parent's car.

  • Planet X Viner Mitus aka Chinese FM 06631 min 2 sec agoIf it's any consolation I

    If it's any consolation I built up a Planet X RT 58 frameset recently and I've put 2000 hard miles into it so far. It probably came from the same factory as your Viner. The RT58 is well finished, it looks superb and rides like a dream and I am sure your Viner will perform likewise. There was a similar situation regarding the race on my forks but I think that this is how it should be and providing that the race is seated level/square - I carefully used a wooden drift to seat mine - you will find that the forks and head tube will fit perfectly once everything is assembled. It is absolutely important that you use a torque wrench when building up a carbon fibre frameset, but no doubt you will be aware of this .

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: Rohan Dennis' BMC Timemachine TM0144 min 6 sec agoGeordie Simon wrote:No

    Geordie Simon wrote:
    No mention of the new helmet Dennis was wearing?

    Why would they talk about the guy's helmet in a piece headlined "Tour de France Bikes 2015: Rohan Dennis' BMC Time Machine TM01"?!?

    "The bike the Australian rider rode on the fastest ever Tour de France individual time trial".


    It's really, really clear that it's a story about the bike, isn't it?

  • Car breakdown company to drivers: don't assume if one cyclist does something stupid that they all do49 min 43 sec agoIt's not Dutch-designed

    It's not Dutch-designed infrastructure but it's a small and welcome step.

    Driver ignorance is astounding: Road Tax, two abreast, RLJ, 'overtaking' on the inside, yada, yada.

    It looks like the DVLA is doing nothing to tackle this ignorance, the police do precious little, at least this is something.

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: A yellow Trek for Fabian Cancellara?50 min 58 sec agoWell it might still be on

    Well it might still be on ebay by Wednesday, and cheaper too, only one careful owner.

  • when / do you change your skewers (QR etc)?53 min 25 sec agobechdan wrote:brilliant reply

    bechdan wrote:
    brilliant reply from H&S, anyway, I decided to get some PlanetX ones as they are only £1.99 each

    Sounds a bit cheap to be quality, how do you know they are any better... see doubt is the worst thing you can have.

  • Tour de France55 min 1 sec agoIntermediate sprints worth

    Intermediate sprints worth way more in the Grand Tours than during the regular season... Watch out for big shifts on the leaderboard after breakaway days!

  • road.cc Metric Century Challenge 201555 min 5 sec ago24 Jan: 1 Point (107.5km) 7

    24 Jan: 1 Point (107.5km)
    7 Feb: 1 Point (176.9km)
    14 Mar: 1 Point (104.1km)
    5 Apr: 1 Point (105.1km)
    6 Apr: 1 Point (107.3km)
    11 Apr: 1 Point (102.9km)
    25 Apr: 1 Point (103.6km)
    3 May: 1 Point (110.9km)
    9 May: 1 Point (109.1km)
    17 May: 1 Point (106.5km)
    23 May: 1 Point (100.7km)
    30 May: 1 Point (100,8km)
    14 Jun: 1 Point (105.3km)
    20 Jun: 1 Point (103.2km)
    27 Jun: 1 Point (163.2km)
    5 Jul: 1 Point (101.0km)
    TOTALS: 16 Points (1,808.1km)

  • Nathan LightSpur56 min 1 sec agoI've long thought

    I've long thought illumination on the shoe is the best place to be seen - you've only got to see how effective the (proper) orange reflectors are when viewed from a car.

    Moving lights are obviously more visible than static but pedal lights go beyond that; there is something about the rhythm of the moving orange reflectors which is immediately identifiable as CYCLIST.

    This sounds like a nearly product. For me, they would have to make them rechargeable, and available in orange to comply with the UK pedal reflector paradigm.

  • Newcastle campaigner says parents experience abuse while cycling with children to school1 hour 8 min agoPut tyre spikes where the

    Put tyre spikes where the zigzags are that will stop people parking on them

  • Newcastle campaigner says parents experience abuse while cycling with children to school1 hour 12 min agoLuckily for me, I don't have

    Luckily for me, I don't have school age children any more, and my commute only passes one school, but I understand and sympathise with people about the abuse from drivers. It is completely heinous when there's a child (or more) cycling. Driving really does strip the humanity for some.

    Below is an edited (to remove the location) of a reply from my councillor who at the time was the mayor & chair of the LA wellbeing committtee.

    We have terrible problems on the ... with indiscrimate parking when parents bring their children to and from school. The schools have often tried to promote cycling or walking to school, to no avail. I really don't know what else we can do, parents just don't want to know.

    It is despairing that they have no ideas and some parents are as pigheaded and selfish as they are.

  • Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro1 hour 18 min agoPOSTSCRIPT: The EVOC bag


    The EVOC bag paired with the recently-reviewed Seasucker roof mount just might be the perfect fly-drive combo. Wheel your bike to the hire car, pull the Seasucker out from the bag, bike on roof, bag folded into boot. If you scale the car to the number in your party, I reckon you could get two, three or four people plus bags on board. That would be an impossibility with a hard case.

  • B'Twin Triban 5201 hour 24 min agoNice looking bike, but not

    Nice looking bike, but not sure anybody will be racing on it. Btwin prices seem to be on the rise, still cheap though.

  • Tour de France Stage 2: André Greipel wins, Fabian Cancellara in yellow, as wind wreaks havoc1 hour 28 min agoGreat stage- it did what it

    Great stage- it did what it was supposed to do when they designed it. Although EQS are really turning the "do all the hard work, outnumber everyone else, then still manage to lose" into an artform these days.

  • Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro1 hour 28 min agodisco wrote:I've been

    disco wrote:
    I've been admiring the evoc since version 1.0, but some reviews suggest that neither the design, nor the build is spot on. They cite single-stitching, flimsiness and the mass of the bike not sitting square on the wheels - something I guess is important when pulling your luggage.

    What's your experience?

    Hi Disco

    I loaded the bag to spot on the 23KG limit. The handling of the bag across sloping surfaces, cobbles, doorways, ramps etc was fine. The base of the bag is rock-solid.

    In terms of the build quality, apart from the mentioned castor wheel, I couldn't fault it.

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: A yellow Trek for Fabian Cancellara?1 hour 31 min agopants wrote:I wonder what

    pants wrote:
    I wonder what happens to the unused yellow frames? it's not like we will see it on ebay. maybe the manufacturers just store them in a warehouse somewhere.

    If not needed (though this one is now!) they are probably just resprayed into team colours

  • Newcastle campaigner says parents experience abuse while cycling with children to school1 hour 32 min agoThe video shows one

    The video shows one questionably close pass (hard to tell with the fish eye lens) and a bus in a bad position. I don't get it. Not to mention the video is sped up which is a bit dishonest. If people on the Internet wouldn't sit through the video at the actual pace, is it any surprise that other road users would be put off?