• Solution to obesity, pollution, congestion and social issues is ‘glaringly, frighteningly simple’ says Boardman42 min 38 sec agoSo the people don't go

    So the people don't go without health care in the USA? Mmm, I wonder why there is a health care charity which visits facilities such as football stadiums to offer one off health care for people, and there are many thousands in the USA who can not afford health care due to low wages. These people camp out over night and travel over 100 mile to attend these free health care opportunities.

    People do die in the USA because they can't afford health care. Do a little research and you will find that the USA does not have an enviable health care system unless you are wealthy, oh and don't forget the insurance people have does have limitation with regard to maximum payment for treatment.

    I do agree that people should take responsibility for health but do we refuse care to smokers who pay more in taxation as a group than is used by the group in health care, check national audit data if you dispute this. Do we tell people who hill walk it's there fault If they sprain an ankle walking or perhaps we should withdraw free health care for pregnancy?

    What about the obese patient who pays higher rate tax, is he not entitled to health care? It a mine field. One thing I'm sure of we have one of the best health care systems in the world

  • Christmas gifts for discerning cyclists1 hour 42 min agoI disagree. The weight issue

    I disagree. The weight issue on the pump is massive. Imagine for a moment: perfect weather... Feeling rested and strong... Beloved bike gleaming... But, "oh no!" and "aargh!!" a scream of agony! You have just put your back out lugging that whopping hefty 8lb pump over. End of cycle ride. End of career perhaps. Life?.. And all because we didn't have a 7lb pump.

  • Labour pledges a real cycling revolution backed by long-term investment5 hours 22 min agoIf you believe this bollox

    If you believe this bollox from Liebour you probably believe the moon is made of cheese and Santa Claus does exist Rolling On The Floor .

  • Video: Cyclist and police in panto chat about pedestrian zone5 hours 27 min agoCyclist wrote:Pay

    Cyclist wrote:
    Pay peanuts..............

    The shocking thing is these morons aren't paid peanuts!

  • Christmas gifts for discerning cyclists5 hours 54 min agoDear Santa Can I have an hour

    Dear Santa
    Can I have an hour or two on my bike on Christmas day please.
    Thanks. Phil

  • Just in: Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 7.0 Di26 hours 3 min agoHow Fantastic. We need

    How Fantastic. We need Canyon in the states.

  • Video: Cyclist and police in panto chat about pedestrian zone6 hours 15 min agoOne for your MP and the

    One for your MP and the police chief inspector I'd say.

    Cyclists typically kill 2 people per year resulting in the police harassing you on a route you are legally entitled to be on backed up with obvious fluster and misinformation from an officer of the law. He also goes on to justify his action by claiming that he might have stopped you where he did because you might have carried on and hit someone.

    Since when did the police act on what might happen? If they did that the entire road network would be closed as they'd know today that another 5 people will be killed and 70 or so critically injured and by what?....

    Things such as the huge delivery truck reversing (without anyone acting as a second pair of eyes) down a pedestrianised area by some bloke possibly watching porno on his iPhone.

    That huge well documented killing machine barrels through without the officer jumping in the way (I wonder why Applause ) and neither him or the PCSO register any threat to the public whatsoever.

    I can only hope he never becomes a firearms officer, he'd shoot the hostage and give the knife toting Halloween fan a lovely warm hug.

    Joking aside this blatant example of very poor policing and ignorance of actual threat really does warrant an explanation.

  • Christmas gifts for discerning cyclists6 hours 22 min agohsiaolc wrote: Hmmm its a

    hsiaolc wrote:

    Hmmm its a precision pump with quality. Not something you carry with you while you ride on your back pack. You want a portable pump? There are plenty of those around.

    I would buy one if I can afford it and keep it in the house as a priced item.

    FFS, please yerself but it's just a tool..my 20yr old steel SKS Rennkompressor is still going strong and I've only just replaced the valve head rubbers for the first time, all you're paying 6x for is prettier, not significantly better, and I daresay the 40-odd quid Silka offering that's unchanged for years is much the same. I doubt you'd find a 300-quid track pump in use a bike workshop Big Grin

  • KASK Mojito6 hours 23 min agoI think Mrs Z might have got

    I think Mrs Z might have got one for Christmas for me. I've been leaving a few hints.
    Looks a defo bargain.

  • Crashed because something got stuck in mudguard6 hours 27 min agoNot worried about my front

    Not worried about my front mudguard (yet), but lately I have visions of my front light O-ring popping off and the light tumbling down on its battery cable to cause carnage...

  • Solution to obesity, pollution, congestion and social issues is ‘glaringly, frighteningly simple’ says Boardman6 hours 40 min agoThe media and supposed social

    The media and supposed social stigma don't help at all.

    Clarkson has long peddled his scurvy ridden humour that cyclists are to be pitied as they are forced through desperation to toil away on metal donkeys through all seasons whilst pushing his garbage about being important if you're sat within your car.

    Unfortunately this sort of stereotype increases pressure to join the ranks of the 'successful' in life for the weak minded lemmings amongst us and off they pop to get credit on a car.

    As usual the media is a mixed, wholly unpredictable poisoned chalice. They could play a huge role in changing attitudes rather than scratching about for sensationalistic gossip about life's important stories, how huge Kim Kardashians arse is for example.

  • Christmas gifts for discerning cyclists6 hours 48 min agomylesrants wrote:UR all

    mylesrants wrote:
    UR all fecking lacking in the christmas spirit.

    ALL great products I would love to open on the 25th.

    gonna get more books I've already read

    Nah I don't think I want to see the pasta making tool as my Christmas present or the cycle stand.

    I just want the Rapha Climbing shoe.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20146 hours 53 min ago19 Jan 1 point 101.10km total

    19 Jan 1 point 101.10km total points 1 total km 101.10
    1 Feb 1 point 101.32km total points 2 total km 202.42
    23 Mar 1 point 104.80km total points 3 total km 308.22
    26 Apr 1 point 161.79km total points 4 total km 470.01
    9 May 1 point 127.32 km total points 5 total km 597.33
    11 May 1 point 106.99km total points 6 total km 704.32
    7 June 1 point 100.83km total points 7 total km 805.15
    28 July 1 point 102.28km total points 8 total km 907.43
    23 Aug 1 point 103.43km total points 9 total km 1010.86
    7 Sept 1 point 103.97km total points 10 total km 1114.83
    18 Oct 1 point 101.26km total points 11 total km 1216.09
    28 Nov 1 point 100.75km total points 12 total km 1316.84

  • Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine release cycle jersey with Milltag6 hours 57 min agoKiwiMike wrote:When you're

    KiwiMike wrote:
    When you're younger you can eat what you like, drink what you like, and still climb into a pair of medium Castelli bibs.

    Then you hit that age - 34, 35 - your muscles give up, they wave a little white flag, and without any warning at all you're suddenly buying DHB.

    Speak for yourself!

    I threw away my Carter USM t-shirts ages ago. I can barely remember their stuff. Though sheriff fat man is a keeper.

  • Video: Cyclist and police in panto chat about pedestrian zone6 hours 57 min agoSo how many people have been

    So how many people have been knocked over by cyclists in Reading Town Centre? I'm willing to bet none.

  • Lovely Canyon Box on ebay6 hours 59 min agoGizmo_ wrote:... The question

    Gizmo_ wrote:
    The question is... why on earth would you not just return it to the company for a refund if you didn't want it? How damaged did it get when it fell off the back of the lorry?

    Actually - I've got a new, unused Canyon Ultimate AL SLX frame I need to sell (will put it on Ebay sometime later this week). I ordered the size M frame back at the end of April with the intention of building up a bike for a Paris to Nice ride I was taking part in and using it as a winter bike. I ordered size M because that's the size I ordered for my Canyon Aeroad and that bike fits perfectly. I should have compared the geometry - that was my mistake.

    When I placed the order for the frame, the Canyon site said it was in stock and would be shipping the next week. It didn't. It finally arrived at the end of May - one day before I left for a 4 month stay in France - which didn't give me time to build up the bike before I left as I had planned to do. Once I got to France I was too busy working on my house to get round to building up the new bike until mid July - which is when I discovered the frame was too small and my 30 days return period had expired. Ended up ordering another Ultimate AL SLX frame in size L and building up that bike for my ride. Canyon bikes are great value for money, but the operational side of their business sucks balls - you really don't want to hear how they handled the derailleur hanger I needed after crashing on my way to Geneva.

    Interestingly, the price I paid for the size M was £80 more, but it came with some "free" goodies: a Topeak multitool, Joe Blow track pump, Canyon branded water bottles etc. Not long after I ordered the size M the price dropped and they stopped giving the "free" goodies with the frame.

  • Cryo blue brake pads7 hours 14 min agoThanks. They seem to have

    Thanks. They seem to have sold out like everyone else.

  • Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine release cycle jersey with Milltag7 hours 33 min agoI had the pleasure of seeing

    I had the pleasure of seeing them live back in 1995, when indie still meant independent and wasn't just another genre. Might just get one for posterity.

    Ooops showing my age there...

  • Giant Defy Advanced SL road bike7 hours 43 min ago8 thousand quid for a bike on

    8 thousand quid for a bike on the heavy side at 7,3kg?
    No thanks!

    That said, it looks and sounds great, but you have to admit, disk brakes still come with a weight penalty of about 1kg.

  • Police use speed guns to target cyclists on Bristol & Bath Railway Path7 hours 43 min agoI haven't used that cycleway

    I haven't used that cycleway but may well be using it regularly in the near future.

    Sustrans stated aim is to provide routes for cycle commuting. Commuting you notice. If you commute between Bristol and Bath for very many weeks you will soon be cruising along at 20mph - bit of wind behind you and maybe a little late and 30mph could easily be maintained - judging by that picture in the article.
    We have the same problem with some of the routes here in N.Wales - great for the less confident, beginners and children, unfortunately uselless for actually getting anywhere.

    It is a trunk route between cities intended (but not designed) for cycle commuting. Like the A4 then, it should have priority over all the side turnings and no chicanes gates or other obstructions and designed to safely allow cyclists to easily pass each other at 30mph; just as the A4 allows motorists to pass at 70mph.

    That is if you take cycling as a serious transport option. Apparently it still isn't.

    Accordingly now that it is so heavily used it should be turned into a dual carriagway with a footpath that is fenced from it. Although of course now that it is so heavily used the sensible thing would be to close a lane of the A4, which now presumably carries proportionaly less motor traffic.

    Of course as a public highway the highway code applies. Keep left at all times except when overtaking, turning right or lane markings indicate otherwise. Mandatory approved lights during lighting up time etc.

  • Updated: Black Friday cycling discounts roundup7 hours 44 min ago"Methinks the lack of a

    "Methinks the lack of a couple of asterisks leaves Elliot vulnerable."

    No No No! It's the bit above where it says "We're too kind, we really are." that's missing the **

  • Calls for ‘mini Holland’ scheme to be brought forward after three cyclists are hit by vehicles on one road in just over a week7 hours 46 min agoThe whole plan for

    The whole plan for "mini-Hollands" (argh, terrible name) is an implicit admission that the Netherlands does cycle provision properly, and that their methods are what should be aspired to.

    So what excuse is there for not making everywhere under the jurisdiction into one great big "maxi Holland" ?

  • Christmas gifts for discerning cyclists7 hours 51 min agoUR all fecking lacking in the

    UR all fecking lacking in the christmas spirit.

    ALL great products I would love to open on the 25th.

    gonna get more books I've already read

  • Does London traffic slow-down account for capital's bike boom?7 hours 51 min agoMore and more people driving

    More and more people driving it seems... plus taxi and lorry numbers seem to ever increase too.

  • Labour pledges a real cycling revolution backed by long-term investment7 hours 52 min agoLabour, here is what you need

    Labour, here is what you need to deliver to cut the death toll on Britain's roads:
    Strict Liability.
    More vehicle width restrictions on narrow roads.
    Vulnerable users have priority by default at junctions and roundabouts effectively making it an offence to overtake.
    All new vehicles, taxis and vehicles over 2T, 2m width, 6m long or 100bhp/T to be fitted with active collision avoidance systems, front and rear cameras which store the last 15 minutes imagery, GPS location data and telemetry for automatic upload to insurance and police in the event of a collision, by 2020 at the cost of the owner.
    1m minimum overtaking distance for vehicles passing vulnerable road users.

    Specific offences automatically applied in all reported collisions with vulnerable road users:
    "Endangering a vulnerable road user" 3 points
    "Injuring a vulnerable road user" 6 month ban and re-test
    "Killing or Seriously injuring a vulnerable road user" - Lifetime ban.
    Allow "endangering" to be negated by taking Bikeability training to level 3 standard or compulsory basic training for motorcycles, for close passes, parking in cycle lanes or blocking access to cycle infrastructure.
    Routine 5 year theory re-tests focussed on vulnerable road users and new road infrastructure to keep the driving population up to date. Fail the theory, lose your licence until you pass the full test.
    All existing cycle lanes widened to a minimum of 2m and made 'Mandatory".
    Minimum of 1m spacing between car parking and an adjacent cyclelane.
    Traffic lights become give-way for cyclists unless there is a specific red cycle light.
    Pavements and public footpaths to allow cycling by default unless they are less than 2.5m wide or there is a specific risk of erosion or the presence of protected wildlife.
    Enforcement cameras on all traffic lights with ASLs.
    Legally enforced 'design rules' with Space for Cycling built in for all new roads or road redevelopment.
    20mph within cities, 50 mph on urban dual or rural single lane, 40mph on narrow roads with passing places, 100mph limit on 3-lane (or more) motorways to placate drivers and reinforce that you drive slow in towns.