• road or hybrid7 min 18 sec agoI haven't really read the

    I haven't really read the flurry of activity above, but I can say from my own experience, moving from a Carrera Front suspension hybrid to a Specialized Roubaix, the Roubaix just keeps getting better, I have been out tonight and gone on my furthest ride, a mere 71.5 Km. I feel as fresh as a daisy and if it weren't so cold (and dark) I would have carried on further! I never felt that way after being out and about on the hybrid, it always felt like a slog, whether that was the weight of the bike or the weight of me or the stupid unlockable suspension I don't know.

    I am however glad I bought the hybrid as it introduced me to cycling gently, I don't know how I'd have fared if I'd have bought a carbon Tarmac straight off?

    For me only the super fit supercyclists would say "it doesn't matter what bike you have!" I have no doubt that Bradley Wiggins and the like would beat me easily if I were on the road bike and they were on the hybrid. But cycling doesn't have to be a competition you can just cycle for the fun and fitness!

  • USA Pro Stage 313 min 56 sec ago1 2 4 5 7 8 11 18

    1 2 4 5 7 8 11 18

  • 20 of the hottest disc road bikes15 min 25 sec agoWomens road bikes with disk

    Womens road bikes with disk brakes?

  • 20 of the hottest disc road bikes16 min 5 sec agoThanks, but no thanks, I'll

    Thanks, but no thanks, I'll stick with rim brakes, mechanical shifters et al. Disc brakes are just the next big thing to increase sales, before that it was electronic shifting, both weigh more than the existing technology and are unnecessary. Don't need discs when the bike and me weigh less than 70kg combined. Rolling On The Floor

  • USA Pro Stage 318 min 25 sec ago1,3,4,6,8,18


  • Cycling to work really does make you thinner confirm the men in white coats22 min 43 sec agoHow much grant money were

    How much grant money were these people paid? At Wits End

  • Watteam to offer £300 PowerBeat powermeter + video25 min 42 sec agoThink I'll be keeping an eye

    Think I'll be keeping an eye on DC Rainmaker's site for an in depth review of this when it's released. He does extremely in depth reviews on kit.

    What will a power meter tell me, simple, I don't generate enough Smile

  • La Vuelta...28 min 20 sec agoJoelsim wrote:Still looking

    Joelsim wrote:
    Still looking at my team like it's Stoke City on a wet Wednesday in November. It should do the job for stage 1, but hey...

    Nothing wrong with Stoke Wink although it gets very old up there on a wet wednesday night

  • Lidl cycling gear!32 min 53 sec agoI have several bits of kit

    I have several bits of kit from both Aldi and Lidl. I have the Lidl work-stand (about 3 years ago) and toolkit (4 years). Both are well worth looking at. The Aldi work-stand looks to be very similar and same price (£30). The toolkit is of decent quality but some bits like the spoke key, chain tool are very basic and you'll need to upgrade. I am using it as a starting point for building up my bike tools. I find that the Aldi clothing is slightly better quality than Lidl but both are worth a punt especially the mitts, at the price they sell them, buy a new pair every time they have them on offer Cool .

  • USA Pro Stage 333 min 24 sec agoWell prob should of left

    Well prob should of left Jones in. But can't be too disappointed

  • USA Pro Stage 334 min ago7 of the top 8 for me, +

    7 of the top 8 for me, + Norris, looks like my only none scorer and Maynes. Also GC guys took the first mountain points also

  • Competition Prizes36 min 36 sec agoYay!!.....so it does exist!!

    Yay!!.....so it does exist!!

  • USA Pro Challenge Stage 238 min 43 sec agoGmancervelo wrote:Not sure

    Gmancervelo wrote:
    Not sure yesterday's scores are correct, have Reijnan's overall sprint points have been given to Magner?

    Note quite, just didn't give them to Rejnen, will re-update stage 2 before I do stage 3

  • La Vuelta...39 min 34 sec agostumps wrote:Picked my team

    stumps wrote:
    Picked my team for stage 2 onwards forgetting all about stage 1 so any points will be a bonus to be honest.

    Same here pointless trying to pick a team for stage 1 then waste transfers the next 2/3 stages to catch up Nerd

  • Vincenzo Nibali: Drugs are "abhorrent" and need to be eradicated from cycling39 min 54 sec agofarrell wrote:notfastenough

    farrell wrote:
    notfastenough wrote:
    The vuelta feels way more dodgy than the tour to me

    Absolutely no reasoning behind it, no evidence or proof either but I have the same gut feeling. It just feels like it's all a bit suspect.

    Chris Horner's performance last year really didn't help, especially that interview he gave when he seemed smashed off his tits.

    The way the Spanish judge binned all the blood bags and evidence from Operation Puerto is the substance behind your (and my) gut feelings I suspect... Spanish sport as a whole lost all credibility when that decision was made in my opinion.

  • For Sale: Genesis CdF Cyclocross Bike - London £600 ono41 min 22 sec agoThat my friend is a good

    That my friend is a good question! Have updated now. Thanks for letting me know! Cool

  • Nerve 600SL frameset42 min 47 sec agoWith looks as dull as that,

    With looks as dull as that, it's hardly going to inspire you to ride it every day.

  • For Sale: Genesis CdF Cyclocross Bike - London £600 ono1 hour 3 sec agoPrice?


  • Potholes1 hour 54 sec agoPot holes.

    Pot holes. Angry

  • road or hybrid1 hour 4 min agoBBB wrote:HalfWheeler

    BBB wrote:
    HalfWheeler wrote:
    BBB wrote:
    HalfWheeler wrote:
    As for a "bolt upright hybrid" it's an extreme example but anyway I see too many weekend warriors on "endurance" road bikes riding in semi upright position and not using drops in strong winds... They can't go lower due to the size of their bellies, lack of flexibility and lack of a proper fit (bent back, not rotating the pelvis forward etc) so their road bikes aren't really that "fast" and comfortable after all.

    That's true enough. The marketeers know the size and shape of their target market hence the evolution of the 'endurance' bike. But for a person unrestricted by that, your normal road bike will get you lower and more aero in most cases.

  • 20 of the hottest disc road bikes1 hour 11 min agoAgreed the De Rosa is imo the

    Agreed the De Rosa is imo the best looking. But the Rose will properly offer the best value for money. For me it's properly be the GT Grade or something like that, would love 32 mm tires.

  • Cycling to work really does make you thinner confirm the men in white coats1 hour 12 min agoOh, BMI was the measure.

    Oh, BMI was the measure. Where muscular lean people are considered obese...

  • La Vuelta...1 hour 13 min agoPicked my team for stage 2

    Picked my team for stage 2 onwards forgetting all about stage 1 so any points will be a bonus to be honest.

  • The Stelvio - second time around1 hour 14 min agoRespect!


  • Womens World Cup1 hour 15 min agoDELETED - only stage winners

    DELETED - only stage winners get prizes, not third - Doh