• Time Xpresso 8 pedals4 min 42 sec agoYou can buy shimano spds

    You can buy shimano spds (520s) for £18 and use them in the mud for 10 years with no issues. Mine have been on mtb/road bikes and also get used for commuting. The fact that these £120 pedals don't look to even come close in the reliability/robustness stakes makes me think they're just not fit for purpose. The manufacturers should be a little ashamed tbh.

  • Ultegra 6700 10 speed vs 6800 11 speed £££££££?7 min 20 sec agoIf your wheels can take 11,

    If your wheels can take 11, go 11.

    The reason it is cheaper I think, because Ultegra now have a dedicated Di2 groupset, they have to make the mechanical set cheaper than that, so coming in under the price point of the old 6700 10 speed.

    6700 did have a Di2 groupset, but it was new and hugely expensive.

    Now that Di2 is becoming the norm, the prices have come down, so the mechanicals need to drop in price aswell.

    I would compare the prices of 6700 Di2 to the 6800 mechanical, you might want to look at Di2 as an option.

    But to future proof yourself, 11 speed is the only option

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-201420 min 29 sec ago25 Jan 1 point 102.3 km Total

    25 Jan 1 point 102.3 km Total points 1 Total km 102.3
    2 Feb 1 point 105.0 km Total points 2 Total km 207.3
    9 Mar 1 point 127.0 km Total points 3 Total km 334.3
    21 Apr 1 point 120.6 km Total points 4 Total km 454.9
    9 May 1 point 119.1 km Total points 5 Total km 574.0
    18 May 1 point 106.1 km Total points 6 Total km 680.1
    8 June 1 point 138.0 km Total points 7 Total km 818.1
    20 July 1 point 161.0 km Total points 8 Total km 979.1
    3 Aug 1 point 129.0 km Total points 9 Total km 1108.1
    23 Aug 1 point 104.8 km Total points 10 Total km 1212.9

  • Vuelta stage 120 min 45 sec agoGoing for TTT, trek crash

    Going for TTT, trek crash messed those plans up slightly, but hey ho!
    We'll see

    2 TFR, 2 OPQ, 2 SKY, 2 BMC, 1 MOV


    2 TFR, 2 MOV, 2 OPQ, 2 SKY, 1 BMC


  • BMX36 min 44 sec agoKev-s. That's some collection

    Kev-s. That's some collection of Chrome you have there! Loving the Challenger, especially with Tigertooth chainwheel, I was after one of them for the longest time back in the 90's.
    Which skatepark is that? Can't beat the feeling of a good 'realie'. Applause

  • Time Xpresso 8 pedals41 min 26 sec agoToo many sharp looking bits

    Too many sharp looking bits on them for my liking.

  • La Vuelta - pick three Spaniards forum comp.43 min 9 sec agoJust seen 12 noon

    Just seen 12 noon deadline?
    Ok if submitted b4 the road.cc deadline?

  • I don't understand the BBC iplayer59 min 23 sec agoOnly one person interested in

    Only one person interested in my plight; serves me right for posting in the Tea Stop.

  • Time Xpresso 8 pedals1 hour 14 min agoBeen riding these for few

    Been riding these for few yrs, in the 6 version. The rubber grips on the cleats to aid walking do wear quickly, but this doesn't have anything to do with the engagement on the pedal, so only an aesthetic annoyance. The bearings don't seem replaceable and I have noticed right side pedal there is bit of play, so have put onto my second bike. I have done about 15000km to get to this point, so maybe not unreasonable. They are also quite cheap to buy now, some in range down to about 30 pounds including cleats, so almost disposable at that price. Like the float and engagement is good most of the time. One irritation is pedals don't always rest pointing down the right way, so you have to always look prior to pulling away to ensure it is not wrong way up.

  • Green is the new red – St Ives traffic lights changed to stop cyclists riding through legally1 hour 15 min ago"That meant that during those

    "That meant that during those two hours, traffic was held at the lights for a total of 23 minutes each morning."

    Unbelievable. They mean motor traffic on the road was held. The cycle traffic, using this 12 mile route to one of the biggest areas of employment in Cambridge, used by huge numbers of people to get to work by bike, can go hang.

  • Vuelta stage 11 hour 16 min agoTeam 1 Joaquin

    Team 1

    Joaquin Rodriguez
    Carlos Alberto Betancur
    Jose Rodolfo Serpa
    Wilco Kelderman
    Andrew Talansky
    Rohan Dennis
    Romain Sicard
    Luis Leon Sanchez (last minute change and took Coppel out)
    Jonathan Fumeaux

    Team 2

    Ryder Hesjedal
    Daniele Bennati
    Carlos Alberto Betancur
    Steve Morabito
    Damiano Caruso
    Ivan Santaromita
    Mikel Nieve
    Samuel Sanchez
    Tanel Kangert

  • Vuelta stage 11 hour 26 min agoPurist

    Purist team


  • Vuelta stage 11 hour 26 min agoStandard Boonen Hofland Bouha


    J Moreno



  • CrankPump on KickStarter1 hour 34 min agoThanks for the comments

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Interesting idea but to me if you also are going to have to carry an inner tube or repair kit and if you are anything like me i'd like at least one spare co2 cartridge and i'm really quite happy with none too fiddly tyre levers,Then i can't really see it being much of an advantage over a small saddle bag in which i can also fit a multi tool and my lights.

    For some people, not having to carry a pump and levers in your saddle-bag is a small advantage that lets you carry another gel or use a smaller saddle bag. For other people, it lets them get rid of their saddle-bag entirely, by stuffing a spare tube under the seat. If you're going to carry a CO2 pump and levers, then it's gear to carry them somewhere neat that you never need to think about.
    More importantly - what is that bike in the photo??

    It's a Softride Rocket - they stopped making them a whole ago, but they are great bikes that start conversations.

  • Bigger field for 2015 RideLondon 100 to make it Europe's biggest sportive1 hour 35 min agoAirzound wrote:Can't think of

    Airzound wrote:
    Can't think of anything more miserable than riding with 34,999 other people, many of whom will be wanabee Pro nobbers treating it like a race and others who are so slow they just hold you up and make it so dangerous. Happy just riding my daily 55 mile commute which is free, without shelling out for this and my food and drink is no doubt better.

    Arr, some people going faster than you. Arr, some people going slower than you... Oh just F***O**!

    Meanwhile, thanks for the links to the results. 6807/16177 men is top 43.1% or top 38.1 including women, beats my top 49% position of all riders last year. Still no where near my top 21% in Great Manchester Cycle this year, plenty to push for next year. An improvement against a mass field on two quite different courses but no hills means I have to put my hat in again, third time lucky?!

  • Autumn Classics1 hour 37 min agoVattenfall: the one Autumn

    Vattenfall: the one Autumn Classic where I take GVA out of my lineup?

  • Vuelta stage 11 hour 47 min agoI didn't ditch them after

    I didn't ditch them after all.

    Samuel Sanchez (BMC)
    Fabio Felline (TFR)
    Manuel Quinziato (BMC)
    Yaroslav Popovych (TFR)
    Michael Matthews (OGE)
    Tony Martin (OPQ)
    Tom Boonen (OPQ)
    Koldo Fernandez (GRS)
    Moreno Hofland (BLK)

    Half an eye on tomorrow. 3 changes probably (famous last words).

  • Best iphone 5S case (waterproof)1 hour 49 min agoI've not bought them yet, but

    I've not bought them yet, but I'm planning on getting a couple of these:


    One to replace my saddle bag (tube, levers + multitool) and one for phone/card/cash/keys.

    Should leave me a pocket for food which is generally enough.

  • 20 of the hottest disc road bikes1 hour 55 min agoDrSport wrote:Why reinvent

    DrSport wrote:
    Why reinvent the javelin, the discus, or the racing bike? These are not racers, they are a new type of bike, the MTDB mamil technological dreambike, no doubt soon with ABS and traction control.

    Hey if Google can have driverless cars.... Rolling On The Floor

  • Vuelta stage 11 hour 56 min agoLooking at some of the

    Looking at some of the pictures, I would only ditch Jungels, the rest look alright, but might be weary round the course and go a little slower

  • Vuelta stage 12 hours 8 min agoI'm tempted to get rid of my

    I'm tempted to get rid of my Trekkies

  • Just in: Sportful's new R&D Long Sleeve Wind Jersey with Polartec Alpha insulation2 hours 12 min agoNot gonna work for my body

    Not gonna work for my body shape...small and rotund...but looks nice

  • La Vuelta - pick three Spaniards forum comp.2 hours 15 min agoA. Txurruka M. Landa S.

    A. Txurruka
    M. Landa
    S. Sanchez

  • Vuelta stage 12 hours 16 min agoYeah all went down, if you

    Yeah all went down, if you have Jungels, I'd get rid quick Wave

    "Some bad news coming from #LaVuelta: during the warm-up all 9 riders went down exiting one of the many roundabouts.

    #LaVuelta Worst off is @BobJungels, but everyone will be able to start! Crashing is an unfortunate part of racing, but we love racing!"

    An unfortunate part of racing, yes, but you guys were warming up...numpties Laughing

  • Green is the new red – St Ives traffic lights changed to stop cyclists riding through legally2 hours 17 min agothe Harrison Way lights

    the Harrison Way lights turned red every two minutes. The survey said each time the lights were red for an average of 21 seconds

    Is that with or without cyclists setting off the sensor?

    How long do cyclists have to wait at red lights?

    Story short on details.

    21seconds every two minutes is certainly nothing to complain about.