This sounded very similar to my dilemma. Even more so when checking the stage results I discovered we had identical teams today. You have an extra transfer to use this week.

  • Jamis Renegade Elite5 hours 41 min ago" the front brake hose

    " the front brake hose doesn't pass inside the fork"

    I was 100% about to order this bike.

    Then that.

    ...Nah seriously, I think that's my next ride. Stupendous. Great review Jez.

  • Just in: Rose Xeon CDX-44005 hours 47 min agoHow's the geometry in real

    How's the geometry in real world use? A friend of mine drew my attention to the short top tube and incredibly tall head compared to the bike (an old mountain bike no less) that I use on the road right now. Compared to many other models, even in the sportive genre, this particular frame seems very "sit up and beg". I'm worried that the bias is way too far towards comfort and away from performance (aerodynamics).

    I would like to know owner thoughts.