• Did the Camorra fix it for Marco Pantani to be thrown off 1999 Giro d’Italia?1 hour 26 min agoMarco Pantani; cyclist, drug

    Marco Pantani; cyclist, drug abuser, not a pirate. Conspiracy theories are now irrelevant.

  • Cyclist shot while warming up for time trial - hunter said he was aiming at a hare1 hour 46 min agoQuote:"Oh, I say. Bagged one,

    "Oh, I say. Bagged one, Carruthers."

  • £3,000 fine for Milkman who hit cyclist left him for dead and carried on delivering to customers1 hour 49 min agoWhen I was a schoolboy, I had

    When I was a schoolboy, I had a job on a milk float. It was commonplace for the float to crawl along residential streets at 10mph, often on the wrong side of the road, to facilitate the delivery lads getting on and off with fresh crates/ baskets of milk. Nothing untoward ever happened.
    The driver back then was fully aware of the danger, but he always had his dipped lights on and I simply cannot see how any cyclist could have ridden into him - in this case, we don't have the full facts, and the driver was likely in shock immediately after the incident. People say, and do, daft things in shock.

  • David Millar says cycling became a "burden," wants "to enjoy sport again"2 hours 14 min agoCashing in on the way up,

    Cashing in on the way up, down and after. Now expecting even more rewards? Should stay out of cycling, enjoy his tarnished records - and move on. I like the guy by the way Confused

  • Edinburgh to strengthen TdF Grand Depart bid with £225,000 funding for 2015 Tour series events2 hours 26 min agoBringing the TdF would be

    Bringing the TdF would be great, I'm a big fan, but I wish they'd shut up about it being to encourage cycling in the city.

    Edinburgh just sees ££££ signs and more hi profile coverage leading to more stag group business for those all-important hotel owners and their minimum wage hospitality staff.

    The biggest cycle event every year in Edinburgh is the safer infrastructure campaign ride, Pedal on Parliament. I'm hearing the new Leith Walk layout is rubbish, the Quality Bike Corridor is a car park most of its length, and cycling is still for the brave.

    TdF for Edinburgh, great, but not as a utility cycling booster.

  • David Millar says cycling became a "burden," wants "to enjoy sport again"3 hours 47 min agoUnistriker, you cynical

    Unistriker, you cynical negative person.

    The world bodies set a punishment for being caught, he served his time and carried that burden the rest of his career. I'm guessing your attitude is the same for Contador and Shlecks no?

    Why not take your comments to the anti-doping bodies as they set the rules.

    How he has conducted himself post doping can be admired as many other dopers still have their heads in the sand.

  • Alex Dowsett backs Collideosco.pe cycle incident tracking website3 hours 49 min agoAll the policy makers need to

    All the policy makers need to do is mandate collision avoidance tech in all new cars and existing commercial, passenger carrying and and heavy goods vehicles. It worked with seatbelts and side impact bars, why not for collision avoidance?

  • Recommends for lower priced sunglasses with interchangeable lens for the missus4 hours 24 min agoI bought some photochromic

    I bought some photochromic ones from CRC 18 months ago, almost never wear anything else (ocassionally orange ones for very low light). At £35 they have been really excellent value for money - even at full price of £60(?) they would have been. Still in really good condition even though they have seen masses of use.

  • Biggin Hill resident rails against ‘lycra louts’4 hours 37 min agohttp://www.sevenoakschronicle

    Let's get healthy, just don't go cycling... Nerd

  • New Forest National Park Authority member responds to concerns over spending of £3.75m DfT cash5 hours 21 sec agoPaul M wrote: On this

    Paul M wrote:

    On this occasion, I think you will find, if you check it out, that you are wrong.

    I would hope to be proven wrong and that there is hope. Past experience with them shows otherwise, alas.

  • Pictures of your Bike5 hours 2 min agoMy newly restored to

    My newly restored to functionality BMX - Curtis Motocross 2000. Rode it today. Felt old!

  • Biggin Hill resident rails against ‘lycra louts’5 hours 14 min agodon simon wrote:Now 80/20 for

    don simon wrote:
    Now 80/20 for the No vote. Big Grin

    4 hours later it is 90/10.

  • Milano Torino Forum Competition5 hours 21 min agoWell, I was going to post a

    Well, I was going to post a Japan Cup Forum Compeititon, but I think I left it a little too late... Sad

  • New Forest National Park Authority member responds to concerns over spending of £3.75m DfT cash5 hours 28 min agoWhy do government depts when

    Why do government depts when they get money feel they have to spend it. As I understood it the money was for a scheme which no longer had the go ahead. So send the money back so it can be spent on something useful. Too often taxpayers money is wasted on projects because people have to spend it.

    I live in the are and its a shame how a few people spoil an event a couple of days of the year. There are no problems at any others times so please do bring your bikes to the new forest

  • Recommends for lower priced sunglasses with interchangeable lens for the missus5 hours 34 min ago+1 for photochromic lenses

    +1 for photochromic lenses for the rest of the year.

    I bought a cheapish pair from planet x, I refuse to pay much for eyewear as I lose or break them to often Smile

  • Recommends for lower priced sunglasses with interchangeable lens for the missus5 hours 52 min agoI used to wear the DeWalt

    I used to wear the DeWalt ones and they do the job well.

    Now I have some from Decathlon. You can get single tint ones for about £4, but they sell ones with interchangeable lenses for about £20. I bought the photochromic ones, so I only need one set but these change tint based on the light (they were reviewed on here a few weeks ago) I still have to carry clears though if I plan to ride at dusk or in the dark.

  • New Wheels - Flo?6 hours 3 min agoHey sorry I've not got PMs

    Hey sorry I've not got PMs on, not sure how to do that!

    I ended up going with them because after no end of reading I realised the whole weight saving thing was a bit pointless for everyday use and the time saving up a big climb for 100-200g is minimal.

    One downside I would say is that the anodised braking track will shed away after a couple of hilly rides in the wet! I was descending white down lane once and I heard a horrendous squeal and the lovely black coating was gone Sad it doesn't affect performance though and I did a lot of riding around the Pyrenees on them this year

    The other thing I like is that they sell all their wheels individually - I've got a 60/90 set as well which I save for the good weather and you can always switch in a 30 front when it's windy. Ordering can be difficult though as while they're ramping up production they can still sell out really fast

  • New Forest National Park Authority member responds to concerns over spending of £3.75m DfT cash6 hours 9 min agoIt has sent out entirely the

    It has sent out entirely the wrong message, adding to a public perception that the New Forest is an unfriendly place for cyclists.

    He's right about that. All these articles have given me a very bad impression of the people of New Forest and I'm not in any hurry to visit the area again. Nor would I encourage anybody else to go. It may not be an accurate impression and I'm sure there are plenty of nice, normal people in New Forest but I still have no desire to go there.

  • David Millar says cycling became a "burden," wants "to enjoy sport again"6 hours 10 min agoYou don't get the Millar

    You don't get the Millar thing, do you?

    He was a top level talent, Then he doped, he went to the top.

    He returns, clean after his ban, despite natural ability, never quite reaches the same level in trade team colours. What do you think he was trying to prove and thT he actually demonstrated?

    He has nothing to sell, no one to slay, so his story is possibly the only insider one that's reliable, the book came a lot later.

  • Spirit Cycling Langbar jersey6 hours 18 min agoLes genoux de la bee

    Les genoux de la bee according to Ilkley's most demanding customer ...

  • David Millar says cycling became a "burden," wants "to enjoy sport again"6 hours 24 min agoThe guy is a jacked up cheat

    The guy is a jacked up cheat using performance enhancing drugs.. He should be lucky they let him "work"/race.
    should of been banned for life for any intentional use of PED.

  • Biggin Hill resident rails against ‘lycra louts’6 hours 31 min agoSimon E wrote: We are an

    Simon E wrote:

    We are an outgroup. Wearing lycra and cycling on the road somehow brings out some people's prejudices. Replace 'lycra louts' with olympic athletes or marathon runners and it seems pathetic and churlish. Change it to a persecuted minority and it takes on a more sinister tone. Yet, like the horn-leaning punishment pass drivers, none of them would dare to behave in the same way towards a group of 6'8" rugby players on the street. They are all cowards really.

    Its so laughable its a joke. However replace "Lycra Louts" with the name of Wing Commander Guy Gibson's Dog and the Police would have been all over this 3 mins after the sign went up. Funny how its acceptable to be abusive and belittle certain minority groups but not others.

  • Star Wars star Harrison Ford snapped riding Genesis bike in London6 hours 35 min agoMyriadgreen wrote:The most

    Myriadgreen wrote:
    The most amazing thing about the article in the Mail is that not one person has mentioned cyclists going through red lights, cyclists riding on the pavements, etc!

    If it was Carrie Fisher out on a bike no doubt the mail and it's attendant goblins would have torn her to pieces for having the nerve to be a middle aged woman visible in public. Ford though, wealthy, white male celebrity is immune. Clearly they've forgiven him for the film roles where he fights nazis.

  • I feel like crying - Campagnolo ergo cracking woes6 hours 46 min agoHowever I dress it up at it I

    However I dress it up at it I can't claim to be a certified qualified bicycle mechanic. I do have 30 years' experience of working on bikes and a range of specialist tools that compares well with the average bike shop. I can also read an instruction manual - and understand it. And this is really my point...

    If you receive a set of technical instructions with a product, then those instructions should give you all the information you need to use that product. If there is a section in those instructions that is entitled 'Installation' then that section ought to contain all the information you need to safely install it. In the case of the ergo levers that I purchased, those instructions clearly do not include the various illustrations that people have posted up on here. If a company does not wish the purchaser of its products to install them then it should not provide instructions, as with the manual in my Renault - at certain points it just says 'consult your dealer'. I only have a shallow understanding of the law regarding this area, but broadly it goes thus:

    If a member of the public can easily and legally buy a product and said product comes with a set of instructions, then it makes it explicit that following those instructions will ensure safe usage of that product. Sale of these products is not limited to people who are qualified mechanics.

    Can you see what I'm getting it?

    Your tone, by the way, is still quite aggressive.

  • Edinburgh to strengthen TdF Grand Depart bid with £225,000 funding for 2015 Tour series events7 hours 3 min agoLeodis wrote:HalfWheeler

    Leodis wrote:
    HalfWheeler wrote:
    Gus T wrote:
    Question - at what point do we in Yorkshire spit our dummies out and start rubbishing the Edinburgh bid after all what goes around comes around and fair's fair. Devil

    Don't quite follow. What do you mean?

    Maybe because the last Edinburgh bid with Westminster backing did all they could to cloud the water and not offer any support to Yorkshire yet threw money at the other bid, some say to bribe Scots even BC got in on the act.

    That would be the Edinburgh bid that had stages going through Scotland, England and Wales.

    More of a 'British' bid really.

    No wonder it had support from Westminster, Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly, British Cycling, UK Sport and VisitBritain. Not sure where your notion of the Scots being bribed comes from. Presumably the Welsh and Northern English were also being bribed at the same time. And bribed to do what exactly? Vote no? I can't ever imagine anyone, even the most two-wheeled fanatic, standing at the ballot box thinking; "well the TdF did come to Edinburgh, should vote no I suppose..."

    In the end it went to Yorkshire because ASO didn't want to wait until 2017 or 2018. They wanted to capitalise on the UK cycling boom asap after 2012.

    They made the right call, Yorkshire was a roaring success. And if Edinburgh holds it in a few years I'm sure that will be too.

    But the whys and wheres and hows are a little bit by the by with some people. They see a fairly innocuous, uncontroversial headline and think; "I can start a bloody good argument with this".