• Ban drivers who text behind the wheel say parents of killed triathlete21 hours 40 min agoAbsolutely scandalous verdict

    Absolutely scandalous verdict given by the jurors. It's beyond belief that given all the evidence they would come to the conclusion that the driver was blameless. It's like saying, 'well it wasn't his fault he was texting while driving.' 'It was the fault of the cyclist for being in his way while he wasn't concentrating on his driving.' Were these jurors paid off???
    I really feel for the family who have not only lost a cherished family member, but who are also never going to trust the British justice system ever again.

  • 2015's hottest disc-equipped road bikes21 hours 43 min agofukawitribe wrote:IanW1968

    fukawitribe wrote:
    IanW1968 wrote:
    Expensive commuter bikes.

    Where ?

    I've seen some very expensive road bikes on CS7. Not surprisingly as it feeds the wealthy SW London suburbs through to the city.

    But it is very rewarding when you see several grands worth of carbon being ridden in full kit at 8am, get dropped by some kid on an 80's Peugeot steel framed beater.

  • Infographic: Team Sky puts numbers on the cobbles as Classics season gets into full swing21 hours 43 min agoYou can get odds of 25/1 on

    You can get odds of 25/1 on Geraint Thomas for Paris Roubaix at the moment! 7th last year a strong ride in the Milan San Remo?
    I would probably tip John Degenkolb for the win btw but 25/1 on GT? Worth a few quid?

  • Crowdfunding campaign wants all London cyclists to wear a helmet21 hours 45 min agoFunny how

    Funny how vehemently-anti-helmet people rely on the prospect of compulsion to try and make their point. No matter what you say, it's a personal choice and I'll continue to take it, whilst you continue to believe my choice is somehow affecting your life (and that everyone is out to get you!)

    If some government wanted to make a stupid decision to impose a law, there's nothing you or I could do about it, apart from voting accordingly if it was in a manifesto or official policy. It isn't. Anywhere. In fact, if a helmet law came in, I'd be inclined to wear mine less in protest, simply because I wouldn't agree with it - now that's cause and effect the vehemently-anti-helmet people probably didn't expect, not least because they like to charactise the arguments of anyone who disagrees with them and polarize the debate accordingly. But then that's nothing new on this forum I suppose.

  • Cyclist detection and warning system to be added to Chichester’s Northgate Gyratory21 hours 48 min agoCould you imagine a gyratory

    Could you imagine a gyratory where the left lane has to give way to people in the right lane wanting the exit? Why is it then acceptable for cyclists.

  • Near Miss Project verdict – cyclists systematically marginalised by dangerous environments and thoughtless behaviour21 hours 49 min agoWhat we're talking about is

    What we're talking about is poor and irresponsible human behaviour. You cannot blame the concept or the inanimate object.
    A loaded gun is not dangerous left alone and locked away, but put it in the hands of a religious fanatic, suicidal maniac, psychopathic murderer or naive child and the risk of something harmful to other human beings increases dramatically.
    Likewise, put an idiot behind the wheel of a car/truck and the risk of him/her harming other road users increases dramatically.
    It's not that cycling or driving or guns are dangerous, it's the behaviour of those that use these tools that increases the hazards to others.

    There are exceptions to this however especially when a hazard cannot be detected or risk assessed in time for someone to react in order to avoid an a dangerous incident occurring. For example, an unseen pot hole in the road, black ice or when a bike suffers a catastrophic technical failure like the frame breaking or both brake cables snapping on a downhill section.

    It's education and re-education and training first and foremost that can reduce risks. Then, it's holding irresponsible individuals to proper account for their poor behaviour through the justice system. Let's not blame the objects. They have no idea how they're being used!

  • Cyclist detection and warning system to be added to Chichester’s Northgate Gyratory21 hours 51 min agoThe reason why cyclists have

    The reason why cyclists have to give way (to the vehicle approaching from behind ) is that it has been clearly deomstrayed numerous times that drivers cannot be trusted to give way to cyclists when the cyclist has priority.

    But you are left with this unusable facility. At timrs of peak flow it will be almost impossible to cross the exits and at quiet times there will be unnecessary delay stopping at each give way line to check if it is safe.

    Better to put signs up reminding everyone that cycles are vehicles too and that at junctions like this yhey should be taking the line for safety.

  • Disc brakes to be permitted in peloton in 201721 hours 55 min agoQuote:Yeah, because a pair of

    Yeah, because a pair of track rims save a good kilo compared to road rims don't they.

    Your sarcasm is wasted - track wheels are built for stiffness and aerodynamics, weight is very much a lesser issue in the controlled environment of a velodrome.

    Removing the brake track from road (or CX,/MTB etc) wheels is a massive boost to performance, you can build the wheel stiffer, more aerodynamic, stronger, lighter, wider...
    All without the constraints and fragility of a parallel machined rim.

    It's not solely about weight.

  • Cyclist detection and warning system to be added to Chichester’s Northgate Gyratory21 hours 55 min agoFortunately not in my

    Fortunately not in my neighbourhood - a shocking design and one that's only intent is to maximise motorised vehicle flow - would be interested in what sort of speeds vehicles are travelling at?
    Generally here in Melbourne, Aus roundabouts are a rarity but I still get fed up with the local council continuing to add cycle lanes to the inside of roundabouts when it is known they do not provide a safe place for cyclists to be - as an experienced cyclist I take the lane every time simply because it is safer - I don't see how providing infrastructure that is dangerous to the user equates with encouraging those nervous about being among vehicles to cycle - appreciate that the signs are an attempt to alter driver behaviour but the real fix is get rid of the inside cycle lanes and if need be (gasps of horror) reduce the speed of the traffic
    here's an excellent research paper that suggests that not only should inside cycle lanes on roundabouts be removed but that structural changes should be made to encourage cyclists to take the primary position through roundabouts and this isn't only aimed at roundabouts on quiet residential streets

    based on research in Australia but cites some European and UK work

  • Cycling clothing survey for study21 hours 55 min agoDone, I'm not sure why you

    Done, I'm not sure why you need email addresses though...

  • Disc brakes to be permitted in peloton in 201721 hours 56 min agoIf you go and cycle some of

    If you go and cycle some of the very severe hills in Exmoor or over the Strines or any place that contains lots of short sharp hills, disc breaks are better on a road bike. In traffic disc brakes are better, on longer gentle descents disc brakes work better. In wet or dry discs are better, sometimes they squeal in the wet, so what? they still work better!

    I have new Campag Veloce on one bike and avid BB5s on another, I know which I would rather have on all my bikes if I had too pick!

  • Near Miss Project verdict – cyclists systematically marginalised by dangerous environments and thoughtless behaviour21 hours 57 min agoCycling in the UK is

    Cycling in the UK is dangerous. Period.

    We need Dutch style cycling infrastructure but there is no political will or desire to deliver this.

    Also the law needs to change so that in the event of a collision between a motor vehicle and bicycle, the motorist is presumed to be at fault unless they can demonstrate other wise. This needs to be the case in both criminal and civil law.

    Sentencing for drivers of any vehicle that kill need to be much more severe. Life time bans should be implemented. At the moment it is a joke, just an occupational hazard to those psychopathic drivers whose standard of driving is so poor.

    When I ride a motorbike I do not get the shit that I experience when I cycle. Cycling in the UK really is a rotten and dangerous experience. I am not talking about cycling in deepest Shropshire or Norfolk on deserted country lanes but on urban routes to get to work or just go about your daily business. Cycling is DANGEROUS.

  • Incident with HGV - advice please21 hours 58 min agoA tactic you might consider

    A tactic you might consider when reporting it, is to ask for an explanation (in writing) of what you did wrong if their driver believes you were in error.

  • 2015's hottest disc-equipped road bikes22 hours 4 min agoI wish it was easy to get the

    I wish it was easy to get the weights of these bikes.
    The discs are adding a bit to the totals.

    The Genesis Equili... comes in at 10.31 kg

    Will look for the others.

  • Disc brakes to be permitted in peloton in 201722 hours 9 min agojacknorell wrote: Someone

    jacknorell wrote:

    Someone made the argument that removing the brake track wouldn't lighten or strengthen rims, and that's just poppycock. The flat pressure-tolerant horizontal surface isn't very helpful for the lateral structural strength needed for a rim.

    Yeah, because a pair of track rims save a good kilo compared to road rims don't they.

  • Disc brakes to be permitted in peloton in 201722 hours 9 min ago.


  • Ban drivers who text behind the wheel say parents of killed triathlete22 hours 10 min agoThe issue in this case was

    The issue in this case was the jury. WTF were they thinking? Did the judge incorrectly direct them on the law? In any case it is a miscarriage of justice. The prosecution failed to make the case. How could they fail to do that with facts like this? Beggars belief. I bet Philip Sinden and his defence counsel were grinning ear to ear with delight. It's an absolutely shameful result.

    Can't the verdict be appealed on a matter of law as something clearly went very wrong?

    Mr Sinden should be careful the roads are a dangerous place with c**ts like him driving and using their mobile phone at the same time. Let's hope he is flattened by a huge tipper truck with it's driver doing the same as he was.

  • Forum Scorum 201522 hours 12 min agoslowly (very) slowly catchee

    slowly (very) slowly catchee monkey...

    thanks for the update, looks a lot of work in it.

  • Mucky Nutz Gut Fender22 hours 12 min agoDunno what they're like now

    Dunno what they're like now or exactly how these compare but the relatively elderly (mtb) crudcatchers I have are constructed so they pretty much clear downtube cabling.

  • Bkool incorporates weather conditions into virtual reality cycling + video22 hours 13 min agoQuote:Tenuous.... I'm just

    Tenuous.... I'm just curious - have you spent all week making 'cycling is the new golf' comments ?

    Only tenuous if you think slowly.. and are you auditing the use of the phrase?

  • Ban drivers who text behind the wheel say parents of killed triathlete22 hours 14 min agoMust be Mad wrote:I don't

    Must be Mad wrote:
    I don't understand how the police/courts can possibly enforce a 'no texting while driving' rule when even if you Kill someone, you still get off scott-free.


    He said that he had been texting using his left hand, typing without looking at the phone so as to keep his attention on the road.

    It does sound an amazing skill, but does it need to be demonstrated in order to be believed?

    More importantly, how did he know what he was replying to without looking at the text messages received. The decision is a complete farce.

  • Cycling clothing survey for study22 hours 21 min agomark shelton wrote:Done,

    mark shelton wrote:
    Done, thank you.

    Thank you!

  • Cycling clothing survey for study22 hours 21 min agoTintow wrote:Done. Good

    Tintow wrote:

    Good questions, the only ambiguous one is about which clothing brands do I know - does that mean which ones have I heard of or which ones do I have experience of?

    Thanks! The question is about the brands you have heard of.

  • Cycling clothing survey for study22 hours 23 min agoabudhabiChris wrote:Done.

    abudhabiChris wrote:

    Good survey - well worded with clear options.

    I often slate the half-assed attempts at research that people waste time putting on here, so it's only fair to applaud the decent efforts.

    Thanks abudhabiChris!

  • Cycling clothing survey for study22 hours 24 min agoDone, thank you.

    Done, thank you.