• Video: Hands-on with the new Focus RAT (Rapid Axle Technology) thru-axle13 hours 3 min agoI've had a disc brake

    I've had a disc brake commuter bike for ~4 years now, and whilst I love it (the odd occasions when I ride other bikes in the wet scare me!) the one recurring issue I have is that the front QR needs done up VERY tightly to hold the front wheel securely under heavy braking- if I don't get it right I get a bit of movement and subsequent misalignment.

    So, I'd love a through-axle. The added security and perfect alignment would be well worth it in my opinion. It would certainly be something I'd look for/insist upon if/when I come to buy another disk braked bike.

    There you go, some opinion from someone with actual relevant experience.

  • Video: Hands-on with the new Focus RAT (Rapid Axle Technology) thru-axle13 hours 4 min agoLooks like were looking at a

    Looks like were looking at a Betamax vs. VHS or Bluray vs. HD-DVD competition about to break out here with thru axles, think I'd be putting off any purchase until a winner is declared.

    The cycling industry is a nightmare for standards, just look at bottom brackets, which translates to cost of ownership for the rider.

  • Video: Hands-on with the new Focus RAT (Rapid Axle Technology) thru-axle13 hours 9 min agoAlb wrote:Had a good look at

    Alb wrote:
    Had a good look at the updated Manitou Hexlock @ Eurobike Dave. It was looking pretty polished...


    So did we Alb, got an article + video coming on that soon. Looks pretty smart, good to see that sort of development going on

  • Canyon launches new Endurace AL distance road bike plus Urban and Fitness hybrid ranges13 hours 10 min agoSo it's just rolling your

    So it's just rolling your trousers up on an "urban" or "utility" bike that provokes this reaction?

    I don't own an "urban" or "utility" bike, and whilst I commute in to my job in a city centre, I don't see the point in buying one and just use one of my current bikes. I don't want to stick a chain guard on so I just roll my pants up to stop them getting caught/dirty.

    Occasionally, I tuck my pants in to my socks, is this more acceptable or does it also draw the same weird anti-hipster ire?

  • Did Cervelo Save my life?13 hours 13 min agoIt'll polish out... Hope you

    It'll polish out...

    Hope you mend up quickly.

  • Six riders hospitalised after mistaking detergent for energy drink13 hours 14 min agoAdds a whole new meaning to

    Adds a whole new meaning to 'clean' rider doesn't it Rolling On The Floor

  • 2015 disc road bikes from Ridley, Bianchi, Focus, Parlee, Raleigh, KTM, Argon 18, Colnago, Merida and De Rosa13 hours 15 min agoQuote:The space between the

    The space between the rear dropouts has to be wider to accommodate the disc rotor.

    This isn't exactly true -- there's room for a rotor on the end of a 130mm OLD hub (Eastway's disc road bike from last year had a 130mm rear) but it's a lot easier all round to go to 135mm and take advantage of the fact that there are lots (and lots) of disc-ready hubs available in that size already. Given that it's only really an issue for bikes with really short chainstays and 53/39 rings (ie race bikes) there's no compelling reason for manufacturers to stick with 130.

    Pedantry ends Wink

  • Fizik launches lighter Aliante and Kurve saddles and new Cyrano 00 carbon seat post13 hours 16 min agoHmm I'm not sure about not

    Hmm I'm not sure about not changing the shape of the Aliante. Brilliant saddles imo, just stop mucking about with it Fizik!

  • 2015 disc road bikes from Ridley, Bianchi, Focus, Parlee, Raleigh, KTM, Argon 18, Colnago, Merida and De Rosa13 hours 19 min agoThe Parlee looks nice, and

    The Parlee looks nice, and that KTM is interesting, I don't like De Rosa anyway, so we're seeing more and more, but how many of these are true hydraulic discs or just yet more mechanic disc systems. Not many true hyd. yet ....

  • 18 year old junior world champion Igor Decraene found dead in apparent suicide13 hours 21 min agoSuch sad news, RIP Igor.

    Such sad news, RIP Igor.

    With the greatest of respect, I'm not sure how it is 'apparent' that he committed suicide. The only apparent thing is that the family are saying he *didn't* commit suicide. Might be best to change the headline to 'unknown' until further details are released rather than to speculate.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-201413 hours 21 min ago11 Jan 1 Point 84.2M/135.51KM

    11 Jan 1 Point 84.2M/135.51KM Total Points 1 Total KM 135.51
    19 Jan 1 Point 75.3M/121.18KM Total Points 2 Total KM 256.69

    02 Feb 1 Point 65.1M/104.77KM Total Points 3 Total KM 361.46
    09 Feb 1 Point 72.2M/116.19KM Total Points 4 Total KM 477.65
    23 Feb 1 Point 69.0M/111.04KM Total Points 5 Total KM 588.69

    09 Mar 1 Point 73.1M/117.64KM Total Points 6 Total KM 706.33
    16 Mar 1 Point 66.9M/107.67KM Total Points 7 Total KM 814.00
    23 Mar 1 Point 74.2M/119.41KM Total Points 8 Total KM 933.41
    29 Mar 1 Point 91.6M/147.42KM Total Points 9 Total KM 1080.83
    30 Mar 1 Point 86.4M/139.05KM Total Points 10 Total KM 1219.88

    23 Apr 1 Point 111.9M/180.09KM Total Points 11 Total KM 1399.97
    27 Apr 1 Point 69.4M/111.69KM Total Points 12 Total KM 1511.66

    04 May 1 Point 81.2M/130.68KM Total Points 13 Total KM 1642.34
    05 May 1 Point 120.6M/194.09KM Total Points 14 Total KM 1836.43
    18 May 1 Point 101.2M/162.87KM Total Points 15 Total KM 1999.3
    25 May 1 Point 65.8M/105.89KM Total Points 16 Total KM 2105.19
    26 May 1 Point 72.2M/116.18KM Total Points 17 Total KM 2221.37

    01 June 1 Point 63.5M/102.19KM Total Points 18 Total KM 2323.56
    08 June 1 Point 73.0M/117.48KM Total Points 19 Total KM 2444.04
    15 June 1 Point 87.0M/140.01KM Total Points 20 Total KM 2584.05
    22 June 1 Point 63.2M/101.71KM Total Points 21 Total KM 2685.76
    30 June 1 Point 86.9M/139.85KM Total Points 22 Total KM 2825.61

    1 July 1 Point 97.8M/157.39KM Total Points 23 Total KM 2983.00
    2 July 1 Point 69.6M/112.01KM Total Points 24 Total KM 3095.01
    3 July 1 Point 79.0M/127.14KM Total Points 25 Total KM 3222.15
    4 July 1 Point 96.6M/115.46KM Total Points 26 Total KM 3337.61
    7 July 1 Point 75.8M/121.99KM Total Points 27 Total KM 3459.60
    13 July 1 Point 85.0M/136.79KM Total Points 28 Total KM 3599.39
    27 July 1 Point 67.0M/107.83KM Total Points 29 Total KM 3707.22

    10 Aug 1 Point 77.3M/124.40KM Total Points 30 Total KM 3831.62
    17 Aug 1 Point 91.0M/146.45KM Total Points 31 Total KM 3978.07
    25 Aug 1 Point 67.0M/107.82KM Total Points 32 Total KM 4085.89
    31 Aug 1 Point 71.5M/115.07KM Total Points 33 Total KM 4200.96

  • Six riders hospitalised after mistaking detergent for energy drink13 hours 23 min agoShame, hopefully they're

    Shame, hopefully they're going to be ok. They won't live it down with their mates

  • Six riders hospitalised after mistaking detergent for energy drink13 hours 30 min agoEighty percent of our

    Eighty percent of our participants are married men," event boss Jo Gunnar Ellevold told E24.no. "From this we can conclude that married men would not know what Omo is.

    100% of dogs have 4 legs. 100% of cats have 4 legs. From this we can conclude that all dogs are also cats.

    Funny story though Laughing

  • Womens World Cup13 hours 35 min agoResults from saturday ???

    Results from saturday ???

  • Video: Hands-on with the new Focus RAT (Rapid Axle Technology) thru-axle13 hours 41 min agojoemmo wrote:leqin

    joemmo wrote:
    leqin wrote:
    ....but if you take the wheel out there is little chance it will go back into the same position, but bolt through like systems can be made to work and the wheel always seems to go back to the same place and because of that you don't get the disc rubbing the QR system is prone to.

    As long as you take the same care to sit the axle properly into the dropouts as you would with any wheel then it shouldn't be misaligned.

    don't you know anybody who wants to swap out a wheel and put another one in asfastaspossible in fact so fast that , when they fumble around with the quick release, it could mean the difference between winning or loosing a stage of a race... or even be the time they are behind the person winning the yellow, pink or red jersey.

    At the side of the road on my commute to and from work I have plenty of time and at the weekend, when I go further afield, it also doesn't really matter to me how fast or how slow that wheel comes out. In race conditions - if bikes with disc brakes are going to made so that they can work and flat tyres on a disc equipped bike are not going to be a issue that leads to lost time, then it is ideas and innovations like this from Focus that will make it possible.

  • LBS bike service options - Is it worth it?13 hours 44 min agoDepends on what your LBS is

    Depends on what your LBS is charging and also what need to be done to the bike. No point paying a lump sum for things that don't need tweeking.

    I don't use my local LBS (i like my bike) I take it in to Evans Cycles and get them to check it over, comes back looking cleaner and feeling smother.

    The price is good (IMO) and no paint is chipped, never had any reason to complain.

  • 2015 disc road bikes from Ridley, Bianchi, Focus, Parlee, Raleigh, KTM, Argon 18, Colnago, Merida and De Rosa13 hours 51 min agoIt's my birthday tomorrow. I

    It's my birthday tomorrow. I have nothing planned, so if you want to pop over with a CX bike, I'll try to act surprised

  • LBS bike service options - Is it worth it?14 hours 9 min agoIf you are confident doing

    If you are confident doing easy stuff yourself then I wouldn't bother getting the bike serviced. You need to check your chain though. I have a chain checker tool, which is very conservative, so I ended up changing chains regularly. The plus side is that my cassettes go on a long time.

    If your chain needs changing then you may find it skips on your cassette, in which case you will need a new cassette too. Changing early means that cassettes will last several chains (so I ignore the advice often given about changing chains and cassettes at the same time).

    If you choose to run the drive chain into the ground you will end up having to replace your chain rings too - ££.

    If I were you would buy a chain checker, chain breaking tool, cassette lock ring tool, and a chain whip (if you don't already have them all). This is the basis for a starter home tool kit.

    In the future you could add a bottom bracket tool, cable cutters (get good ones) etc.

  • Vuelta stage 1014 hours 10 min agoThere is, of course, a strong

    There is, of course, a strong favourite, and some specialist TTers. Whether they all go for it is anyone's guess.

  • Vuelta stage 1014 hours 12 min agoI know. Honestly, why do they

    I know. Honestly, why do they need a rest day? What's difficult in doing 21 days of 200km on the spin?

    Part-timers! At Wits End

  • Carbon Lite Racing CLR-38mm Clincher Wheels14 hours 18 min agoGinsterdrz

    Ginsterdrz wrote:
    Wheelsmith-UK based superb builder of wheels. Fully serviceable. 38mm (super wide 25mm) carbon aero shaped rims with CX Rays and 11spd hubs 1460g-£740. My 3rd set from Derek and I can't rate him highly enough.

    If they're that good, how come you've had to buy 3 pairs?
    Joking, BTW. Kiss

  • Canyon launches new Endurace AL distance road bike plus Urban and Fitness hybrid ranges14 hours 24 min agofarrell wrote: What exactly

    farrell wrote:

    What exactly is wrong with rolling your trousers up?

    I've never understood why this act generates so much bitter pettiness.

    No-one's bitter or being petty.

    If you are selling a bike that requires this act, it is not 'utility'. It is 'specific'.

    What I meant was that this bike has been designed by people who have no issue with performing this action every_time they get on/off the bike. Clearly no middle-aged person likely to wear a dress or suit was involved in the design of this bicycle. Or if they were, it was to target a very specific segment of society.

    When bikes like this are in the window at Evans et al being sold as the thing you *need* for cycling in the city, people buy them. And have a rubbish, impractical time of it.

    The irony is that Evans et al have no problem touting machines like this at £1000 when they could sell many more practical machines at the same or lower price point.

    All this while commuting by bicycle has a pretty low average speed due to lights so any weight/aero benefits are wasted. When Borisbiking in a suit I generally keep up with people on superlight road bikes across the city/West End, because while they are stopped at the lights I can trundle up behind them without breaking a sweat.

    (and yes: I'm aware that Evans won't be selling Canyon any time soon. But you get the whole hipster-design-railing thing).

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-201414 hours 29 min ago11 Jan 1 Point 110.9 km Total

    11 Jan 1 Point 110.9 km Total Points 1
    19 Jan 1 Point 119.6 km Total Points 2
    02 Feb 1 Point 120.0 km Total Points 3
    16 Feb 1 Point 132.8 km Total Points 4
    09 Mar 1 Point 154.7 km Total Points 5
    18 Mar 1 Point 172.9 km Total Points 6
    21 Mar 1 Point 118.6 km Total Points 7
    25 Mar 1 Point 166.2 km Total Points 8
    28 Mar 1 Point 170.8 km Total Points 9
    12 Apr 1 Point 136.0 km Total Points 10
    26 Apr 1 Point 176.0 km Total Points 11
    03 May 1 Point 147.6 km Total Points 12
    11 May 2 Point 220.4 km Total Points 14
    17 May 1 Point 178.2 km Total Points 15
    18 May 1 Point 159.7 km Total Points 16
    31 May 1 Point 186.4 km Total Points 17
    08 Jun 2 Point 227.3 km Total Points 19
    15 Jun 1 Point 126.3 km Total Points 20
    22 Jun 1 Point 156.8 km Total Points 21
    25 Jun 1 Point 128.9 km Total Points 22
    06 July 1 Point 108.1 km Total Points 23
    13 July 1 Point 145.0 km Total Points 24
    20 July 1 Point 170.3 km Total Points 25
    22 July 1 Point 111.8 km Total Points 26
    26 Jul7 1 Point 109.1 km Total Points 27
    27 July 1 Point 193.8 km Total Points 28
    03 Aug 1 Point 145.3 km Total Points 29
    10 Aug 1 Point 138.6 km Total Points 30
    31 Aug 1 Point 129.2 km Total Points 31

    Total Points: 31
    Total KM: 4361.7 km
    Total 100 km+: 29

  • Can you remove all those stupid teams please enrique14 hours 30 min agoThe prizes are a nice bonus

    The prizes are a nice bonus but I play because I really like the format and the challenge against other players.

  • Vuelta stage 1014 hours 33 min agoThe stage is 2moro!

    The stage is 2moro!