• Giant announce Defy Disc pricing (and the rest of the 2015 range too)10 hours 41 min agoVaguely interesting to note

    Vaguely interesting to note that the bikes with Giant's own carbon rims are running 20/24 spokes.

    That's the first time I've seen a spoke count that low on disc wheels, I wonder if they are able to go that low due to the stiffness of the carbon rims?

    I'll be very interested to see the weights of those wheelsets, road disc wheelsets seem a bit porky at the moment.

  • Watteam to offer £300 PowerBeat powermeter + video10 hours 43 min agoI bet US$499 actually

    I bet US$499 actually translates to £499. But if I'm wrong..

  • La Vuelta...10 hours 44 min agoGhedebrav wrote:... Sagan....

    Ghedebrav wrote:
    ... Sagan.... will he be as consistent...?
    Waiting Crap. I know... I've got a smilar dilemma for Boonen... Is he there just to train for Ponferrada or does he have any ambitions?... Thinking

  • road or hybrid10 hours 44 min agoHalfWheeler wrote:The

    HalfWheeler wrote:
    The difference between cycling on a hybrid compared with cycling on a road bike is like the difference between running in a pair of Doc Martens and running in a pair of trainers.

    It's really all about tyres. A hybrid with GP4000s is more fun to ride than
    any road bike with Marathon Pluses.
    For anything other than racing and competitive fast clun runs road bikes are way overrated.

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?10 hours 47 min agoOf course you CAN wear what

    Of course you CAN wear what you want on a bike, just like you can walk down the high street in anything you like.

    But most of us don't because in fact we do care what impression we make on other people. It's deeply ingrained behaviour.

    So as a fairly normal/typical (I think) club and racing cyclist my view is:

    1. Full current/recent pro team kit is for try-hard wannabes. It's ironic that this is defended by people who say you can wear what you like, when clearly the people wearing it are doing so in a desperate attempt to be accepted and recognised by others.

    2. Kit doesn't have to match but should at least go together. You match the clothes you wear to Sainsbury's (I hope) so why not on the bike? No obvious colour clashes and be careful with logos - don't be a harlequin or a moving billboard.

    3. Rapha - be prepared for sceptical looks, especially if you are totally tricked out in Rapha's finest. But plenty of serious riders wear it and if you have the legs and the money, go for it.

    These fashion questions are just about first impressions but these matter in cycling because they relate to my own safety.

    If you turn up in full Sky rig with hairy legs at my club ride my initial impression is that you might not know what you're doing and I'm not going to ride too near you until I work out whether you're a liability or not.

    On the other hand, turn up in some well chosen but not OTT stuff (or your local club kit) on a decent bike and with shave legs and I will be inclined to think you are not about to take me out.

    Your choice.

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?10 hours 47 min agoRe: retro kit - my opinion is

    Re: retro kit - my opinion is that as soon as a team falls out of existence (or at least changes main sponsor) then you can wear it. I've been very disappointed that genuine Euskaltel Euskadi kits are impossible to find, I wanted one.

  • USA Pro Challenge Stage 210 hours 50 min agotony kappler wrote:... Stage

    tony kappler wrote:
    ... Stage information for USA Pro Challenge... [is missing]...

  • First look: GT Grade road bike10 hours 51 min agono XS size coming to the UK,

    no XS size coming to the UK, apparently.

  • RideLondon ballot rules?10 hours 52 min agoGkam84 wrote:Well I wasn't

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Well I wasn't going to share this, but I thought I might aswell Big Grin

    Dear recumbent riders,

    Thank you for your patience and understanding through 2014 and I hope everyone is still looking for a ride in the 2015 event. We are currently debriefing Prudential RideLondon 2014 to determine what changes we can make for the 2015 event, especially around volume of cyclists, tandems, trikes, recumbents etc. We will be in contact as soon as we have more information, which I would expect will be around early November, once we have taken stock and had a chance to commence the 2015 planning. This should still allow you plenty of planning and preparation time prior to the 2015 event.

    In the meantime I would advise that you register online. Once we confirm that the proposed recumbent trial is going ahead those registered can be assigned places.

    So that is around 10 places gone for us as a test event Wave

    Oh, you wait. You'll be accused of getting in the way of club riders Wink

  • Croix de Fer fork specs10 hours 52 min agoI've already contacted

    I've already contacted Genesis, but was told they don't sell the Croix de Fer fork separately (don't really want to pay £375 for the whole frameset).
    Looks like the 2015 model will have after-market fork upgrades.. I'll perhaps go down that route.

  • Nerve 600SL frameset10 hours 57 min agoMobile phones all look the

    Mobile phones all look the same due to the iphone, now the distinction between carbon bikes appear to be diminishing.

  • Tour of Britain and Ordnance Survey launch maps of next month's race11 hours 4 min agoThat is going to a lot more

    That is going to a lot more clicks than it really should.

    Whoever had that bright idea, should have thought to just put all the GPX files as a package that could be added to the app, or even as a standalone app itself.

    Instead, you have to click into each page for every stage, download each GPX file then add them into the app......

  • Tour of Britain and Ordnance Survey launch maps of next month's race11 hours 5 min agoI did wonder how they were

    I did wonder how they were going to do two stages in London on the same day... but obviously it's a one lap TT followed by a criterium, both on the same loop. Good idea!

  • La Vuelta...11 hours 6 min agoQuestion mark for me

    Question mark for me purist-wise is over Sagan. With a Tour in his legs will he be as consistent a finisher? Or will he make up for not winning any stages in France by targeting some in Spain - certainly he's less likely to win the points jersey here than in the Tour. And 40 creds is a lot.

  • Shimano WH-6800 Ultegra wheels11 hours 10 min agore; bearing choice: It seems

    re; bearing choice: It seems like a bit of a moot point with these wheels. If one of your criteria is longevity and serviceability then you probably wouldn't choose a set with proprietary rims, spokes, nipples and hubs like this anyway. Once the rim has worn out they are most likely to be binned, I'd be surprised if they can be rebuilt with a new rim / spokes cost effectively.

  • Watteam to offer £300 PowerBeat powermeter + video11 hours 10 min agoIf it works I'll be getting

    If it works I'll be getting one!

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?11 hours 11 min agoGkam84 wrote: I know a few

    Gkam84 wrote:
    I know a few clubs where people have showed up as a FKW and been told to go away, even if they have been a member for years.

    That’s just very sad we want more cyclists on the road and this type of elitist behaviour should not be tolerated in the cycling community or any other community for that matter. Treating someone like a c*nt because of what they’re wearing is just incredibly stupid.

  • upgrading an old drivetrain11 hours 14 min agoI would just drop any Shimano

    I would just drop any Shimano 8 speed parts on it providing you keep the rear mech and the cassette matched capacity wise. Cable pull remains unchanged so you don't have to use 600. Any new old stock 8 speed such as Sora or 105 will will work just fine. If the cranks are solid new chain rings are easy enough to get.

    The 600 is a effectively a group copied from Suntour kit (yes they nicked the idea) and it set the pattern for most 90's kit.

  • Watteam to offer £300 PowerBeat powermeter + video11 hours 17 min agoAt last a power meter that I

    At last a power meter that I dont need to sell off a kidney to afford!

    Look forward to a review for accuracy/consistency.

  • Watteam to offer £300 PowerBeat powermeter + video11 hours 18 min agoIf it does what it says on

    If it does what it says on the tin this promises to be awesome.

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?11 hours 21 min agoJimmy Ray Will wrote:and on

    Jimmy Ray Will wrote:
    and on one part I thought we looked proper boss... then I realised that to members of the general public we'll simply look like a pair of chumps wearing matching kit... hell people probably thought we were a pair of kitch, gay lovers or something.

    Then I realised that you can't please everyone/anyone, so you might as well please yourself.

    To the public, you looked like this Wink

    Gizmo_ wrote:
    Don't mix it up though: Sky top with Mapei bibs would make my OCD itch.

    Any time I've gone over to Richmond Park, I purposely wear things like odd socks (usually matching pairs but different colours) to make all the OCD'ers twitch and put them off their flow!!

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?11 hours 21 min agoI get the feeling the cycling

    I get the feeling the cycling community is, sadly, as judgemental as any other sport or pasttime. Wear what you like and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

    Big Grin

  • USA Pro Challenge Stage 211 hours 29 min agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:Carpenter

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    Carpenter would have been caught?

    No idea, but we can all protest?!

  • New Forest abandons rural 'Boris Bike' scheme11 hours 30 min agoForester wrote:I was on my

    Forester wrote:
    I was on my bike! It was me who was endangered by a rider who looked competent and was with his Mum. With elderly drivers and impatient locals, you do need a modicum of road sense on busy forest roads.

    I wasn't assuming you were driving - just that you were operating a vehicle (car/bike/whatever). The consequences of a child being rear-ended by an adult cyclist could well be life-changing.

    You weren't 'endangered' by the child's actions - quite the opposite it seems. You should be leaving sufficient space to stop, and should be passing with the same 1.5m space recommended for all vehicles in the Highway Code. Not trying to sound preachy - that's a standard we should all hold ourselves to, regardless of mode of transport.

    Close passes of my wife/kids (on or off bikes) by other people on bikes are a major hate of mine.

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?11 hours 34 min agoRetro jersey will plain

    Retro jersey will plain shorts looks great. It's what I wear. Big Grin