• Verve Cycling to launch InfoCrank power meter10 hours 11 min agoThe value for this doesn't

    The value for this doesn't appear to be too bad considering it's the complete crank and chainrings etc, not exactly cheap, but when you consider the stages ones are just a left side crank arm this looks quite good, Especially if the prices start to come down in a few years.
    Nice to see them using the Praxis works chain rings, they really are great.

  • Boris bikes fuel rising prices in London rental market, says lettings agency10 hours 11 min ago“We have always known that

    “We have always known that Barclays Cycle Hire would bring a range of benefits to London, so it’s nice to see some of these further confirmed by this latest research.

    This is not a benefit Mr Alworth.

  • Colombian cyclists refused UK visas for Giro d'Italia Big Start in Northern Ireland10 hours 12 min agoQuote "......and 2012 Tour de

    Quote "......and 2012 Tour de France runner-up, Nairo Quintana."


  • Which among the following Trek road bikes!!10 hours 12 min agoI dont know a great deal

    I dont know a great deal about Trek bikes but if your desperate for the 4.5 have a look at this:

    Pedal On
    60 Bishopswood Road
    RG26 4HD
    United Kingdom

    email: websales@pedalon.co.uk

    Telephone:+44 (0)118 9821021
    Option 1 - Internet Sales Enquiries
    Option 2 - Workshop Bookings and Enquiries
    Option 3 - Store Enquiries

    They have a few left at £1500.

  • Cold when not riding10 hours 17 min agoTry taking your temperature

    Try taking your temperature every morning on waking. If it is consistently a degree or more below "normal" 37 degrees centigrade, 98.4F, you may have an underactive thyroid. If you are cycling regularly and are 16 stone it may be another indication. If so go to your G.P. and fight for a full thyroid test. Don't let them fob you of with a TSH test, not truly indicative of the state of your thyroid.

  • Just In : Koga Beach Racer10 hours 18 min agoshawnriffhard wrote:Loving

    shawnriffhard wrote:
    Loving this bike. Seems like the perfect machine for a Gates belt drive with Di2 setup.

    Wouldn't that require a split frame?

  • Carbon vs Titanium10 hours 21 min agoWent from one alu and one

    Went from one alu and one carbon to one Ti with/without guards and haven't
    looked back.

    It's just so much nicer to ride all day than either of the other two were, doesn't
    weight that much more and scratches etc are fixed with a 3m scotchpad and
    some gt85 Smile I'm looking to further improve comfort by adding a carbon post
    but alu ones at 31.6mm seem to be just as flexy so still experimenting !!

    Currently ride a Kinesis GF Ti v2 with handbuilt 32 spoke wheels ...... bliss

  • Turas Poggio 105 road bike10 hours 22 min agoIs the frame actually made in

    Is the frame actually made in Italy then?

  • Video: Houston cyclist uses flagpole to enforce often-ignored passing law10 hours 23 min agoI am in two minds about this.

    I am in two minds about this. Firstly, I think what he is doing is great, after all he is just going along his normal route, i.e. not looking out for trouble, and highlighting the law as he is perfectly entitled to do so.
    On the other hand I do worry about these overly provactive methods, after all we are not surrounded by a steel cage for protection and while that guy may be able to handle himself if it came to fisticuffs the next cyclist along the road who is wound up by his demonstration of the law might not be able to.

    It is a shame that like so often, there is a law that is not being enforced. The point of laws are to protect the vulnverable so why aren't they enforced?

  • Boris bikes fuel rising prices in London rental market, says lettings agency10 hours 27 min agoUK city in

    UK city in Build-It-And-They-Will-Come Utility Cycling Shocker.

    Tomorrow's exclusive: Removing human waste from beaches found to encourage swimming!

  • 2014 WorldTour bikes: The bikes of the peloton this season10 hours 27 min agoThomas Geraint?

    Thomas Geraint?

  • Canal & River Trust wants your views on sharing towpaths10 hours 33 min agoI used to ride to work on the

    I used to ride to work on the towpath put they just arent great for commuting. Most of us ride quite fast on commutes and it just doesn't mix well with joggers, fishermen etc.

    Great for gentle rides with the kids etc.

    I can only imagine how busy the towpaths in London must get!

  • Colombian cyclists refused UK visas for Giro d'Italia Big Start in Northern Ireland10 hours 38 min agoThank god all the track

    Thank god all the track cyclists at the Worlds in Cali this Feb could speak Spanish, otherwise the Colombians would never have let them in.

  • Buyer’s Guide to Saddles10 hours 41 min agoJoemmo: The saddle on my

    Joemmo: The saddle on my modern road bike is a Prologo Scrach Pro. Relative to that 70s saddle it doesn't have much of a kick at all! Need to try find an LBS that sells San Marco, to see how the old style Concor compares.

    I guess the raised / kicked tail doesn't work for everyone Smile.

  • Cold when not riding10 hours 42 min agoI get that, especially after

    I get that, especially after a ride I end up having to stand in a boiling hot shower for about 1.5 hours before I feel even remotely warm! Never used to feel the cold at all!

    No idea why, maybe because of lots of lean muscle and not much surrounding it?

  • 2014 WorldTour bikes: The bikes of the peloton this season10 hours 50 min agopastaman wrote:Pinarello -

    pastaman wrote:
    Pinarello - still the ugliest bike in the peleton. Yuk Sick

    I don't know, Merida are pushing them hard in that respect.

  • 2014 WorldTour bikes: The bikes of the peloton this season10 hours 50 min agoPinarello - still the best

    Pinarello - still the best looking bike in the peloton Cool

  • Colombian cyclists refused UK visas for Giro d'Italia Big Start in Northern Ireland10 hours 56 min agoAren't these people employed

    Aren't these people employed by teams who have someone to deal with things like visas?

  • Mio Cyclo 505 HC GPS computer10 hours 57 min agoThe 305 hc is the same apart

    The 305 hc is the same apart from wifi. It has built in temperature.

    There were software issues last august time with the update but the new October update solved any issues. Picked mine up last July for £140 from halfords including the cadence and hrm sensors. Still going strong not one crash or freeze since.

    Useful fields on this for me are the temperature and sunset time as I can go out in the bst and know when it gets dark. Very useful feature.

    Mio share isn't the best and I use it purely as a link between the data and strava. Once downloaded it populates strava which you can then view and link to veloviewer for a decent analysis of your ride and segments.

  • Colombian cyclists refused UK visas for Giro d'Italia Big Start in Northern Ireland11 hours 3 sec agoAl__S wrote:Whilst yes, the

    Al__S wrote:
    Whilst yes, the UKBA need to play by the (increasingly harsh) rules set down by the tabloid-following government (the last one was no better on this) they could have gone "ah, I see you've filled in the wrong form, please fill in this one and we'll get you sorted" when it appears they've simply gone "computer says no".

    Bang on. Hit the nail on the head. There again why weren't the riders told which visa to apply for, presuming the teams have some in the background who works out what visa is needed for all the countries raced in.

    They have applied for the wrong visa and been correctly refused.

    IIRC. A transit visa is as it says to allow you to stay in the UK for say 24hrs as you transit through the country. I.e. fly into Manchester from Europe to make a connecting flight to the USA from Heathrow. It doesn't allow you to work.

    A visitors visa is more appropriate but could still be refused as technically they are not visiting the UK, they are working in the UK.

    Now a sports visitor visa would be bang on and could be difficult to refuse.

  • Video: Houston cyclist uses flagpole to enforce often-ignored passing law11 hours 33 sec agoOldRidgeback wrote:Just as an

    OldRidgeback wrote:
    Just as an aside, there is talk within the EU on making the 1.5m passing distance a requirement for all 27 member states. See, the EU is good for something.

    I guess our UKIP and Tory MEPs will be voting against that, just like they voted against making lorries safer!

  • Between these 3 bikes11 hours 1 min ago"1. Colnago AC-R - It follows

    "1. Colnago AC-R
    - It follows the M10 frame geometry and design but it is not built in Italy and I am not sure if it does give a same feel as the M10."

    The M10 isn't built in Italy either, only the C series' and Master are.

    Personally, I'd get the one that stirred some sort of emotional response. A bit of extra weight is barely noticeable, as is a groupset from the next rung up the ladder. Swinging your leg over a bike that gets you heart going and begs you to ride it, is priceless however.

  • I may have found a good reason for a bike helmet!11 hours 1 min agomovingtarget wrote:Statistics

    movingtarget wrote:
    Statistics are merely numbers. There can be many different reason why road fatalities have decreased that have nothing to do with the relative safety or lack of safety on the road for vulnerable road users. If fewer people ride dangerous/poorly laid out/low visibility roads, the accident and fatality numbers will decrease simply based on decreased potential for interaction, ie there are fewer highway fatalities for cyclists and pedestrians than city streets which mathematically makes sense because if you're not allowed to be on a highway without motorized transport (most interstate freeways and state highways in the US make it illegal to use them as a pedestrian and some include bikes too), the possibility of a non-vehicular accident is minimized. Does this mean freeways and highways are safer for bikes/peds than city streets? Unlikely.

    I used to cycle on a very busy high speed route near where I grew up. Looking back, I was stupid but then I was young and didn't appreciate the risk. I take a similarly busy route to my current place of work and though the distance (16 miles) isn't so much, that busy road and the lack of a direct alternative means I use my motorbike for the commute instead. I do pass a couple of roadies regularly on the way to and from work and I think they're nuts for cycling along such a busy highway.

    It's all about perceived risk.

    The death rate is lower now than it was on the UK network in the 1970s and when I was riding along some of those busy routes, which had fewer cycling facilities. But people didn't think about the risks back then.

  • I may have found a good reason for a bike helmet!11 hours 8 min agofelixcat wrote:You spend most

    felixcat wrote:
    You spend most of your post asserting something I was not denying: that road death rates are declining. I will give you another fact to bolster that assertion. British road death rates were 13,000 p.a. at their height in the thirties, as against less than 2,000 now. In those days you would find children playing in the street, as old photographs show.
    My point, and I stated it explicitly, is that road death rates do not correlate with how safe the roads are. You seem to take it as axiomatic that they do correlate.
    You say, without any other evidence, that I was mistaken in my childhood about how safe it was for me to ride to school down a trunk road. This road is now so dangerous that I would not encourage a ten year old to ride it. I was not alone in feeling safe on this road. My parents were happy for me to ride it. They were not unusual. It is a fact that children had much more freedom in those days. Lots of other boys rode to school, unlike today's children. Very few are allowed to cycle these days, though children have not changed and many would love to be more independent.
    You need to explain why, if your analysis is correct, so many parents felt able to allow their children freedoms which we could not think of allowing to our children. How can this be, if the roads really are safer? We were not fools in those days.
    You should not buy the rubbish of the road safety establishment, that decreasing death rates show the roads are safer.
    If you are interested in a different view of road safety read "Risk" by John Adams UCL Press, or "Death on the Streets" by Robert Davis, Leading Edge Press. For me these books make a lot more sense than the bland assurances of the official view that the roads are getting safer.

    It's an issue of 'perceived risk' and that's why so many parents don't cycle themselves or allow their children to cycle, as they would have done in the past. At the same time, the real cost of running motor vehicles has dropped.

    This issue of perceived risk permeates right through society. These days children don't have the freedoms that I did as a child in the 1970s, though in fact the dangers and numbers of child deaths are far lower than they were then. The 1970s were a terrible time for child mortality and overall safety. Remember, back then Jimmy Saville was thought to be a terribly good chap who did a lot for charity, if slightly eccentric. We know different now.

    The UK's road network is a great deal safer than it was in 1979. But most people look back and think how great things were, forgetting how many drivers would have 'one for the road' before leaving the pub or how many vehicles were unroadworthy death traps.

    It's easy to look back on golden years, but that's with the benefit of rose tinted eyewear.

  • Colombian cyclists refused UK visas for Giro d'Italia Big Start in Northern Ireland11 hours 17 min agoDone. The Giro is just the

    The Giro is just the sort of sporting event that Northern Ireland and Ireland need to continuing rebuilding their reputations as tourist destinations.
    Allowing petty bureaucracy to get in the way is an unfortunate but predictable British trait.