• Lead mudguards!1 day 4 hours agoWelsh boy wrote:BL7

    Welsh boy wrote:
    BL7 wrote:
    Welsh boy? Need I say any more?? I used to know someone who shared similar views as this, I'm sure his name was Richard Head, but could be wrong with this??


    ...Looks like you've been outed, Welsh boy...

  • Cycling in New Zealand?1 day 4 hours agoI've been all over NZ - using

    I've been all over NZ - using streetview on Google Maps - saved myself a blinkin' fortune. Laughing

  • Protest ride today at Bristol's dangerous M5/A38 junction1 day 4 hours agoGah! If I'd heard about this

    Gah! If I'd heard about this earlier I might have been able to plan getting away from work early into my schedule. Sadly I'm only hearing about this now because someone in the office sent an email round warning of possible increased delays for all the drivers on their way home. Best of luck to any that go - I hope the rain doesn't scare everyone off.

  • Get people cycling for better health, says Public Health England1 day 4 hours agoApart from number 4 is that

    Apart from number 4 is that not what large numbers of car users do? As for number 4, on my ride to work this morning I was held up at two consecutive junctions by cars waiting to turn right despite the fact that at both spots there are signs indicating no turning right between certain hours (morning and afternoon).

  • Two motorists who say they were blinded by sun acquitted of killing cyclist1 day 4 hours agoI don't understand how if the

    I don't understand how if the second car saw the car how he then managed to hit the people, still driving too fast for the conditions?

    I hate this time of year on the bike and avoid commuting because of the low sun especially in the evening. I do understand that sometimes the sun catches you out, as you come round a corner or a break in the trees, we've all been caught out by it, anyone who hasn't is lying or doesn't drive at that time of the day, but you have to drive according to the conditions. You wouldn't drive with such negligence if it were say icy or a heavy storm, there is no difference just because the obstacle is bright sunshine.

  • Thoughts on the Whyte Suffolk1 day 4 hours agoI've been looking for a

    I've been looking for a similar bike and was swaying towards the GT Grade Alloy 105. Very similar spec to the Whyte but for £995. Not sure on the camo bar tape and striping though!

  • Get people cycling for better health, says Public Health England1 day 5 hours agoThis is great news….but then

    This is great news….but then as per my latest debate with my colleagues in the office ( a bunch of decent educated people aged 30-60 years old) the average cyclist consistently does the following:
    1) Passes with red lights
    2) Uses the mobile phone while riding (~#!~!!)
    3) Doesn’t respect speed limits
    4) Squeeze in between cars slowing down traffic
    5) It is a cost for the society because when a cyclist gets involved in an accident (which is obviously always their fault) NHS has to spend money.
    The most shocking bit was that although everybody recognised that using the phone where driving or cycling is not acceptable, equally everybody strongly believed that doing it while cycling is soooooo much more dangerous for other road users!!!
    I felt there is no hope, and wondered whether all the cycling related charities (which are doing a great job) should retune the overall message to capture the non cycling community in order to educate people so the rubbish unsubstantiated arguments like the ones listed above are erased by people mind forever!!!

  • Zipp 303 tubulars repeated ticking1 day 5 hours agoDid they oil the spokes?

    Did they oil the spokes?

  • Steel v Titanium: let battle commence1 day 5 hours agoI've got both steel and Ti

    I've got both steel and Ti framed bikes - I love both of them, they're very different; and the frame material has pretty much nothing to do with that. What affects the "feel" of a frame more than anything is the geometry and the tube profiles. Granted, different materials enable or favour different tube profiles (and geometries, for that matter) but there is a huge amount of overlap. What makes steel bikes different from titanium bikes is exactly the same as what makes one steel bike different from another steel bike, or one Ti bike different from another Ti bike.

    The only meaningful material considerations are that steel is easier to repair and Ti doesn't rust. In theory, if an expert frame maker built two identical-geometry frames from each of steel and titanium, the latter would be slightly lighter, but not by much - your wallet would be significantly lighter, though, as it is harder to work and weld.

    So, in short, as with all bike choices, there is only one thing that matters: pick the bike that, when you ride it, makes you smile the most. Don't worry about what it is that is causing that smile - just take it and ride with it and keep riding...

    For what it's worth, my Ti bike is my hardtail mountain bike and my steel bike is my do-it-all on-road/off-road commuter/tourer/mile-muncher. If I had to reduce from my current 4 to a single bike, it would be that steel bike, but only because of what it does, not what it's made of.

  • Rubbish customer service at Winstanleys1 day 5 hours agocall them with skype, costs

    call them with skype, costs pennies.

  • Ryanair and bike parts in hand luggage question...1 day 5 hours agoIt's obviously a good idea to

    It's obviously a good idea to measure the set up of your regular bike for saddle height and reach etc; a top tip is to set up a piece of knotted and looped string to match these dimensions - it's portable and makes the hire bike set up a doddle.

    I forget where I heard this, but I have used it and it works a treat.

    An empty bottle should be OK, but perhaps stick with one you don't mind getting confiscated if security are having a bad day.

  • RaceWare Direct reveal Shimano Di2 junction box steerer tube mount1 day 5 hours agoWe are currently closing down

    We are currently closing down our old site currently at .co.uk and moving all our products to the new one at .co sorry for any problems during this transition.

  • Zefal Shield R30 road mudguard set1 day 5 hours agoAfter trying to buy crud

    After trying to buy crud catchers for two separate LBSs, only to be told that I don't wanna buy clip on guards (despite asking for them and there is no option on my frame), I got these from Decathlon. I am getting fed up with LBSs not listening to what I want, and am going more and more online to purchase.

    Anyhow, despite what the review says, lay all the parts out on the table, and it is a common sense for to piece it all together. All done in 20 mins with no tools. Having bought crud catchers before these seem more substantial, cover the tyre and frame well and are pretty unobtrusive, and all for £20. I think they look pretty good too. Bargain.

  • RaceWare Direct reveal Shimano Di2 junction box steerer tube mount1 day 5 hours agoWe have brought this holder

    We have brought this holder out for those riders who either don't have a garmin or already have a mount with no clip

  • RaceWare Direct reveal Shimano Di2 junction box steerer tube mount1 day 5 hours agoHi, I am sorry but the soul

    Hi, I am sorry but the soul wheels are no longer being brought in to the uk

  • DfT to study impact of self-driving cars on cyclists and other road users (+ videos)1 day 5 hours agoFrom your link qwerky I found

    From your link qwerky I found this interesting:
    "We still have lots of problems to solve, including teaching the car to drive more streets in Mountain View before we tackle another town"
    Does that mean it depends upon location specific knowledge? Maybe it's much less independent than I thought. Obviously a human can drive around aimlessly in any unseen locality, doesn't sound like the current approach could do that (not necessarily aimlessly).

  • Zipp 303 tubulars repeated ticking1 day 5 hours agoquick update, my lbs checked

    quick update, my lbs checked the valves, speed sensor on the front hub, quick releases, spokes, shoes, cleats, pedals, the tick/click noise is still present when I'm pedalling, I've used dura ace c24 clincher wheels previously with this bike and they were fine no problems, so it can't really be gears/cassette?

  • Protest ride today at Bristol's dangerous M5/A38 junction1 day 5 hours agoHow will this help anything?

    How will this help anything? It will drive a deeper wedge between cyclists and car drivers by causing more traffic at this already busy junction. Only 10 injuries in 7 years for such a heavily used road is pretty good by my standards.

    On a separate note I wish I could get away from work before 4 to go bike riding...

  • "Road rage" driver who left cyclist brain damaged found guilty by jury1 day 5 hours agoHousecathst wrote:oozaveared

    Housecathst wrote:
    oozaveared wrote:
    Housecathst wrote:
    And if he's a former squaddie at 23 something tells me it wasn't an honourable discharge.

    Well you can join as a boy soldier at 16. Serve on active operations from your 18th birthday. Given the current cycles of deployment at age 23 this young man may well have seen 5 years active service with 3 years in theatre.

    Here's the deployment history of his regiment: for the last 5 years:

    Afghanistan 2009–2010
    Afghanistan 2011–2012
    Kenya 2013
    Iraq 2014

    Now whilst not condoning his actions in the case of this cyclist, and for all you or I know he may well have been medically discharged for physical or mental health issues or thought that having spent nearly 3 years deployed or intensively training for deployment in a real war zone that he had had enough. For all you or I know he may well have citations or medals.

    The army is currently suffering from a loss of long service people because the current intensity of operations is similar in nature to deployments in WW2 rather than the normal intensity they have prior to 2001.

    As it happens the cuurrent generation of soldiers have more actual combat experience than any generation of British army soldiers since the 1950s and only then if you count the Korean war. And despite jibes about a softer playstation generation have acquitted themselves with great honour.

    So please leave your stupid prejudices behind you. Pusnish the crime and the person appropriately and not tar all soldiers with the same brush or stereotype them. You'll find a lot of old soldiers are active cyclists.

    It's unfortunate he was a solider, but my "prejudices" is basic on the fact that I would hope that somebody who had been selected and through military training would better than a common thug who would use a car as a weapon to put somebody in a wheel chair for the rest of there live. Unfortunatly, his previous career (however, distinguished, or otherwise) is relevant to the story, same as it would be if it was a police office, or a nurse. I don't think I'm the only person who would feel that way.

    Soldiers are human beings.

    Not robots.

    The army is a huge community made up from people from many walks of life and backgrounds and they are all different.

    Getting behind the wheel has been known to effect the judgement and temperament of people who otherwise would be of good judgement.

    That is not an excuse it's simply me trying to understand why people do things that are so stupid, what I fail to understand though is your sniffy prejudiced attitude to members of the forces.

    I am guessing it's based on to much media exposure to portrayals of the US Army in film and television. The loud, extremely rigid yes sir no sir culture you see portrayed in the US Army is a million miles away form the reality of service with the British Army who prefer to treat people like grown ups.

  • RaceWare Direct reveal Shimano Di2 junction box steerer tube mount1 day 5 hours agoThere appears to be two

    There appears to be two websites:


    Google seems to pick up the .co.uk address but it looks older.

  • Rubbish customer service at Winstanleys1 day 5 hours agoI would go to the

    I would go to the manufacturer if you are now on the other side of the planet from where you got the bike.

    If they choose to replace it it I suspect they will advise you of a service agent in the country you are in who may be able to undertake the warranty work.

  • Two motorists who say they were blinded by sun acquitted of killing cyclist1 day 5 hours ago'Rule 126: Stopping

    'Rule 126: Stopping Distances. Drive at a speed that will allow you to stop well within the distance you can see to be clear'

    A final judgement is of course impossible to make in a thread like this, but it appears that not obeying the above Highway Code item was the issue. Both drivers were at fault and the second one appears to be directly responsible for causing death. I am not a lawyer so I cannot qualify that. In any case, I am convinced that most poor driving is ultimately intentional, not accidental. The path of the sun relative to the road is entirely predictable!

  • Just in: Cannondale Synapse Ultegra Disc1 day 5 hours agoMy problem with the Whyte is

    My problem with the Whyte is the 10 speed group. I've only recently convinced myself that an 11speed set up with wide range cassette is a viable alternative to triple. So sadly the Whyte is off my list Croix de Fer 30 a better alternative for me.

  • Steel v Titanium: let battle commence1 day 5 hours ago£800 for custom Ti ?! I've

    £800 for custom Ti ?! I've been drooling over an Enigma Equinox (double the money) for fast riding, but surely that price is too good to be true?

  • Updated: Lance Armstrong can't ride Gran Fondo Hincapie, says USA Cycling1 day 5 hours ago.