• Former Royal Marine to ride Land's End to John O'Groats - on 1947 butcher's bike19 hours 32 min agoCoincidentally the choice of

    Coincidentally the choice of a delivery bike points a route for many ex-forces folk to set up doing something that they should be pretty good at -Logistics - using bicycles. Across the UK people and businesses are discovering that bikes offer a low cost and highly efficient way to deliver the increasing volume of online-ordered goods, and far more important to a modern fighting force is the ability to keep the flow of supplies to the troops not the sophistication of their weaponry.

    Second-hand soldiers make very good logistics managers - so perhaps we should be providing more of them with delivery bikes - by preferably not ones built 67 years ago Wink

  • Anti-cycling Dales councillor banned for drink driving19 hours 35 min agokarma


  • Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him19 hours 54 min agoTo throw in a couple more

    To throw in a couple more points: surviving the commute is in no-one's interest more than the person filming. Giving one-off, vague, moralising and self-aggrandizing 'advice' to a person who probably isn't even reading reeks of smugly indulging one's ego and trying to use the unfortunate person as a rung to climb a step higher on the 'ladder of worth'.

    Not only do your comments do nothing for the victim in question, but they enforce the assumption that it is the weak, the vulnerable and the few who must answer to the demands of those who find themselves in positions of power. In the video in question, the driver actually accelerates INTO the rider. Before the crash, the driver's velocity is near 0, while the rider's is around 22mph - well below what I assume to be the 30mph limit. Should each road user become momentarily brain dead and continue at the same velocity, the rider would have crossed safely, and the driver would have remained stationary at the turning point. However, the driver mades a conscious choice to press forward, either not looking, not thinking, or not caring, and actively changes state so as to cause the collision. It is spectacularly bad driving. Thankfully, it is so spectacularly bad as to be relatively rare. Nonetheless, the rider has unfortunately become the victim of such rarely spectacularly bad driving.

    No matter what one does, one is never free of risk entirely. The nature of the internet is to push the most noteworthy content into the public view, which normally ends up being the most uncommon. No matter how safe your riding style, if we took a million Joeinpooles and stuck cameras on each of their heads, one of them would no doubt come a cropper of bad driving at some point. Then we could all be arguing about that video instead.

    I'm sorry to launch such a personal attack, but some of these comments come across as tasteless, pointless, and with a whiff of personal agenda about them.

    Yes, it is in each of our interests to ride, not only within the lines of the law, but in a manner that keeps us safe. However, as this video demonstrates, none of us are completely free from the actions of others. Gloating about how you were not hit by a falling piano while another was, would be in bad taste. Similarly, gloating at the misfortune of another who was not only riding rightfully, but perfectly sensibly, is also - in my view - in bad taste.

    In short; the rider was using the roads as well as can be expected, the driver was using them thoughtlessly, recklessly and dangerously. There are two sentient beings involved in this collisions, and you have chosen to proportion blame to the person who is not only the victim, but who actions weren't life threateningly stupid.

    Here's some better road advice: "When I drive my car, I make sure to check there are no oncoming vehicles that I will definitely collide with when I accelerate away from a turning point". It generally does the trick.

    I'm sorry (again) to be snide or catty, but that's really what I think on the whole thing, and your approach to it. x

  • Anti-cycling Dales councillor banned for drink driving19 hours 54 min agoAny user of wheeled transport

    Any user of wheeled transport if they are too pissed to walk should have the book thrown at them if they are using their wheels to get home or wherever.

    That includes drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, skateboarders, roller skaters and any others I may have forgotten.

    As for those that have gloated about causing criminal damage to other peoples property, and then boasted about it. It is a bit hypocritical to be trying to take the moral high ground.

  • Video: Europcar's Kévin Réza picks up fan's helmet cam20 hours 38 sec agoOne of the guys in the car

    One of the guys in the car just says "ebay!"

  • Look launch 795 aero road bike + video20 hours 9 min agoJimmy Ray Will wrote:What is

    Jimmy Ray Will wrote:
    What is weird is that their MTB's with that headset/stem integration look as bad ass as you can imagine...

    No, they're pig ugly.

  • upgrade tiagra 4503 to ultegra 6703 - is it worth it?20 hours 10 min agoI can honestly say that

    I can honestly say that shifting in the front ring between Tiagra, 105, R565 (or whatever it was) and Ultegra on all the bikes I've owned would be impossible to tell the difference between in a blind test. My Tiagra shifts just as well as my Ultegra other than lever throw but that's not the fault of the FD or the chainring. I also dare anyone to pick up on a difference in 'stiffness' under the same conditions. The only difference is a tiny saving on weight and you'd need a set of scales to even notice that, anything else is either groupset snobbery, purchase justification or the experience of somebody so incredibly finely tuned that they can relate completely to the story of the Princess and the pea.

    The only chainset I have ever owned that flexes is an FSA tempo square taper and I'm over 80kgs and I'm not shy on the watts.

  • Is the King of the Mountains an also-ran?20 hours 17 min agoI think it's worth noting

    I think it's worth noting that Nibali was second in the KoM, given that he was going for overall his main worry was getting the mountain top finishes in front of his closest rivals. If someone was two bike lengths in front of him going over a 10km climb 30km from finish wouldn't worry him.

  • Look launch 795 aero road bike + video20 hours 36 min agoLook Away.

    Look Away.

  • Not more #bloodycyclists: Social media intern slammed for 'asking to be hit' tweet20 hours 37 min agopaulfg42 wrote:Northernbike

    paulfg42 wrote:
    Northernbike wrote:
    it wasn't long ago that perfectly 'respectable' folks would be quite relaxed joking about how drunk they had been when driving their car because drink driving was socially acceptable.

    When has drunk driving been socially acceptable?

    I would say that whilst not completely socially acceptable up until perhaps the late 70s/early 80s it was not unknown for people to drive after a few pints and only if someone was clearly completely sizzled would their friends refuse to let them drive.

  • Brailsford's Downfall20 hours 41 min ago(No subject)

    Rolling On The Floor

  • 10 of the best road bikes under £1,00020 hours 50 min agoWhy's the giant defy 1 not

    Why's the giant defy 1 not listed. At £1000 it's amazing value. Made from allux sl the lighter, stiffer version of the allux that is used in lower models. The bike also comes with full 105 except from the chainset. The 56 cm I ride feels lighter than my mate's 54 cm caad 8 (both bikes 2013 model), it also feels equally as comfortable as the caad 8 the caad however feels marginally stiffer

  • Bianchi launch Aquila CV time trial bike20 hours 50 min agoHusain wrote:I can easily

    Husain wrote:
    I can easily average 5kph higher on a TT bike compared to a round-tube road bike over a distance of 100 km.

    OK, that's a good answer. Despite the responses above, I do understand the concepts of aerodynamics, but no one's put it into context until now.

  • Bianchi Infinito CV20 hours 54 min agoDespite the comments on the

    Despite the comments on the price, I'd like to thank road.cc for this review. It's influenced my purchase decision, although Bianchi's seeming indifference to product information requests may also work in the opposite direction! I assume that they don't really like customers.

  • Anti-cycling Dales councillor banned for drink driving20 hours 55 min agoDrink driving/texting/using

    Drink driving/texting/using phones without a hands free should all be life bans, draconian? Absolutely, however if that was the law then would you do it? Answer for 99% of the population would be no! for the minority of the retards that are left! I would just like to coin a often over used phrase! but I think abt under these circumstances... )))TOUGH TITTIES((((

    If you decide to BASE jump without checking your chute and it fails.. Tough titties, you die. However drink drive/txt I/we die. And at the minimum for drink driving it should be an automatic 10 year ban.... But I forgot the old boy brigade are allowed one for the road....silly me Angry

  • One foot in the gravel at the Dorset Gravel Dash21 hours 17 min agoSeems like a perfect day.

    Seems like a perfect day.

  • Look launch 795 aero road bike + video21 hours 22 min agoI'll stick with my 585

    I'll stick with my 585 thanks.

  • Not more #bloodycyclists: Social media intern slammed for 'asking to be hit' tweet21 hours 28 min agoNorthernbike wrote:it wasn't

    Northernbike wrote:
    it wasn't long ago that perfectly 'respectable' folks would be quite relaxed joking about how drunk they had been when driving their car because drink driving was socially acceptable.

    When has drunk driving been socially acceptable?

  • Tour de France inspires Britons to get on their bikes, says Sustrans21 hours 30 min agoDespite being mad keen for

    Despite being mad keen for cycle sport in general and the Tour in particular, I'm afraid that I don't rate it much for positive effects on creating more cycling as a form of TRANsport, rather than sport.

    Not only is there little in the way of evidence to support this idea, there are things about cycle sport which put people off from everyday cycling.

    See here http://rdrf.org.uk/2014/07/04/will-the-tour-de-france-be-good-for-cyclin... and here http://rdrf.org.uk/2014/07/11/will-the-tour-de-france-be-good-for-cyclin...

  • Look launch 795 aero road bike + video21 hours 33 min agoOh, and by the way: how could

    Oh, and by the way: how could they not remove that hideous spoke protector from the rear wheel?!

  • Muc-Off 5x Premium Brush Kit21 hours 55 min agoSo i'm not the only one who

    So i'm not the only one who uses old toothbrushes. Cool

  • Anti-cycling Dales councillor banned for drink driving21 hours 56 min agobikebot wrote:Does anyone

    bikebot wrote:
    Does anyone know of a word that could be used to describe pleasure at the misfortune of others? We really should have something like that Laughing

    Not sure if you're teasing here but schadenfreude is the word. Confused

  • Police chiefs deny post-crash phone seizure plan21 hours 57 min agoMobiles lower reaction time

    Mobiles lower reaction time on average, anything that does that should be avoided/banned.

    I always find it odd that people put other mundane things above their safety.

    But as a law it's not really easy to enforce , we need to somehow change peoples attitudes.

  • Bianchi launch Aquila CV time trial bike22 hours 1 min agotruffy wrote:In all

    truffy wrote:
    In all seriousness, though, how much difference does all the aero tech make when you stick a human being on top, albeit one with a funny-shaped helmet?

    I can easily average 5kph higher on a TT bike compared to a round-tube road bike over a distance of 100 km. It feels like having a leadout train - all the time. But I prefer the road bike: safer on open roads, more comfortable, and one could hold a conversation out of the foetal position.

  • Look launch 795 aero road bike + video22 hours 2 min agoThe headset/stem integration

    The headset/stem integration is not the problem (aesthetically speaking) - its the tall head tube and top tube slopped so steeply it should have its own KOM...