• Anatomy of a lie: How Guide Dogs London fabricated an attack on cyclists1 day 1 hour agoThere has been some added

    There has been some added preamble here
    ( http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/cycleyes )


    We apologise if we have offended any cyclists during this campaign launch. A small number of cyclists have voiced their concerns over the size of the survey. Our survey was primarily to obtain case studies for our campaign and gather some specific stories from those who have been hit or had a near miss from a cyclist.

    We have always clearly stated that we know the vast majority of cyclists are responsible. This campaign reaches out to them to encourage the whole cycling community all road users in London to look out for blind and partially sighted pedestrians.

    Of course, size was not the only issue, the method (survey of people that already have strong views) , and stoking up of the press were the real problems. GDFTB also actively campaigns to prohibit cyclists from shared spaces (whilst encouraging fund-raising via cycling). I wouldn't dream of cycling (nor walking for that matter) close to someone that appears blind.

  • what are the benefits of shaving your legs....seriously1 day 1 hour agoglynr36 wrote:thorolf

    glynr36 wrote:
    thorolf wrote:

    I prefer to use leg and arm warmers instead of shaving. From very light warmers/sun guards in summer, to more warmer (Roubaix, Vuelta fabric etc) ones in winter. I wear them all year round.

    For me, this is a much easier way to achieve the same effect as shaving. Vanity doesn't interest me one iota.

    I fail to see how you get the same effect? Or what is the same effect you are on about?

    Not sure, but I was reading it as the aero benefits (if any).

  • what are the benefits of shaving your legs....seriously1 day 1 hour agoBeatnik69 wrote:I'm not into

    Beatnik69 wrote:
    I'm not into the shaving thing but how does one abvoid the problem of, umm, one's gentleman's foliage poking through bib shorts? Sad



    Rolling On The Floor

  • Vuelta Stage 71 day 1 hour agoThis Vuelta is truely

    This Vuelta is truely entertaining: I have high hopes every morning, only to find them smashed in the afternoon. Yet somehow, the next morning, the cycle recommences...

  • FSA "Delta" Brake prototype spotted at Eurobike1 day 1 hour agoTyre clearance??

    Tyre clearance??

  • Alé Cycling PRR Ponente Jersey1 day 2 hours agoIf I have Ale down my front,

    If I have Ale down my front, I'm not usually in my cycling gear ! Laughing

  • Mavic Tyre Direction1 day 2 hours agoContinental have a little

    Continental have a little arrow on the side wall of their tyres indicating the direction of rotation. Having fitted many a Conti i know that the arrow goes on the non drive side of the wheel. It is not a painted arrow, just moulded in to the rubber.

    Maybe there is a little indicator on the Mavic's??

  • Anatomy of a lie: How Guide Dogs London fabricated an attack on cyclists1 day 2 hours agoPicked this up on R4 on the

    Picked this up on R4 on the way home. Read the stuff and examined the stats for myself.

    Cancelled my DD to this charity.

    My mum was blind but I know she hated lying and deception more than being blind. I am also a bit 'miffed' now about having taken part in sponsored charity events (running and cycling) to raise money to have this manufactured as a problem.

    So lets find a true stat; how much money do cyclists raise for charity? How much money do cyclists save charities by not becoming dependent upon their services?

    I'll happily reinstate my DD when some idiot publicly accepts the harm they've done by this and does the decent thing and steps down or someone (or PR company) is dismissed for this debacle.

  • Five years in jail for motorist who killed cyclist while looking at pictures on mobile phone1 day 2 hours agotruffy wrote:Only 5 years for

    truffy wrote:
    Only 5 years for a life? Angry

    Your right, it's a sorry state of affairs that read the story I was thinking at least he got 5 years.

    Let's hope that it's its 5 (well, more likely 2) very uncomfortable years for him.

  • Cervélo launch revamped S5 aero road bike1 day 2 hours agoNo disc brake option then ?

    No disc brake option then ?

  • Cervélo launch revamped S5 aero road bike1 day 2 hours agoAgree with the chain stay

    Agree with the chain stay piece above, I'm lucky to have a vwd s5 and can honestly say its a beast of a bike. Not sure the wife will let me upgrade to the new model!!! Great bike, which divides opinion on looks, but I've never met anyone that doesn't like it after a ride!!!!

  • Jonathan Tiernan-Locke says UKAD dismissed sample that would have cleared him1 day 2 hours agoJimmy Ray Will wrote:You

    Jimmy Ray Will wrote:
    You can't get normal values in 48hours by false methods or by doping, so if accurate, and representative, it sheds doubts on one or the other of the two test results. Blood returns to normal, but takes a long time to do so... finishing a race won't mean your blood returns to normal.

    The second "Sky / Manchester" sample was still abnormal, and the "apparent increase in reticulocyte readings" were probably within experimental error compared to the first. (Paragraph 45 of the published judgement.)

  • Jonathan Tiernan-Locke says UKAD dismissed sample that would have cleared him1 day 2 hours agodaddyELVIS

    daddyELVIS wrote:
    litespeed_di2 wrote:
    Point 45 of the linked PDF decision rips his argument up and tosses it in the bin. They did look at the values in the sample even though its not admissable under Wada rules and they were still outside the normal ranges.


    ...and Sky still signed him! Mmm, interesting.

    You can't tell from one sample from an athlete what is normal. To catch someone the Athlete Biological Passport needs many samples collected over a long time period.

  • Transcontinental Race: Helping a fallen comrade1 day 2 hours agoJoeinpoole wrote:Not sure why

    Joeinpoole wrote:
    Not sure why the fuck the OP was crying at all. It's just not an appropriate reaction for someone who owns a pair of testicles as far as I'm concerned.

    So real men can't cry? Wow, emotionally stunted as well as overly aggressive about someone doing a good deed. You really are a treasure.

  • As retailer confirms cycling is the new golf — is skateboarding set to become the new cycling?1 day 2 hours agoI can remember when I was <20

    I can remember when I was <20 at Birmingham Wheels skate park, and saw Steve Caballero do a McTwist (inverted 540 for the uninitiated)...

    Closest most will get to that at middle age - a McDonalds McTwist Big Grin

  • Vuelta Stage 7: Cannondale's Alessandro De Marchi wins from the break1 day 3 hours agoWhilst I think Froome gets a

    Whilst I think Froome gets a lot of stick for the whole 'Crash Froome' nickname, he's certainly having a fair few this season.

    Well deserved for de Marchi though!

  • The urban cycle: round-town trends from the Eurobike show1 day 3 hours agoYou can actually buy the

    You can actually buy the Fahhrad Manufaktur in the UK. I know, because I bought one, the S100 like you feature. (I wanted a step-through frame because I am not as young as I was, and lifting my leg over two Basil basket panniers and the saddle at the same time is simply too much for me now).

    You have to go to a proper independent bike shop of course, but then I would always recommend that you do that. Instead of getting some spotty youth who knows nothing about bikes, as you do at the chains, you get a spotty Australian with a ponytail who has forgotten more about bikes than I ever knew, and who can give advice, do repairs, and source components and parts, all for much the same price as Halfords.

    I went to Bikefix in Lambs Conduit Street, Near Gt Ormond St Hospital, although I am sure there are other places which sell them too.

    Another way of buying a practical bike, if you don't mind buying mail order and doing a little of the set-up yourself, is to go to the website http://www.kettler.co.uk/bikes/city-bikes/ These are a little heavier than the Fahhrad Manufaktur, and they don't do the same range of frame sizes, but they have everything else ie hub dyno lights, 8 speed hub gears etc

  • Bikestruments1 day 3 hours agoI have an antique cow-bell

    I have an antique cow-bell from Chamonix. Took it when I went to see Wiggo in the Olympics and to various demos, Surrey Classic etc.

  • Byron Bay – the ‘non-formist’ Australian town where 4 in 5 cyclists ignore compulsory helmet laws1 day 3 hours ago[quote=centurion48 Cars


    Cars travel slowly in Byron Bay because they are all looking for a parking spot within 50 metres of the beach. And, there are only two ways in and out of the town so traffic quickly turns into a crawl.....
    A number of cyclists have been killed on main roads and highways in the area in recent years due to inattention or tiredness of drivers.....
    I place zero credibility on the 'observations' of Freestyle Cyclists./quote]
    [[[[[[ CENTURION48---you say "Cars travel slowly in B.B.",and "traffic quickly turns into a crawl". In that case helmets are pretty much superfluous, surely. Also, "A number of cyclists have been killed on main roads and highways..." Well, I'm sure a number of pedestrians (and car-occupants) have been killed too, so why weren't THEY wearing helmets? And finally, you say these killings are "due to inattention or tiredness of drivers" You don't mention alcohol at all.....I guess that slipped your mind, huh? Strikes me these inattentive and tired drivers---and the drunks---need to get a grip. And how many of these killed cyclists actually died from HEAD injuries? Do you have the figures?

  • As retailer confirms cycling is the new golf — is skateboarding set to become the new cycling?1 day 3 hours agogood god I stopped skating

    good god I stopped skating after 21, it is a young man's game, after the broken bones a lot of people will give up I'm sure. This 'craze' won't catch hold, it will go away - again ..

  • Anatomy of a lie: How Guide Dogs London fabricated an attack on cyclists1 day 3 hours agoHello? Is this the Daily Mail

    Hello? Is this the Daily Mail forum? No? Wow, you do surprise me.

  • Anatomy of a lie: How Guide Dogs London fabricated an attack on cyclists1 day 3 hours agotom_w wrote:They are talking

    tom_w wrote:
    They are talking about this on More or Less on R4 now

    Just caught it. They talked about the dodgy stats and GDFtB ability to work out percentages and even questioned the BBCs willingness to broadcast un-qualified stats without checking them.

  • Transcontinental Race: Helping a fallen comrade1 day 3 hours agoThe first Ascent of Mount

    The first Ascent of Mount Everest. An account by Sir Edmund Hillary (after the successful summit)
    The rest of the evening will be blur of questions & hugs & drink & laughter & tears.

    and I can't really be bothered to look for more, but you get the idea.

    I spent 3 hours on the 3rd climb, possibly not even mentioned in the blog, but you've a valid point, I was pretty slow.

    As to why was crying, well the first time was the recognition of just how much I was struggling up the pass, and to some extent a feeling of letting down my wife as I wasn't progressing as fast as I had hoped. And the 2nd time I cried was because I was so ruddy happy with how my day was going, and a realisation that despite the fact I'd scratched from the race I was still up a hill in Italy having a blast of a time instead of simply bashing keys at my workstation wishing I was going out riding.....

    There you have it, I cried in sadness/desperation and in sheer joy. Every rider in the race will have their own story to tell, however if road.cc was flooded with 90 posts every day I'm going to hazard a guess that readers might not like it. Sadly for you, I'm the one who was writing so you get to hear about my experience rather than anyone else's, who knows maybe next year it could be you writing, that would be awesome!

    And I don't own a pair of testicles, I have them, but me and the bread-knife share everything 50/50!

    So you signing up for next year then?

  • Multiple teams1 day 3 hours agoHave you got rid of all those

    Have you got rid of all those teams yet enrique?

  • Vuelta Stage 71 day 3 hours ago4,7,10,12,14,18 plus Schopp's

    4,7,10,12,14,18 plus Schopp's mountain points and Mas KoM and 2,4,5,6 on GC points today.

    Will probably be better than many today.