• Tiernan-Locke blames 33-unit booze binge for doping ban9 hours 3 min agoNever mind the doping...

    Never mind the doping... what's a pro athlete doing drinking that mutch???? Also, seem to remember him criticising Lance Armstrong on the Cycling Show a year or two ago!

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?9 hours 6 min agoI would always start with

    I would always start with black bibs and go from there. I'm a fan of Foska jerseys more than anything but would happily don a team jersey, just with black bibs and black socks. Me and my buddies have a thing (I don't know if this is common or not) where we match out kit to our bike. Mine was, at the time a Trek, so everything I had was Bontrager. Specialized, spcialized. Cervelo, Garmin. etc. Any brand that didn't also make bikes, Shimano, Oakley, Endura... was fair game also. Sounds dorky now I've written it out but worked for us and we always looked good.

  • Thomas Voeckler hit by car, suffers broken collarbone9 hours 11 min agoI predict that in the future

    I predict that in the future all professional cyclists will have both collarbones replaced by carbon fibre implants which can be switched out for the appropriate Campagnolo or Shimano replacement part on a weekly basis.

    Come on, at the rate they get through them, there's got to be a market for it!

  • Thomas Voeckler hit by car, suffers broken collarbone9 hours 21 min agoMeanwhile, Hoogerland and

    Meanwhile, Hoogerland and Flecha glance over their respective shoulders, shrug, and attack.

  • New Forest abandons rural 'Boris Bike' scheme9 hours 29 min agofarrell wrote:... all cycling

    farrell wrote:
    ... all cycling related funding should be pulled and spent in areas that are willing to support cycling.

    If they took that money and used it to fix the unmitigated disaster that is the mile of horrific 60MPH A-road in the middle of the responsible family-friendly Burley-Brockenhurst Rail Trail, I'd be a very happy man.

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?9 hours 30 min agoHim Up North wrote:Gizmo_

    Him Up North wrote:
    Gizmo_ wrote:
    Euskaltel Euskadi kits are impossible to find, I wanted one.

    alwaysriding.co.uk sell 2013 Euskaltel s/s jerseys and bib shorts. The shorts even have the Basque flag on the arse. Schmoove.

    Thanks for the tip! XXL only though sadly and 44" is probably a bit too big, even in "race fit". Wink

    "Reassuringly expensive" is right... the poc "Essential" stuff hilariously so.

  • Thomas Voeckler hit by car, suffers broken collarbone9 hours 33 min agoHeh, I just read the comments

    Heh, I just read the comments in the original source (lepopulaire.fr). My glimmer of french gets "short bike paths", "own the road", "red lights", and someone bashing motorcyclists.

    Plus ca change... (no mention of helmets or hi-vis though).

    bon retablissement voeckler

  • Genesis enters carbon-fibre market with Zero + video9 hours 35 min ago"Well !" he says hopping off

    "Well !" he says hopping off the old very nearly black aluminium Genesis I bought a while ago (which is still going strong by the way) "I don't know what all the fuss is about"
    It seems to me that if they can make such a good job of the other materials why would they fail at carbon.
    Nice looking bike too and pretty well priced I would think
    Is the frameset available? I have some decent bits in the loft (that's another story) which would do this some justice.

  • Giant announce Defy Disc pricing (and the rest of the 2015 range too)9 hours 36 min agoI quite like that Advance 1

    I quite like that Advance 1 with Ultegra.

    Could probably bag 10% off for cash and then, (if I could sell my current bike) be left with £500 or so for some HED Ardennes rims with Chris King hubs.

    That would be quite a nice sportive bike I would think.

  • Watteam to offer £300 PowerBeat powermeter + video9 hours 42 min agoP3t3 wrote: I can't work out

    P3t3 wrote:

    I can't work out if they have strain gauges or not? They are not very clear what they are actually measuring, certainly if it is strain then I can't see how it works on any crank. Interesting to see the first reviews by people that know about PMs.

    To estimate power you need torque and rotational velocity. In all probability the torque is estimated using strain gauges which they mention in the 3rd paragraph directly under the photo, whilst the rotational velocity is estimated using accelerometers.

    I’m guessing there will be some form of calibration procedure once the strain gauges have been mounted on the cranks to deal with variations in the amount by which different crank arms bend at the point where the gauges are mounted according to the amount of force applied to them.

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?9 hours 43 min agoP.S....if you like the Belkin

    P.S....if you like the Belkin kit, which I do, head over to Belkin's own site where they are doing some great deals Wink

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?9 hours 44 min agoGkam84 wrote:Do you mean

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Do you mean cycling around in a kit that is made entirely by Endura or similar?...I won't give my thoughts on those in full Rapha Wink

    That's a first...

    FWIW, I buy all my kit as a 'set' to match, or plan it to match others I already own.

  • User leagues question9 hours 44 min agoThanks Backflip (if I may

    Thanks Backflip (if I may abbreviate) ... very helpful

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?9 hours 48 min agotruffy wrote:Does this extend

    truffy wrote:
    Does this extend from team kit to manufacturer's kit too?

    (No, I don't really care either)

    Do you mean cycling around in a kit that is made entirely by Endura or similar?...I won't give my thoughts on those in full Rapha Wink

    That is fine, hell, get fully kitted up by one brand and chuck a pro team jersey on. Sorted.

    It is the people that go around on an everyday cycling or sportive clad in NOTHING but pro team gear, matching socks, gloves, cap, jersey, bibs, glasses, helmet, shoes and bike.....THAT is a proper full kit WANKER.....

    But each to their own, just know that if you were the full kit, you will be known at the FKW on that ride.... Devil

  • road or hybrid9 hours 51 min agoChris James wrote:BBB

    Chris James wrote:
    BBB wrote:
    HalfWheeler wrote:
    The difference between cycling on a hybrid compared with cycling on a road bike is like the difference between running in a pair of Doc Martens and running in a pair of trainers.

    It's really all about tyres. A hybrid with GP4000s is more fun to ride than
    any road bike with Marathon Pluses.
    For anything other than racing and competitive fast clun runs road bikes are way overrated.

    I guess it depends what you are used to. I tend to the view that hybrids are pointless.

    For the record I don't think hybrids make sense either and they are nothing more than a creation of marketers.
    "Fast" narrow tyres are wasted on a bike with upright position and most of 35mm ish tyres are low-end slow rollers anyway.
    Comfort/city/fitness/urban bikes should be fitted with high volume tyres like Schwalbe Supermotos or even fast rolling XC tyres.
    The bike in the picture is what I've been using for commuting, sportives and weekend rides for a few years. It's a perfect compromise. With the right tyres (AKA Pluma, Furious Fred or Racing Ralph (run tubeless) it's fast on the road (within 0.5mph compared to a road bike) and uber comfortable in the urban jungle (Southampton cycle network...)

  • Nerve 600SL frameset9 hours 51 min agoMe too. Great bike and great

    Me too. Great bike and great value. Shows both can be achieved.

  • A Holiday Bike Hire in Girona9 hours 59 min agohttp://road.cc/content/blog/1


  • Shimano WH-6800 Ultegra wheels10 hours 6 min agoI love cup & cone bearings -

    I love cup & cone bearings - the sense of satisfaction after spending 10 minutes re-greasing and adjusting them to perfection before spinning the wheel between my hands really takes some beating, one of my favourite maintenance jobs. I haven't tried the tool free version of the hubs (as with these wheels) yet, but I'm sure they are just as much fun Smile

  • Videos: Oxfordshire ‘Tri-Baby’ raises more than £1,350 – after completing triathlon, aged 410 hours 8 min agoWell done William. Watch out

    Well done William. Watch out Brownlees.

  • New Forest abandons rural 'Boris Bike' scheme10 hours 10 min agoKiwiMike wrote:Do we jump up

    KiwiMike wrote:
    Do we jump up and down and try to get the funding revoked instead of spent elsewhere on 'cycling'? Or will that be a bit nose/spite face?

    That's my first choice.

    They've proven that they can not be trusted, time and time again, so all cycling related funding should be pulled and spent in areas that are willing to support cycling. I'd also argue that as they clearly can't abide outsiders, that all tourism related funding and subsidies should be brutally slashed too. Let them try and raise their own income to look after the National Park.

    Take the "Don't negotiate with terrorists" approach to them.

  • USA Pro Challenge Stage 210 hours 16 min agoJoelsim wrote:I've lost

    Joelsim wrote:
    I've lost interest in this one after 2 poor stages.

    One race too many before the vuelta

  • Vincenzo Nibali: Drugs are "abhorrent" and need to be eradicated from cycling10 hours 16 min agonotfastenough wrote:The

    notfastenough wrote:
    The vuelta feels way more dodgy than the tour to me

    Absolutely no reasoning behind it, no evidence or proof either but I have the same gut feeling. It just feels like it's all a bit suspect.

    Chris Horner's performance last year really didn't help, especially that interview he gave when he seemed smashed off his tits.

  • Canyon to launch Endurace AL for 201510 hours 18 min agoThey don't deal with tax

    They don't deal with tax element of it, that is the responsibility of your company and the cycle scheme provider. The cycle scheme provider just send Canyon the £1k, or in fact £900 as the scheme provider take £100 for themselves.

  • Watteam to offer £300 PowerBeat powermeter + video10 hours 18 min agodeblemund wrote:I bet US$499

    deblemund wrote:
    I bet US$499 actually translates to £499. But if I'm wrong..

    It'll be exactly that or more...

    I'll be awaiting DCRainmakers report on these, usually indepth and compares with a number of other PM's

  • Jersey & Bib Shorts - Matching or not?!?10 hours 25 min agonotfastenough wrote:Some of

    notfastenough wrote:
    Some of that retro stuff on alwaysriding is lush.

    It is... I've never seen that site before. And reassuringly expensive Smile