• The ethics of self-driving car collisions: whose life is more important?14 hours 34 min agomrmo wrote:racyrich

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    racyrich wrote:

    Indeed. And yet there are those 'instinctive' decisions that are invariably wrong. Slamming on the brakes when a cat/dog/fox/squirrel runs out, causing multiple collisions behind (P.S. don't bother explaining about driving with adequate room to stop, etc, everyone does it).
    Or being overtaken approaching a junction and something emerging from the right and the overtaking car swerving in (P.S. don't bother explaining about how you still have to give way to the left when emerging left from a T junction, everyone does it. And yes, don't overtake through a junction, but again, so many people do it).
    I'm sure there are numerous other examples where the instinctive human response to a sudden, unforeseeable event is different from what a computer would decide.

    Your point about everyone does it, what happens when you have a computer running to rules driving rather than a person ignoring the rules?

    Clearly, the computerised vehicle would check that the space in front of it was clear when pulling out of a side road.

  • Cyclist seriously injured in London Blackfriars lorry collision14 hours 37 min agoThat was my default

    That was my default interpretation of her meaning too - not so much about how you're riding, but where...

    As a non-driver, I frequently find that drivers expectations of cyclists are weird.

  • Motorists criticise organisers of Northern Ireland Gran Fondo cycling event after suffering traffic delays14 hours 40 min agokwi wrote:Beatnik69 wrote:kwi

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    Beatnik69 wrote:
    kwi wrote:
    Don't think that fisherman is pink anymore, I think he's still got his Santa suit on from Christmas, plus he didn't see any of the Grand Fondo as it didn't follow the Giro route.

    Kwi, he is still pink. I cycle out round that way quite often and there's quite a few pink things left over from last year. Smile

    I can see him from my house, just. He normally gets a Santa suit for Christmas, must speak to David, the owner. The bike's definitely away though. But the amount of pink stuff that is still about is silly, even had tourists asking is there an historical significance with pink. (They had heard of the Giro, just didn't know it came here last year.)
    And if you fancy a coffee call in, I run the Caravan park in Cushendall.

    I'm obviously going so fast as I pass that all I see is a pink blur Liar If I get up to Cushendall I'll definitely swing by for that coffee! Kiss

  • Video: Scott's new Foil aero road bike is more aero, comfortable and stiffer14 hours 44 min agoChainstay brake

    Chainstay brake Confused

  • The ethics of self-driving car collisions: whose life is more important?14 hours 45 min agoThe existence of these

    The existence of these ethical decisions in driving is nothing new. Human drivers have been making them since... well, since we started walking. The existence of a hierarchy of "things to hurt" is not new either, it's just that up till now it has only existed in each individual's mind.

  • The bike-mounted gizmo that projects signals on a cyclist’s back14 hours 55 min agoCan you customise the signs

    Can you customise the signs to include hand signals, with configurable extended fingers? Silly

  • Ride London Times etc14 hours 59 min agoYou've no chance of getting

    You've no chance of getting to the start by car, better off getting a bus

  • The ethics of self-driving car collisions: whose life is more important?15 hours 1 min agoIgnoreing the ethics, just

    Ignoreing the ethics, just think of the fuel saving, no hard accerlerations, cars moving in convoy on streets so aerodynamic saving. Cities will become cleaner.

    Better still there will be less or no need to own a car, so us cyclists won't have to move around parked cars on every street, hopefully.

  • Women's pro racing 'a rollercoaster', says team owner15 hours 3 min agoClearly Danthomas has never

    Clearly Danthomas has never watched a women's race, live or on TV and seen the crowds. The public interest is there, infact, I'd rate it slightly higher than mens racing in the UK.

  • Carbon Cycles eXotic Carbon 2014 Matrix Flat Top Road Bar15 hours 8 min agoBatchy wrote:OK they may be

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    OK they may be 25gs heavier but I find that Deda rhm 2s are hard to beat. The ovalised tops and shallow drop on these stiff and strong bars make for a comfy ride and further more they are about a third of the price of the gimmicky ones reviewed here. This is IMHO of course and it can be taken with a pinch of salt if anyone disagrees !

    Or for a little less: Deda Zero100. Same Shape as RHM, below 250gram weights...

  • Freight firm bosses banned after unlicensed, uninsured driver killed cyclist15 hours 9 min agoAnd that right there ^^^ is

    And that right there ^^^ is why I am a CTC member.

    Thank you Roger.


  • The ethics of self-driving car collisions: whose life is more important?15 hours 9 min ago* Nowhere to park you car

    * Nowhere to park you car nearby? Send your car back home to park!!!!

    Errrr Worried

  • Ribble Bikes15 hours 9 min agoThe Rodi wheels not being the

    The Rodi wheels not being the best seems to be a common theme so would like to change those but what I've read overall has been very positive.

    Still slightly nervous about ordering something I've never seen though Sad

  • Cannondale launches new CAAD12 - it's lighter, stiffer, more compliant and available with disc brakes + video15 hours 13 min agobigblue wrote:That is not the

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    That is not the greatest livery. The whacking great "CAAD" on the front fork is, well, unsubtle is the politest word I can think of. I know the ride/engineering really counts, but it's got to be somewhat nice to look at, surely.

    Maybe it's just me, but the plainer the paint job the better.

    it's a bit lary but I like the fluo yellow version more than the black. Would be interested to see what the frameset price is

  • Are some London cabbies becoming too arrogant, asks Jenny Jones15 hours 14 min agoTrue, but when a cyclist does

    True, but when a cyclist does something inconsiderate they annoy a few car drivers. So what. However, when a motorist does something inconsiderate somebody can get seriously injured, or killed.

  • Women's pro racing 'a rollercoaster', says team owner15 hours 18 min agoIt's not just cycling where

    It's not just cycling where there's a pay gap though, is it? Budgets relate to public interest, and there's nowhere near as much interest in women's cycling as men's. As with many sports, they're completely different calibres.

  • Freight firm bosses banned after unlicensed, uninsured driver killed cyclist15 hours 21 min agoRedfishUK wrote: What is the

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    What is the betting Mrs Drummond is a company director of a firm by now, nothing to do with her husband of course


  • Ribble Bikes15 hours 29 min agoBeen a Ribble (Ribble

    Been a Ribble (Ribble Sportive Bianco) rider for a year and half now, havent found anything bad with the bike. Whole ordering process and delivery was very painless, and the bike has been a gem.

    As other people have indicated the Rodi wheels are a bit naff, so they got upgraded last summer to something more suitable for my extra weight Smile

    Super impressed with the bike/frame and price point enabling me to get a very capable Sportive bike for a few hundred £'s cheaper than named brands.

  • Tour of Cambs makes dreams come true15 hours 29 min agoYou should go. Out Friday,

    You should go. Out Friday, back Monday. You don't have to worry about finishing at the back as I have booked that spot. Masters men start almost last. So, we get going, then watch all the fast women scream past us, and then hobble to the finish, hopefully before everyone has gone home. The schedule says 10:00 start and 15:30 prize giving. So, that's 30kph at least average. Clearly they aren't planning to wait for me. Big Grin

  • The ethics of self-driving car collisions: whose life is more important?15 hours 40 min agobdsl wrote:Ok fair point.

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    Ok fair point. Let's say the cyclist isn't riding towards the skip, they are hiding stationary just behind it, facing sideways into the road. They are low enough that you can't see them over the skip, and they ride out across your path a few meters ahead of you,

    There's always the "suicidal third party" problem; when someone jumps in front of you, giving no time to avoid. There's nothing you can really do about this with human or computer controlled cars, although computer controlled cars would in most cases fair better due to better reaction times and better vehicle control.

    Lets take your example where someone jumps in front of you "a few metres ahead".

    A human driver would certainly hit the cyclist at 30mph. Human reaction time means they wouldn't manage to press the brake pedal before the collision.

    A driverless car would react in a fraction of a second and would immediately engage the brakes. The car would still probably collide with the cyclist, but at a slower speed, perhaps 20mph, which makes the crash an order of magnitude more survivable for the cyclist. Win!

  • The ethics of self-driving car collisions: whose life is more important?15 hours 44 min agoqwerky wrote:Mungecrundle

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    Mungecrundle wrote:
    Let's face it an autonomous car is unlikely to be sold on performance, so that just leaves comfort, style and safety.

    You missed the single most important unique selling point of a driverless car; the one thing that is a game changer for the owner - and that is practicality.

    * Out on your bike and suffer an unrepairable mechanical problem? Get out your iPhone and press the "Come get me" button on your Car App.
    * Want to ride a non circular route? Drive to the start, get your bike out, and then send your car to the end to wait for you.
    * Going to the pub? Get your car to pick you up when you're drunk.
    * Most families with two cars will likely be able to manage with only one, saving a huge amount of money.

    There are so many new scenarios that are simply not possible without an autonomous car.

    Exactly. Yet people still pick on tiny details and fringe cases whilst missing the point. Just look at some of the things people are banging on about here:
    -What happens when a cyclist jumps out from behind a skip whilst a grandmother is on the pavement immediately near by
    -The thought that these cars may (or may not) go really slow around pedestrians
    -Three paragraphs on why the 2-second rule might not necessarily change

    People just can't see the wood for the trees.

    And we haven't even touched on things like you'll be able to do things whilst you get driven around such as working/eating/communicating etc.

  • Video: Scott's new Foil aero road bike is more aero, comfortable and stiffer15 hours 45 min agoLooking at this "new,

    Looking at this "new, improved" frameset I have a new appreciation for how advanced the design of the original Cervelo S5 was.

  • Video: Scott's new Foil aero road bike is more aero, comfortable and stiffer15 hours 49 min agoZermattjohn wrote:I too have

    Zermattjohn wrote:
    I too have no idea what "89% more compliant than the previous bike" means. Does it mean that when you want to turn right, it goes right 89% of the time more than before? I'm sure if you read up on the previous model it too was xx% more whatever than the one before that.....it's a nice colour though Wink

    Well Scott says "86% increase in vertical compliance in the seat tube area" so I'm guessing that means the improved ride comfort is coming from the fact it has managed to make the seat tube more compliant and the seat post deflect more than the previous Foil.

    There was no previous bike before the original Foil for it to measure against though

    I'll hopefully get a ride on the new Foil to see how its claims actually stack up. I rode the old Foil loads so it would be interesting to compare the new with the old

  • Freight firm bosses banned after unlicensed, uninsured driver killed cyclist15 hours 50 min agoqwerky wrote:I imagine its

    qwerky wrote:
    I imagine its incredibly hard to get a corporate manslaughter charge, and the sentencing isn't necessarily what you might imagine. Search for Mobile Sweeper Reading for an example - found guilty but only given an £8000 fine.

    To be fair, according to wikipedia there have so far been twelve convictions under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 with fines up to £500,000. The £8000 Mobile Sweepers fine seems to be a bit of an outlier.

    IANAL, but I suspect the issue is whether the freight company have a "relevant duty of care" to the general public. You would hope they should, but legalities are rarely that simple. Section 2 of the Act defines "relevant duty of care", but it seems to focus on employees and people in custody/care.

    qwerky wrote:
    I've always thought that all freight operators should be subject to HSE regulation while out on public roads

    Agreed. HGVs and other large vehicles are subject to HSE while they are on a work site, so they limit speed and often use Banksmen on foot to allow them to manoeuvre safely.

    But as soon as they leave the gates that disappears and they can freely mix with busy city traffic, cyclists and pedestrians. That seems a bit crazy. Surely they should be required to take as much care around the public as they take around employees?

  • Shame a foul-mouthed camera-holding car driver?15 hours 54 min agoSadly Crimestoppers will not

    Sadly Crimestoppers will not accept reporting of driving offences; also Cambs Police are a little bit behind the times in not accepting on-line reporting, but 101 can be a struggle and possibly overkill.