• End Of The Season1 day 2 hours agoYup its nice to be able to

    Yup its nice to be able to pick different riders, and its from the American races I had Thuens in my ToB purist team, as id seen how well he had done. Also as many of the riders in those races are cheap it means much more varied teams from a normal WT race where differences in points scored can be very close due to potentially picking 3 or 4 riders from a small group and the cheaper riders being more like filler riders, which is less of the case in those races.

    Or maybe that just highlights a potential for slight change in budget calculation? But again as startlists are not uniform and involve constant change and differences in depth its a difficult balance for all races without it becoming alot of work, especially when races need to be opened with just partial startlist info available

  • World Championships1 day 2 hours agostevemarks wrote:I bet my

    stevemarks wrote:
    I bet my five teams are the same and there are going to be a lot of teams with the same riders in..... Devil

    Probably, although it didn't quite fit for either, so gone for two from the teams I think will be top 3, then 1 from each of the 3 teams I think will finish 4,5,6 in my standard, and in purist gone for 2 from the team i expect to come either 4 or 5th and 1 from the team I think will come 6th.
    Could all change once one of the teams is confirmed

  • Win a Shok box hard bike case worth £395 +tickets to The Cycle Show + Five pairs for runners up!1 day 2 hours agoI wanna win, wife wants to

    I wanna win, wife wants to put my Giant Defy in the Garden, having major knee surgery this week after a cycling accident a year ago, so need somewhere to store my bike away without it rusting away in the Garden until I can ride again.

  • Philippe Starck presents novel aluminium-and-cork helmet1 day 2 hours agoThe visor needs to be

    The visor needs to be mirrored.

  • Kentucky cyclist repeatedly arrested and jailed – for commuting on the road1 day 2 hours agoWhat's with the

    What's with the sensationalist headline? Surely road.cc has a bit more class than a red top tabloid. It sounds like ridiculous behaviour from the police when you see the headline, but then completely reasonable when you read the actual article.

  • Philippe Starck presents novel aluminium-and-cork helmet1 day 2 hours agoShould I fear I am about to

    Should I fear I am about to be pithed, I will be sure to reach for this one forthwith.

  • Canyon Endurace CF 9.0 SL road bike1 day 2 hours agoronin wrote:Gstar wrote:I

    ronin wrote:
    Gstar wrote:
    I have 3 canyons, can't look past them in terms of bang for buck! My most recent developed a crack in the seatpost tube after 3 months though and is currently being looked at by customer services for a warranty claim which is vital when buying directly from Germany, they've been good in the past tho so expecting same again. Will post an update

    Did you notice it when it happened (like hitting a pot hole)?

    Oh, and are you above 90 KGs?

    I have been thinking about a Canyon, but when ever I do, I seem to find a comment like this. Although saying that, I have a white looking blemish on the back of the seat post of my Giant Defy Advanced. That could be de-lamination, but it's been like that for almost a year. A crack is a different story though.

    No, didn't notice anything, wasn't like I hit a pothole or anything and I'm more like 70kg

  • Philippe Starck presents novel aluminium-and-cork helmet1 day 2 hours agoPerhaps it's just me, maybe

    Perhaps it's just me, maybe I'm not fully into the design ethic, but if I wanted to design a helmet that needed to be closer to the ergonomics that resemble more and more those of the motorcycle, I'd start with a motorcycle helmet...
    ...not an aluminium pisspot with a cork lining, however sustainable that lining might be.

    John Cooper Clarke wrote a poem about this kind of person, can you guess the title?

  • End Of The Season1 day 2 hours agoAmerican races are fun. One

    American races are fun. One of their charm for me is that I'm forced to check out the guys from the smaller American teams, and go through the results of all those races that are never really visible for us (Gila, Beauce etc.), but that are nonetheless there. And then, all of a sudden, two normally isolated cycling landscapes come together in the American races, and you see all these American guys you know only/mostly by name mixing it up with all the guys you usually see in any race on TV. (The reason for this, of course, is that organizers wisely keep away from world tour status, so they can invite so many of the smaller local teams). For me, that is always a thrill Nerd

  • MP calls for “three strikes and you’re out” rule for pavement cyclists1 day 3 hours agoIn my S. Cambridgeshire

    In my S. Cambridgeshire village the only cyclists regularly using the roads are lycra-clad roadies like myself. Just about everyone else, from kids on their way to school to pensioners out shopping, rides on the pavement. Why? Because they're too scared of the cars, vans and lorries racing around to use the roads.

    If they want to fine cyclists for riding on the pavement, they should do the same for cars that park on pavements, because you have to drive on them to park on them.

  • Jens Voigt heads to New Forest for charity ride this weekend – and you can join him1 day 3 hours agoI did the ride last year and

    I did the ride last year and got to meet him the night before. If I didn't think he was a legend beforehand (I did) I would have been thoroughly converted after. Such a down to earth guy and will forever be my peleton favourite. Notfastenough questioned how he could do an event so soon? Because he's mother fucking Jens Voigt. A machine. A gentleman. A legend.

    Unfortunately I can't make it tomorrow but I'm donating anyway. A worthy cause and kudos to Stuart for organising it again. All the best.

  • MP calls for “three strikes and you’re out” rule for pavement cyclists1 day 3 hours agoSection 72 of the Highway Act

    Section 72 of the Highway Act 1835, amended by Section 85(1) of the Local Government Act 1888.

    This applies to the fact that there are road restrictions yellow lines etc. If there are no road markings then you can ride on the pavement. In fact you can even drive a car on the pavement as long as you don't put at risk other road users.
    Source Metropolitan Bike squad and Local police once they had gened up on it all. They didn't like me cycling my 5 year old son home on the pavement by bike.

    The bottom line is that all road users need to feel comfortable and if cyclist on pavement causes anxiety or problems then they should move to the road. I personally I don't like cycling on the pavement as it too complicated but you do get people riding skateboards, roller skate's and the like on pavements. Are these people meant to ride on the road as well. Technically there is no difference between a longboard and bike Both are man made vehicles propelled by human leg power. Just a thought.

  • Donhou Bicycles Signature Steel DSS1 disc-equipped frameset launched1 day 3 hours agoNow if only there was one

    Now if only there was one without the discs.

  • Philippe Starck presents novel aluminium-and-cork helmet1 day 3 hours agoWell I think it looks quite

    Well I think it looks quite cool. Why all the down on Starck? He's done plenty of good stuff. His Excalibur bog brush was a classic

    If it passes the necessary safety criteria then why not?

  • World Championships1 day 3 hours agoI bet my five teams are the

    I bet my five teams are the same and there are going to be a lot of teams with the same riders in..... Devil

  • London's £4 billion 'Super Sewer' could disrupt east-west segregated cycle route1 day 3 hours agoMeeting, 2007: "we need both

    Meeting, 2007: "we need both improve the aging victorian swers and to build safer, mire efficient cycle highways fit for the 21st century. I know, let's do both, but make we just get the order right. We'll sort out the sewer, then build the cycle route on top. While we're at it, let's sort out any super cabling or broad band or whatever, and lay all that down too."

  • Win a Shok box hard bike case worth £395 +tickets to The Cycle Show + Five pairs for runners up!1 day 3 hours agowho wants the tickets when I

    who wants the tickets when I win?

  • Video: Policeman stops London pavement cyclist… but it's not the pavement it's a cycle path1 day 3 hours agoTo Ush Quite clearly my

    To Ush

    Quite clearly my argument is with you and your ill thought out reactionary comments.

    Do you really think that the Police have 'concentrated' their resources on stopping innocent cyclists? Your comments make you sound like a loon conspiracy theorist. Then again maybe the Duke of Edinburgh is behind the deadly stopping of cyclist case?

    The sheer horror of being stopped for 5 seconds must be the absolute end of the world for you. Just like the half wit motorist who is too impatient to wait and pass safely.

    Speaking politely to someone for 5 seconds is not wasting peoples time by any sensible measure, so as the Americans would say, I think you need to pull your head out of your ass.

  • Philippe Starck presents novel aluminium-and-cork helmet1 day 3 hours agoHe likes a good laugh that

    He likes a good laugh that Philippe Starck. Laughing

  • Council admits liability after beastly pothole hospitalises cyclist1 day 3 hours agospen wrote:You also have to

    spen wrote:
    You also have to remember tat councils are under no obligation to check FTH. The only way to be sure they get your report is to tell them directly.

    Councils don't have to check the FTH site. The reports are sent direct to them (via email I think). What the council has to do is to check the inbox of their advertised email address.

  • Strava releases updated app with training goals1 day 3 hours agostill no support for ant+ on

    still no support for ant+ on android though

  • Strava releases updated app with training goals1 day 3 hours agoAuto-pause: About time

    Auto-pause: About time Party

  • Rail commuter can't use station’s secure bike parking – although it's half-full1 day 3 hours agoif it was only one station,

    if it was only one station, yeah youd say theyve just underestimated the numbers abit there whats the news, but AGA have done this with every single one their new shiny secure caged bike racks theyve installed. Theyve only issued a fraction of the amount of fobs required to satisfy filling the racks consistently, let alone enough to meet the total demand, which they only had to survey their previous bike racks to measure, so loads of people just end up on seemingly never ending waiting lists.

    the worst part is by replacing the provision of the admittedly less secure bike parks with these things, the only alternative to not having a fob, is now literally just leaving your bike locked up to a sheffield rack outside the stations on the streets, one of my friends had her bike vandalised as a result recently as they couldnt break the lock so chose to trash the bike instead, previously it would have been left in reasonably fenced area that station staff at least kept an eye on.

    we shouldnt overlook AGA have their own Boris bike system to push,the cynical might say its not in their interests to provide adequate access to storage racks for cyclists as it "drives" numbers towards hiring bikes instead...or at least thats what the bean counters looking at spreadsheets no doubt conclude.

  • Win a Shok box hard bike case worth £395 +tickets to The Cycle Show + Five pairs for runners up!1 day 3 hours agoWhen are you announcing the

    When are you announcing the winner guys??

  • Win a bike box1 day 3 hours agowho won this great prize?

    who won this great prize?