• Taste test: Readers review Science in Sport drinks, bars & chews18 hours 9 min agoI will admit when clicked on

    I will admit when clicked on the link to this page I was dreading an advertorial in the style of certain other bike sites, should have known better! Instead I find myself wanting to defend SiS a bit, the Berry hydro tablets are really nice and are a nice shade of pink Smile

  • Creaky BB - Campag setup18 hours 10 min agoI used to run some Parlee BB

    I used to run some Parlee BB cups with my Campag chainset. It was a PF30. Loctited them in place and it was super silent. Have a look to see if they'll fit your BB as they come recommended!

  • Beginner to 4th Cat Training18 hours 14 min agoYou need to riding 20 30 40

    You need to riding 20 30 40 and working upto 50 mile outings. Your speed will come with getting fitter. If you are not upto 50 mile around now then doing a 100 mile sportive in Sept might be a challenge, but doable if you put the hours in.

    Base miles are just that, steady riding for an hour or two maybe 3 hours totaling several hundred to a few thousand miles over several months. Once you have these miles under your belt then power training can begin with intervals to build strength and speed.

    Doing intervals too early can result in injury if you're not careful.

    Sweet spot training is a pace and distance where you're are working hard, but not too hard that you can't sustain it for an hour. Later maybe 2 to 3 hours sweet spot.

    With winter not too far away getting miles can be a challenge if the weather gets bad, a turbo trainer can help keep those miles up. By January and a winters base riding you will be in a position to build speed with interval and sweet spot.

    A heart rate monitor and cadence sensor will help in working in the correct zones.

    Join a club and do 10mile time trial next spring then if you like pushing hard then see about racing.

  • Need Fast, Puncture-Resistant Tyres18 hours 17 min agoSchwalbe durano, ones. For

    Schwalbe durano, ones. For ultimate protection Schwalbe Marathon plus. Anything Schwalbe is good I have tried all 3 types.

    order of protection, I would say
    1 Marathon Plus
    2 ones- new this year(mine are tubeless, ie no inner tube)
    3 Durano

    Speed fastest first
    1 One
    2 Durano
    3 Marathon plus

    Dont get me wrong speed differential is not huge like one dragging a sledge and the other sprinter version, Maybe 1 mph between all 3 when the same size tyre is compared. I would get either 25mm or 28mm if your roads are poor condition

  • Need Fast, Puncture-Resistant Tyres18 hours 17 min agoChanging your tyres might

    Changing your tyres might help, but in the long run making sure they are properly inflated and not riding in the gutter will help more.
    Get a track pump if you haven't got one and watch what you are riding over.

    (...and calling your bike her... No.)

  • The best multi tools — get the right bits to fix your bike's bits18 hours 32 min agoDarren C wrote:John please

    Darren C wrote:
    John please correct your statement:
    'There are too schools of thought when it comes to multi tools'.
    Should it not be TWO schools of thought???? Wink Nerd
    Sorry, just one of my bugbears that seems to be a constant problem, especially with Facebook users who don't know the difference in to, too & two. Not forgetting; there, their & they're...........I could go on but this is not the correct place to rant any further! Wink

    I share your pain; errors like this are unexceptable.

  • Cycling in tenerife18 hours 32 min agorjfrussell wrote:does anyone

    rjfrussell wrote:
    does anyone have any recommendations for good road bike hire in Tenerife?

    I guess it depends where you are staying on the island but I have been looking at http://www.bikepointtenerife.com/bike-hire/hire-road-bikes-tenerife who have a branch in Las Americas (South West) and El Medano (South East).

    I would be interested to see if anyone has any alternatives.

  • A half price Genesis Volare 10 + loads more great cycling deals18 hours 35 min agoOdd I posted a link to where

    Odd I posted a link to where you can get the Virb cheaper. Is that not allowed?

  • The 8 hottest new road bikes of the 2015 Tour de France18 hours 35 min agoJesus, these are some ugly

    Jesus, these are some ugly bikes.

    The Cannondale is one of the best looking bikes this season - classic looks with modern materials for the win!

  • Ride London Surrey 100 logistics - borderline abandonment.19 hours 2 min agoFirst year I was almost put

    First year I was almost put off by the logistics - but boy was it worth it! and last year was beautiful mayhem (weather). Absolutely brilliant experience. Can't go this year, sadly sadly. I had already booked a ticket so I have a return York-London on offer, with bicycle reservation, up on Saturday morning, down Sunday evening.

    If you're put of by the logistics: go next year. Make it a weekend, with the freecycle and all, with the family to cheer you over the finish.

  • Rapha Pro Team Rain Overshoes19 hours 23 min agoI recently bought a pair of

    I recently bought a pair of these and can honestly say are the best clothing purchase I have made. I have tried some Castelli Neoprance overshoes, and like all Neoprane, when it rains they get completely soaked and weigh a tonne. living in LAncashir eit rains a lot so I wear overshoes regularly all year round. Water will get up underneath the vent in the shoes but externally these are great. £65 easily worth the money to keep my feet warm and dry. I dont understand cycoists. They will spend thousands of pounds on their bike, and then by cheap crap clothing? Rapha is THE best quality, and great customer service and repair/service.

  • TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch19 hours 30 min agoI've got the non-cardio

    I've got the non-cardio version with the HR chest strap and cadence & wheel sensors. Don't have any issues with the chest strap (very comfy and easy to adjust as you go if need be).

    Getting it to register the cadence & wheel sensors was a bit of a struggle (had to reset to factory settings) but now it's working fine. It's a great little bike computer - nothing as fancy as a garmin, but if you're not going to invest in a power meter does pretty much everything else you could want, and it's entirely waterproof so no problems if it rains! And it works for running and swimming too, might try it on the turbo next...

    Oh and bluetooth upload to phone is a little slow but is preferable to attaching it to the computer via a cable, and the TomTom MySport platform allows you to link it to Strava, MapMyRide etc. so your activiies are automatically uploaded to your preferred platform(s)!

  • Boris Johnson apologises for giving his wife a backie19 hours 44 min agoUsh wrote: “Some people think

    Ush wrote:

    “Some people think that the rules of the road should be the same for everyone but that is wrong.”

    This is the truth, remember the mockery this picture inspired?

    The only reason we have traffic lights is because motorists as a group can't be trusted to behave themselves when they drive and behave with any sort of decorum.

    The best thing the car industry managed was convincing people that everyone should play by the same rules.

  • The 8 hottest new road bikes of the 2015 Tour de France19 hours 54 min agoDid the Specialized and the

    Did the Specialized and the Scott have the same designer?

    Thinking Thinking

  • TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch20 hours 35 min agoIf your chest strap is

    If your chest strap is uncomfy it's probably too tight?

  • Video: 'World's strongest man' lifts car off bike lane20 hours 36 min agoPark it, like you stole it

    Park it, like you stole it VERSUS Strength of a Bear

    Bear FTW Party

  • Transcontinental bike race: Josh Ibbett’s bike and equipment20 hours 49 min agoAwesome. Check out

    Awesome. Check out Ireland/London boy Ultan coyle in third.

    Check out their progress here

    See how long each rider has slept here!

  • New wheelset - weight or watt21 hours 44 min agoPower meter by far the best

    Power meter by far the best investment if you want to see and quantify your improvement. It's nice to feel that you're improving/faster, but for me it's more so when I can see the numbers regularly going up. Smile

  • New wheelset - weight or watt23 hours 38 min agoThanks. Since I currently


    Since I currently only use the bike for training I will buy the Powertap wheelset for now. It is a G3 model from April 2014, and should be supported.

    I weigh about 180lb. It is relativeliy flat where I live, and it can be quite windy, so I guess when I do start to compete a mid-profile aero wheelset would be a good option. The roads are quite nice.

    The price and the weight of the DA-C24 makes it very tempting, but I guess for my use the Powertaps are a better choice. And I want to try power meter training.

  • New wheelset - weight or watt1 day 44 min agoIf you have never trained

    If you have never trained with a power meter, I recommend trying it at some point. Which model is it? There are older PowerTap products which are no longer supported and I would steer clear of them. Verify that parts are available for it before buying.

    You didn't mention your weight or the riding conditions you face. It's hard to recommend wheels without some details. If you ride long climbs, or in windy conditions, or on bad roads, or you want to go up hill fast... these things make a difference to your choice.

  • Charge 2016: Plug updated with aluminium frame, carbon fork and wider tyres1 day 46 min agoColour-matched stems, and

    Colour-matched stems, and skinwall tyres!

    These look AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!


  • Creaking in left crank area1 day 48 min agoWhat sort of

    What sort of crank/bottom-bracket are you using?

    Those pedals can be clicky when the bearings go bad.

  • Is Froome the Greatest British cyclist?1 day 1 hour agoThis is the most cogent and

    This is the most cogent and sensible answer to date out with the Beryl tributes, which rightly state she wasn't competing in todays womens' environment with sponsorship and too early for full womens' rights.
    Both Froome and Wiggins need some Classics and Worlds wins to be up there as the best.
    A independent points table might be worthwhile putting together and including all our great road men and women including Robinson, Simpson, Hoban and Elliot.

    Do we SAVE or PREVIEW to POST ???

  • Is Froome the Greatest British cyclist?1 day 2 hours agoBurtons records/honours in

    Burtons records/honours in full (excludes team event titles)
    25 miles-1976, 53 min 21 sec
    50 miles-1976, 1 hour 51 min 30 sec
    100 miles-1968, 3 hours 55 min 05 sec
    World Pursuit Champion in 1959/60/62/63/66, silver in '61/64/68, bronze in 1966/70/73

    World Road Champion in 1960 and 1967, silver in '61

    National Road Champion in 1959/60/63/68/70/71/72/73/74

    National Pursuit Champion in 1960/61/63/65/66/67/68/70/71/72/73/74

    National 25 Champion in 1958, 59, 60, 61, 62, 62, 64, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77

    National 50 Champion in 1958, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77

    National 100 Champion in 1958, 59, 60, 61, 62, 64, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75
    As I said she'd missed out on many opportunities due to the women not allowed to have olympic events (nor commonwealth games or European's) and no world TT events either. One good story comes from well known old boy Harold Bridge;
    "By 1984 Burton was 47 & had set her mind on the inaugral Women's Tour de France that was also introduced that year. But typically, the powers in UK cycling decided she didn't have any road racing qualifications that year as she had limited herself to time trialing & she wasn't selected. But a selected rider dropped out & BB was asked, at the last minute, to step in. In effect, she told them to find themselves a taxidermist!"

  • Oneten Tempo Bib Shorts1 day 2 hours agoConfused - the review above

    Confused - the review above states the "fabric used for the legs is cool and breathable.... ....designed for mild riding conditions" but the website selling them (link in the article above) describes them as "perfect addition to your winter cycling wardrobe and will provide you with the ultimate warmth and comfort when out on the road on those cold days .....Constructed with insulating Roubaix fabric..."

    Anyone know if these are the same shorts? and if so do the legs have the furry insulating inside material e.g Roubaix, or normal summer lycra?