• The 'Death by....' charges3 years 4 weeks agoQuote:do we consider drivers

    do we consider drivers not paying attention 'but not killing anyone' a lesser crime?

    Can't speak for everyone but yes, I do. I'd find it difficult to argue that someone who drove badly and knocked off a cyclist who scuffed themselves up a bit deserves a life ban from driving or a custodial sentence, although I'd like to see longer bans and bigger fines than are currently meted out. I'm always taking issue with people who say that a cyclist 'nearly killed them' or 'nearly ran them down' when that's a subjective conclusion and probably inaccurate. The punishment has to be based on the outcome.

    If you drive badly and you kill someone, and you're deemed to be at fault, I don't see why you should be allowed to drive again, ever. It's not a basic human right, it's a privilege that should be bestowed on only those who can do it safely. A 'momentary lapse' can result in a death but basically that's just a bullshit excuse that's trotted out every time a cyclist dies, so far as I can see. Many of the people who have suffered a 'momentary lapse' also have speeding convictions and other motoring offences against their name. Anyway, tough. Your 'momentary lapse' means someone is dead, so you don't get the opportunity to kill anyone else with a vehicle. End of.

    Whether or not a driver deserves a custodial sentence would depend on the circumstances in my opinion, starting from the view that they do and not, as currently, that they don't.

    Personally I think that the blanket adoption of life driving bans for convicted killers on the road is a better deterrent than time in the clink.

  • Contador in one word...3 years 4 weeks agoAppealing...


  • Spokeshirts CrapBikeHiRes3 years 4 weeks agoPoor quality t-shirts & wrong

    Poor quality t-shirts & wrong sizes to what was ordered.

    Communicated with someone named Al King who was rude in the extreme. To be avoided.

  • Dad's new bike - what is it?3 years 4 weeks agoI'm saying Pashley Picador

    I'm saying Pashley Picador http://www.pashley.co.uk/products/picador.html

  • Dawes unveil 2011 range: Slopey tourers, Shimano Alfine 11 + retro singlespeed & more…3 years 4 weeks agoThe Nomad is £1,499 if i

    The Nomad is £1,499 if i recall correctly

  • The 'Death by....' charges3 years 4 weeks agothanks for those links Dave,

    thanks for those links Dave, this bit in particular...

    "But in the past, drivers who caused a death might have found themselves charged with careless driving - which did not take into account that someone had died and only carried a fine."

    Sorry to sound callous but what does someone dying have to do with how the person is charged? surely its the action not the outcome that is being challenged, afteral driving carelessly or dangerously poses the risk, the outcome of which is out of control of the driver, ie. person hit may/may not die due to availability of an ambulence, or that old favourite 'he wasnt wearing a helmet'.

    Im trying to see it from both sides here, obviously someone dying for any reason is a tragedy, not least if it was caused by someone not driving with due care, but do we consider drivers not paying attention 'but not killing anyone' a lesser crime? do we want bad drivers in prison or just drivers unfortunate enough to kill someone? as it seems to me this is what the law does (or attempts to and regularly fails).

  • Dawes unveil 2011 range: Slopey tourers, Shimano Alfine 11 + retro singlespeed & more…3 years 4 weeks agoThere is no price indication

    There is no price indication for the Nomad. At first glance it looks like a good bike for me to use for town riding and camping. Then I see the gear range (c. 30 to 120 inches) which is way too high for something made for heavy loads. Then there is the horizontal drop out for chain tensioning. It looks like a Thorn Raven instead, but I'll wait for the price before deciding.

  • Scalextric launch London 2012 track cycling set3 years 4 weeks agoSo negative Mr Bendy. It's

    So negative Mr Bendy. It's Friday: why not put on your happy pants and cheer up.

    Agree with he Whirly Wheelers though. Check out the little guys in action:

  • The 'Death by....' charges3 years 4 weeks agoI would have thought each

    I would have thought each case is reviewed based on the evidence. When I was knocked off my bike and taken to hospital the attending policeman stated that if I have sustained a broken bone then the driver would be prosecuted for dangerous driving. This probably only amounts to a fixed penalty and a fine but is definitely in the cyclists favour when trying to recover damages under a civil claim.

  • The 'Death by....' charges3 years 4 weeks agoThere's a good BBC article

    There's a good BBC article here on the differences between DBCD and DBDD, written as the laws were changed:


    more here:


    (for some reason the sentencing guidelines for careless driving aren't on there with the others)


    a bit of light reading then, eh Plain Face

  • Another "careless" driver walks free after killing a cyclist3 years 4 weeks agoRoad CC have you every

    Road CC have you every collated all these type of stories together and given them to someone in government? I'm dismayed by the similar pattern and outcome. A shrug of the shoulders from the guilty a pissant fine and very little else.
    I bike commute and I have at least one or two close ones a week where Cars can't wait and undercut me or drift too close while on mobile or Just don't see me. I love going to work by bike. My approach its to assume that everyone in a car is a Wanker and to expect the worst of them. Its a Sad way to think I admit but its served me well so far.
    There needs to be more serious, well publicised, consequences for the People found Guilty of these offences, until then I will continue reading these stories with sorrow and frustration. A bigger fine/sentence won't bring back the dead but may act as a deterrent.

  • Norfolk cuts £1m from cycling, walking & buses to spend on computer modelling new road3 years 4 weeks agoStoke CC have spent something

    Stoke CC have spent something like £5m over the last 10 years or so on repeated rebidding/redesigns of a public transport trunk road (that was supposedly going to provide a highly efficient public transport only route connecting various parts of the city, including the rail station which is quite a distance from the City's main shopping area). This was abandoned last year due to ongoing cost and proposed cost of the scheme. In the meantime they continue to pursue a major city centre retail/leisure redevelopment which supposedly will keep locals local and attract in outside area shoppers. Even though as I stated the rail station is 30 minutes walk from the city centre and not even an obvious walk.

    Councils are just as short sighted as big Government on all sorts of issues, but public/cycling and pedestrain transport seems to be getting it in the neck all over.

    No surprise there then, all hail King Car!

  • Scalextric launch London 2012 track cycling set3 years 4 weeks agoI liked the idea of the

    I liked the idea of the scalextric velodrome when I first heard about it. But it looks like the legs and wheels don't rotate, if this is the case the riders are gonna look pretty wierd gliding around more like speed skaters than track riders.

    Anyone remember Whirly Wheelers?

    This was pretty good but was more design to get you into becoming a full time gambler when you were older.

  • Mixed picture for 20mph zones across UK3 years 4 weeks agoI think that the criticism of

    I think that the criticism of localised zones alotronic that they are neither respected or enforced while if you do it over a bigger scale there can be no excuse for not knowing you are in a 20mph zone nor for the police not to enforce it.

    Here in Bath we have the even more useless advisory 20mph limits on some streets - had an argument with a driver a few months back and pointed out one of the reasons he nearly hit me was the inappropriate speed he was doing considering the posted limit "well it's only advisory" was his response.

  • UCI unhappy with Spanish Fed's "interim decision" on Contador3 years 4 weeks agoWhat an utter shambles.

    What an utter shambles.

  • Scalextric launch London 2012 track cycling set3 years 4 weeks agoHmm - looks cute, but for £75

    Hmm - looks cute, but for £75 you could get a reasonable 2nd-hand bike, or even a supermarket shonky special.

    My Raleigh folder cost £60 (up North), and has given me much more fun than this Scalextric could. Yesterday morning it also saved the day, when my girlfriend had a flat tire and an exam to get to. She rode the "clown bicycle" and made it on time.

    Is this toy, then, aimed at kids whose parents won't let them out on a bike?

  • Competitive Commuting3 years 4 weeks agoI nearly killed myself last

    I nearly killed myself last night trying to stay with a chap on a nice Cannondale after he took me at the bottom of the hill to my house, it's a kilometre climb at 7%.

    I *did* stay with him though Devil

  • Victim of bike rage?3 years 4 weeks agoI saw an amsusing one the

    I saw an amsusing one the other day:

    I was at the lights on the south side of southwark bridge in london. It's on of the new cycle superhighways with a massive blue cycle forward area. There's always loads of cyclists gathered round there during the morning rush hour, following the route over the bridge. On this occasion, I pulled up behind a motorbike who was also occupying the space right at the front of the blue box - not an uncommon occurance, really.

    However, a plucky commuter on his fold up bike weaved through the other cyclists and planted his bike right in front of the motorcyclist... who through his hands up and started looking round at the rest of us as if we should all be outraged... at which point every other cyclist turned on him and told him that he shouldn't be in the blue box and the plucky commuter was well in his rights to pull in front of him! The motorcyclist was clearly annoyed and when the lights changed, he accelerated off in shame. Marvellously entertaining.

  • Mixed picture for 20mph zones across UK3 years 4 weeks agoWe have a small localised

    We have a small localised 20mph limit. Does it make any difference at all? I would say that 20% of traffic respects it.

  • Cycling cop connects with riders via Twitter3 years 4 weeks agoHope he doesn't Tweet while

    Hope he doesn't Tweet while riding - I think that'd be an offence.

  • Helmet "would have saved" 85-year old killed by careless driver3 years 4 weeks ago'Suitable head gear' - How do

    'Suitable head gear' - How do these people live with themselves? Unless they are incredibly cynical and void of empathy I really fail to see their perspective.
    You drove into a person and killed her!!! The first rule of driving I learned is not to drive into people or things. It's not hard to understand. If you can't stop within the space you can see, you need to go slower. Sometimes, god forbid, you may even need to stop.
    I don't wish prison on anyone, but a driving ban for just a year? When has driving become a basic human right. If you kill people, you don't drive, full stop.

  • Tacx Satori Stripes turbo trainer3 years 4 weeks agoI bought this a few weeks ago

    I bought this a few weeks ago for just a smidge over £150. Really pleased with it, had no complaints from the neighbours either. Quick and easy to setup, resistance unit is great. The DVD isn't the best, but there are plenty others out there.

  • Marin Ignacio3 years 4 weeks agodave_atkinson wrote: That's

    dave_atkinson wrote:

    That's *exactly* it. and the ratio difference means you can have gear for cruising along at a decent lick, say 78", and still have a 56" gear for the hills, which should get me round some big rides. hopefully.

    That sounds like a good choice of gearing.

    I used to run an old, heavy, 3 speed Sturmey hub which gave me a nice range - something like 39", 54" & 70". It got me around Derbyshire and the Peak District quite comfortably. The ol' legs have got a lot stronger since then so something like 56" / 78" would probably be fine.

  • Rust on bike3 years 4 weeks agoanything like that i'd just

    anything like that i'd just go at it with a wire brush dipped in a bit of light oil, the brush will get the rust off and the oil will help to keep it at bay. don't attack your frame with a wire brush though Smile

  • Rust on bike3 years 4 weeks agoThe discs look a little

    The discs look a little rusted and there is some rust on a few unpainted parts e.g. on the front wheel quick release.