• Flipping the Bird - Aussie website's one fingered attempt to stop angry birds attacking cyclists (+ video)2 years 5 weeks agoI've been dive-bombed too and

    I've been dive-bombed too and found it unamusing.

    It was suggested tie-wraps through the helmet, with loose ends extending vertically, is a solution.

  • Round aero helmets, black Casco?2 years 5 weeks agoAir attack obvs. Or you could

    Air attack obvs.

    Or you could do what I did and clingfilm over all the holes.

    Looks BADDASS Devil

  • Fixed gear advice2 years 5 weeks agoUse double sided pedals I

    Use double sided pedals I would.

    Flicking SLs around without being able to freewheel is a bitch.

    Or learn to trackstand like a hipstah.

  • Rapha release long sleeve Country Jerseys2 years 5 weeks agoEach to their own I

    Each to their own I guess...

    Rapha are VERY, VERY GOOD at marketing, I think the head guy comes from a Branding background, they know their onions .. but the ddomsayers should realise that they do put an awful lot back into cycling and British cycling in particular..

    I never pay full price for Rapha as I simply cannae justify that expense.

    What I will say though as someone who owns quite a few pieces (Long Sleeve Jersey, Short Sleeve Jersey, Knee Warmers, Cap, Gilet, 2 pairs Touring Shorts, 1 pair 3/4 Fixed shorts, Essentials Wallet, Socks - Jesus, I just realised I sound like a fanboy now ...) is that most of it is VERY GOOD quality, I'd question how on earth they justify the Gilet price though TBH. Most of that was purchased for around a 1/3rd or retail price at Sample Sales.

    The Touring Shorts are lovely and my LS Jersey (picked up at Sample Sale in Manny for just £35) is pure quality.

    Seriously, comparing ALDI/LIDL kit (I have a LIDL gilet which is quite nice actually) is ridiculous ... It's chalk and cheese.

    For anyone who balks at the price, get thee to a sample sale, you will pick up some REAL bargains.

    I've said it before as well, TORM make some very good quality Sportswool jerseys, I have their stuff also, I'd recommend it to anyone.

    As others have said, I have other kit too, but am very happy with my Rapha gear, buy what you like, buy what you can afford..

    PS - I don't work for them ... although if they have jobs for unemployable Graphic Designers I'd be more than happy to .. Smile

  • Cyclist Magazine - Opinions..2 years 5 weeks agoWhite ink eh ... Back of the

    White ink eh ...

    Back of the Repro class for you Sir ... Smile

  • Giant Twist Express W2 years 5 weeks agoWell, I'd like to hope I

    Well, I'd like to hope I could talk my wife into trying one out. Not been successful so far with the more expensive Trek range of similar type bikes but I live in hope.
    If I could eek out 40 miles on a charge (sadly the last 3 miles includes a 400' climb) I might use one for work. A 1000 charges per battery would save me around £6,000 in fuel alone (£5.00/imp. gall & 33mpg).
    Worthwhile options - fittings on the oter side of the rack for additional battery and good L.E.D.lights direct of the battery.

  • Flipping the Bird - Aussie website's one fingered attempt to stop angry birds attacking cyclists (+ video)2 years 5 weeks agoThose birds have obviously

    Those birds have obviously been trained by JCHM, Jeremy Clarkson and His Mates, a worldwide organisation dedicated to the intimidation and overthrow of cyclists and cycling, and ulitmate world domination. If you didn't know, they are notorious for their 'midnight pothole squat team', responsible for those suddenly appearing potholes on stretches of road popular with cyclists. They are also responsible for the Bristol Rapid Transit Scheme.

  • 'bar width sizes2 years 5 weeks agoMy boney bump to boney bump

    My boney bump to boney bump size is 44,so the original bars look a bit narrow.The bars are FSA,not sure which model,with the normal curve.I've been looking at the shaped ergo bars,namely the Easton ones.

  • Critical Mass London2 years 5 weeks agoI have many reservations

    I have many reservations about Critical Mass, but at the end of the day you are not going to get any change in this crazilly car-centric city by riding around a pre-determined route in single file being polite to motorists. After all, the selfish gross over-use of private vehicles is impacting on everyone, including pedestrians and the drivers themselves. A wake-up call once a month probably isn't a bad thing even if certain people on Critical Mass go a bit over the top.

  • Rapha release long sleeve Country Jerseys2 years 5 weeks agonotfastenough +1 but i he

    notfastenough +1

    but i he brought the belgian top i keep bidding on s/s versions on Big Grin but all top end brands are in any field sport, industry, electronic etc

    i like the fit of rapha jersey's i have others but do enjoy wearing the rapha tops.

  • Three-quarters of driving instructors think cycle awareness should be part of driving test2 years 5 weeks agodullard wrote:@Rumpo -

    dullard wrote:
    @Rumpo - absolutely. I think you need to reconsider your reasoning, Campag. A bicycle most definitely does have the potential to harm and kill other road users (pedestrians and other cyclists) and this becomes actual when you add a rider who's an idiot. I'm off the bike currently with a trapped nerve but ride most days on busy roads with few problesm; so taking the bus last week, I was able to witness the vehicular view of what many cyclists de nos jours look like on the same roads - frankly, I was gobsmacked. An absence of basic road abilities (awareness, signalling, anticipation, riding too close) and so much ignorance of basic road rules like not steaming through red lights and NOT USING LIGHTS IN THE DARK! Un-f#cking believable.

    Absolutely right, I also regularly witness road manners like that. I also witness the same on pavements by adults on bikes several sizes too small, usually a man on a woman's bike. Recently I was pushing my toddler in her buggy along the pavement, suddenly there was a bike about two inches away from the front of the buggy after his emergency stop, with a man screaming at me for putting my child in danger.Fortunately there was a Policeman there within seconds who had seen him riding on the pavement, he was issued with a fine.
    I think that Cycling should actually be an integral part of the Driving test, not just Cycle Awareness, but an actual part of the test. It would give new road users freedom to the road before they have passed the Driving Test, and also enhance their observational skills and senses as a different group of road user.
    It would be a huge boost to cycling as new road users could be given the confidence to cycle as well as drive. I don't think it necessary to have a test, just two to three hours worth of lessons might be enough for some. Obviously there are some people that would want exceptions and that is fine, that is to be expected and could be worked out. But just think of the extra awareness it would create in new drivers if they had already been given cycling lessons. It would also create a demand for Cycling instructors. I don't think it would be too hard to implement. It could start off as a voluntary trial somewhere, because it would be voluntary, the take up may be quite high and would give enough people to evaluate it properly. Obviously the money to pay the Cycling instructors would need to come from somewhere, but there are some councils giving free cycling lessons anyway. It would be a boost to the economy as more work for Cycling instructors, less traffic on roads with more confident cyclists.

  • Flipping the Bird - Aussie website's one fingered attempt to stop angry birds attacking cyclists (+ video)2 years 5 weeks agoThey used to attack my helmet

    They used to attack my helmet and believe me it is very disconcerting as the loud bop as they hit can be sudden and ultimately dangerous. The solution is a simple one. Take off the helmet and put on a normal sunhat and all they do is flap around overhead.

  • 'bar width sizes2 years 5 weeks agoTo measure your current bar

    To measure your current bar either go from outside edge on one side to inside edge on the other (this is same as c-to-c) or both outside edges for overall width.

    If you like the ergonomics then get hold of a wider version of the same model. Or go to a shop and say "Can you get me a wider one of these?" Shouldn't be too difficult.

  • Rapha release long sleeve Country Jerseys2 years 5 weeks agoI'm firmly in the camp where

    I'm firmly in the camp where I am happy to pay the premium because time and again it has proved a worthy investment. I've used Rapha kit for sportives, bunch rides, solo training, and triathlon up to a half ironman. I've stayed warm, dry, and very comfortable each and every time (alright, towards the end of a 90k TT I wasn't THAT comfortable). The choice is of course yours but I've loved their stuff and I'd like to add the long sleeved jersey to my kit. Paired with a thermal under shirt and a softshell gilet it'll keep the weather off nicely.

  • Defeated by Blaze Hill, gears for 25% incline2 years 5 weeks agoAs others have said. If you

    As others have said. If you are going up to a 32 then you also need to look at getting a long cage rear mech. As I said in mylast comment, work on your climbing technique then you will find you only need a 28 Wink unless of course you are touring then a triple will help those hills. Also meant to say in my last post that if you are covering huge distances on 53/11 you are going to go through chainsets like nobodies business. Keep it in the middle then you've got room to play with. Also meaans that you don't need to change into a lower gear quickly if you hit the hill while on 11

  • Bournemouth driver sought over early-morning attacks pushing cyclists off bikes2 years 5 weeks agoDoesn't help that the Council

    Doesn't help that the Council have banned cycling along the Wide sea front between Sandbanks and Bournemouth during spring summer forcing cyclists onto the roads.

  • ITV4 ToB Coverage2 years 5 weeks agoThat's a good one, I'll put

    That's a good one, I'll put it on the list. He usually wheels that out whenever there's a shot of someone pedaling.....

  • ToB Stage 62 years 5 weeks ago212pts enough for 6th on the

    212pts enough for 6th on the stage WITHOUT stage winner!!

  • 'bar width sizes2 years 5 weeks ago40's eh? What bars are

    40's eh? Thinking What bars are they?

  • 'bar width sizes2 years 5 weeks ago42 outside edge to outside

    42 outside edge to outside edge will be a 40cm in *most* bars, which is relatively narrow. Like Jo says, some manufacturers measure the way you have so check when you're buying. Many bike fitters will advise you that the width between the bony bumps on the tops of your shoulders (the name of which i forget) is the centre-to-centre bar width you should choose, although for me that's 42cm and I prefer a 44.

  • Most Critical Mass cyclists arrested on eve of Olympics will go free2 years 5 weeks agoMaybe its about time London

    Maybe its about time London cyclists who are not joining the CM because of its political side, start a Critical Manners or "RideCivil" in conjunction with the police and other authorities to show to "proper" cyclists in the kind of way we should all been seen.

    Not the rabble that the CM seems to attract for the protest side of it.

    After looking online as who "organises" the London CM, all I could find was Urban75?? Who seem to be a very political movement. Are they behind the London CM's??

    I laugh at the below description from Wikipedia regarding the London CM's

    Critical Mass participants have insisted that these events should be viewed as "celebrations" and spontaneous gatherings, and not as protests or organized demonstrations. This stance allows Critical Mass to argue a legal position that its events can occur without advance notification of local police.

  • Halfords Ride to work scheme2 years 5 weeks agoThe £1000 C2W 'limit' is only

    The £1000 C2W 'limit' is only for companies which don't hold a Consumer Credit License. So if you're working for a company which offers finance to customers, you earn enough and they're happy paying out the money then you can get as much money as you like to play with.

  • Fixed gear advice2 years 5 weeks agoNever, ever, EVER ride a

    Never, ever, EVER ride a fixed gear bike without something holding on to your feet. You have half the braking power and if you slip off the pedals most likely half the walking power Wink

  • What an experience! Tour of Britain Stage 3 blog.2 years 5 weeks agoThanks for the great post.

    Thanks for the great post. The pictures are cool and got a kick out of the Helmet Head. Was anyone riding the new Trek Madone in the race?

  • WADA takes a cautious approach to 'amnesty' for dopers following Lance case2 years 5 weeks agoNice idea, but if they do go

    Nice idea, but if they do go down this route, the punishment from then on needs to be severe, need to do something to prevent our sport from getting in to such a state again!!

    Life time ban anyone?