Read closer and I wrote "cycle where you can away from stationary cars"

  • Strava bugs?1 year 39 weeks agoPhone. Ride uploaded fine on

    Phone. Ride uploaded fine on Thursday night when I got home. Everything appeared fine but when I looked today just to glance at my route, the whole thing had gone. A friend is suggesting that someone might have flagged it? Surely I'd at least get an email to confirm that?

  • Third of cyclists support mandatory hi-viz clothing claims survey1 year 39 weeks agogiff77 wrote:nuclear coffee

    giff77 wrote:
    nuclear coffee wrote:
    You worry that people here are doing harm?

    Show solid evidence to support this assertion, or your an arsehole. That simple.

    I worry that people like you contribute to the number of fatties on the streets, and worse, the fact that those who do are demonised. Either we both accept we don't have good evidence, or we both think the other is an arsehole (but of course, in public merely say we're "worried").

    Which do you think is more productive?

    I assume you were directing that comment at me? It was an observation not an assertion in regards to the 16%. Anyway. I do not appreciate being called an arsehole on a public forum but that's neither here nor there. Also I do a lot to encourage friends and work colleagues to take up cycling. I let them know that they do not need cycle specific clothing. That there are plenty of cycle tracks available if not confident on roads. They come to me for tips on cycling and maintenance. As a result about 20 folk in work have taken up cycling as a leisure activity and 3/4 now commute. But hey. That's not bad for an arsehole who contributes to more fatties on the road.

    No, it wasn't aimed at you. I'm not sure exactly what purpose the "reply" button has here, it doesn't seem to give any indication who you're supposed to be "replying" to, to anybody. Guess I should just stick to quotes in future. It was aimed at Neil753, and it was overly harsh, for which I apologise. That said, I stand by the sentiment - weasel words like "concerned" or not, allege that someone else is doing serious harm (in this case, contributing to the deaths of others), you better have something good to back that up.

    Freedom of choice is something I'll always argue for - I find it astonishing how people seem to be so comfortable with tossing it aside - but even so, I doubt that's what this is about.

    Put bluntly: what's changed in the last twenty years since helmets became a real proposition? Statistically, not much than can be tied (on a POPULATION level) to better PPE, and I certainly don't feel safer. Now, the only difference is I'm "encouraged" to spend my hard-earned on a dorky uncomfortable hat, and If I don't and am hit it's my fault. And now I'm "encouraged" to buy a dorky jacket, and If I don't and am hit that's my fault too.

    Do you honestly think that these people, who are oh so "concerned" as to my safety, are EVER going to turn around and say "right, you've done enough, NOW we need to sort out the shite drivers?"

    That's delusional.

    If you can't see someone in the daytime, or someone with lights in the nighttime, you're an incompetent driver. If you're driving despite this knowledge, you're an awful human being. The only way things are going to get better is enough people saying "enough, we're not tolerating these twats any more"... and so long as the debate continues to be "how can we make cyclists safely by making their lives less pleasant", that will never happen. That's why these "encouragements" are so abhorrent.

    (in the interest of self grammar nazism, you're. No idea how that slipped past)

  • Pilgrimage to Flanders - a cyclist’s chance to endure cobbled roads and extreme suffering.1 year 39 weeks agoI'm planning to do this too -

    I'm planning to do this too - it's been on my list for a few years but it's the first time I've managed to organise the schedule to make it! Very excited, and also suitably intimidated, so the winter training is going to have to be taken seriously...

  • Cycloc Wrap1 year 39 weeks agoLarge_Pista wrote:This looks

    Large_Pista wrote:
    This looks great – but why is it £12.99. Are they designed by Paul Smith or something? Crying

    Agree. A velcro strap from B&Q/Wilkos looks like it would do everything these could.

  • Pilgrimage to Flanders - a cyclist’s chance to endure cobbled roads and extreme suffering.1 year 39 weeks agommutley wrote:I did this last

    mmutley wrote:
    I did this last year, a fantastic weekend.
    The ride was fantastic, with only a couple of bottlenecks on the climbs, great camaraderie with all the international cyclists. And they do come from all over the world.
    Top that off with the fanatical crowds on the pro race and a good lashing of sausage rolls and belgian beer, nothing better.

    Can second that did the full ride this year, something special about going up the famous classic cobbled climbs, crowds were out in support and cheering us riders as well, and the roads were controlled for traffic, made for a great experience.

  • Bianchi Infinito CV1 year 39 weeks agoAny chance of one of these

    Any chance of one of these coming up in the next swag-grab folks?

  • Tour de France 2014 route unveiled1 year 39 weeks agoGetting excited already

    Getting excited already Smile