• yet another h.r.richmond/epsom coaches bus overtook me and pushed me into the kerb23 hours 3 min agoIt does explain a lot, I tend

    It does explain a lot, I tend to find the problems are worse at weekends when they may be using agency or part time drivers.

  • Police around the country hand out free bike lights and reflectives to keep cyclists safe23 hours 6 min agoGreat news and a positive

    Great news and a positive move for all involved. Shame not all are responsible enough to buy their own and take the initiative themselves. Although there's nothing wrong with leading by example.

  • Plans/Ambitions for 201523 hours 43 min agoThe Ouka Monster Marrakech

    The Ouka Monster Marrakech sportive
    Great Manchester Cycle (again)
    London 100 (ballot dependent, or another 100mile sportive)
    Etape Cymru (and finish this time)

    Complete Road.cc metric challenge and get some lovely socks.

    My own Strava 250 challenge where I stuff every segment I can from my top 250 into my top 100s, and every top 100 improve to top 10s etc.

    Cover 8000km in 2015, up from 5 in 2012, 6...

    Buy new equipment in anticipation of old items wearing out, not after.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-201423 hours 44 min ago5 Jan 1 Point

    Cool Applause
    5 Jan 1 Point 70.37M/113.250KM Total Points 1 Total KM 113.250 *****************
    12 Jan 1 point 64.2M/103.32KM Total Points 2 Total KM 216.57 *******************
    19 Jan 1 point 82.4M/132.61KM Total Points 3 Total KM 349.18 *******************
    2 Feb 1 point 66.8M/107.50KM Total Points 4 Total KM 456.68 ********************
    9 Feb 1 point 72.1M/116.03KM Total Points 5 Total KM 572.71 ********************
    16 Feb 1 point 81.2M/130.68KM Total Points 6 Total KM 703.39 *******************
    23 Feb 1 point 70.6M/113.62KM Total Points 7 Total KM 817.01 ******************
    9 Mar 1 point 73.2M/117.80KM Total Points 8 Total KM 934.81 ********************
    16 Mar 1 point 64.6M/103.96KM Total Points 9 Total KM 1038.77 *****************
    22 Mar 1 point 71.3M/114.75KM Total Points 10 Total KM 1153.52 ****************
    30 Mar 1 point 70.1M/112.82KM Total Points 11 Total KM 1266.34 ****************
    27 Apr 1 point 70.9 M/114.10KM Total Points 12 Total KM 1380.44 ***************
    18 May 1 point 70.1M/112.82KM Total Points 13 Total KM 1493.26 ***************
    25 May 1 point 63.4M/102.03KM Total Points 14 Total KM 1595.29 *************
    1 Jun 1 point 82.1M/132.13KM Total Points 15 Total KM 1727.42****************
    15 Jun 1 point 85.3M/137.28KM Total Points 16 Total KM 1864.7****************
    22 Jun 1 point 65.4M/105.25KM Total Points 17 Total KM 1969.95***************
    29 Jun 1 point 70.1M/112.82KM Total points 18 Total KM 2082.77**************
    7 Jul 1 point 76.1M/122.47KM Total points 19 Total KM 2205.24****************
    13 Jul 1 point 86.4M/139.05KM Total points 20 Total KM 2344.29***************
    27 Jul 1 point 67.7M/108.95KM Total points 21 Total KM 2453.24***************
    17 Aug 1 point 65.5M/105.41KM Total points 22 Total KM 2558.65***************
    31 Aug 1 point 81.1M/130.52KM Total points 23 Total KM 2689.17*************
    7 Sep 1 point 81.2M/130.68KM Total points 24 Total KM 2819.85***************
    21 Sep 1 point 67.7M/108.95KM Total points 25 Total KM 2928.8***************
    28 Sep 1 point 65.8M/105.89KM Total points 26 Total KM 3034.69*************
    5 Oct 1 point 81.4M/131.00KM Total points 27 Total KM 3165.69***************
    12 Oct 1 point 79.7M/128.26KM Total points 28 Total KM 3293.95*************
    19 Oct 1 point 62.6M/100.74KM Total points 29 Total KM 3394.69*************
    26 Oct 1 point 72.3M/116.36KM Total points 30 Total KM 3511.05*************
    2 Nov 1 point 63.7M/102.52KM Total points 31 Total KM 3613.57**************
    9 Nov 1 point 68.8M/110.72KM Total points 32 Total KM 3724.29**************
    16 Nov 1 point 62.5M/100.58KM Total points 33 Total KM 3824.87*************
    30 Nov 1 point 68.8M/110.72KM Total points 34 Total KM 3935.59*************
    7 Dec 1 point 64.4M/103.64KM Total points 35 Total KM 4039.23**************
    14 Dec 1 point 63.7M/102.52KM Total points 36 Total KM 4141.75*************
    21 Dec 1 point 63.5M/102.19KM Total points 37 Total KM 4243.94*************

    Big Grin

  • Craft Active Extreme Windstopper Skull hat23 hours 45 min agoBedfordshire Clanger

    Bedfordshire Clanger wrote:
    Martin, have you ever tried wearing a cycling cap under your helmet? I'm intruiged as to how this represents good value for money over a £1.99 cap from On-One.

    He did cover that in the review…

  • Video: Cyclist in China has very lucky escape after lorry runs him over23 hours 56 min agoIs his bike Ok?

    Is his bike Ok?

  • protective clothing23 hours 56 min agoThese are for inline skating

    These are for inline skating where sliding down the track is an occupational hazard. Not sure you'll find a UK dealer, but I have bought stuff from them OK.


  • Lance Armstrong loves adhering to a sporting ‘code of honour’ – but only if it’s golf1 day 10 min agoGolfers use beta-blockers...

    Golfers use beta-blockers...

  • Drunk driver who killed charity cyclist Christian Smith jailed for five years1 day 53 min agoSo sad for the family and

    So sad for the family and friends who have lost Christian.

    Disgusted at the driver. We do make mistakes but twice over the limit and driving is just so selfish that it takes a life?

    They need to educate the public with video and harsh sentencing.

    R.I.P. Christian Smith.


  • Five victims come forward with injuries caused by new Brighton 'death trap' cycle path1 day 1 hour agoSome Fella wrote:Is red paint

    Some Fella wrote:
    Is red paint the new green paint?

    Not travelled much? I reckon the % of councils that use red v green for bike lanes is about equal in the UK. Green might shade it.

    I'd like to see standardisation- green for bikes, red for buses. And coloured tarmac only, none of this paint nonsense.

  • Craft Active Extreme Windstopper Skull hat1 day 1 hour agoLooks a nice design

    Looks a nice design

  • Drunk driver who killed charity cyclist Christian Smith jailed for five years1 day 1 hour agostumps wrote:Banning people

    stumps wrote:
    Banning people for life is not the answer as its nigh on impossible to regulate.

    Much longer sentences are the way forward so that someone knows they are going to prison for a minimum of 20 years if they commit the offence.

    Zzzzzz. It has been proved countless times that this doesn't work. Long prison sentences do not usually make otherwise normal members of society behave better (and they invariably don't work for regular criminals either).

    This woman is not a bank robber, unrepentant serial rapist or big time drug trafficker from whom society should be protected; she made an error of judgement, albeit one with very serious consequences. Putting her behind bars for 5 or 10 years or more will help no-one.

    While I think longer driving bans should be used, life bans won't work as a deterrent. Spend the money on education and cops, not prisons.

  • Bike help cycle to work1 day 1 hour agoAfter some more reading and

    After some more reading and searching I've confused myself further with another two models taking the list to:

    GT Grade (Claris or sora)
    Specialized Diverge (racing road)
    Whyte Sussex
    Norco Search S3

    I'm not familiar with the tech lingo, they all look nice and the marketing blurbs seem to fit what I need the bike for. Anything obvious that would assist in ruling any of these in or out? I'm lost

  • Kurt Kinetic Z-Rollers1 day 1 hour agoThere is a smaller set out

    There is a smaller set out there. Sportcrafters Omnium Trainer Day Dreaming

  • yet another h.r.richmond/epsom coaches bus overtook me and pushed me into the kerb1 day 1 hour agoInstead of passing a Driver

    Instead of passing a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency test, conducted by a full-time professional examiner, a huge number of bus and coach company drivers are tested by fellow employees. Although these "delegated examiners" have been trained to some sort of standard the system is obviously open to abuse. After all, if your boss tells you the firm is short of drivers you are under considerable pressure to pass as many candidates as possible.

    This arrangement exists to save the DVSA money. There is no need to employ as many civil service examiners and the costs of buying and maintaining large testing centres are avoided. But, as the agency is completely funded by test fees, at no cost to the taxpayer, it is difficult to see why these semi-professional examiners are tolerated.

    I wonder if there is a correlation between accident rates and which test type of was taken?

  • Tech Roundup: starring Bianchi, Foffa, Met, Brooks + video1 day 2 hours agoLike the look of the MET

    Like the look of the MET helmet. Finally a TT lid that may fit properly over my (ridiculously) large ears!!

  • Five victims come forward with injuries caused by new Brighton 'death trap' cycle path1 day 3 hours agoSome Fella wrote:Is red paint

    Some Fella wrote:
    Is red paint the new green paint?

    Think it is regional, Gloucestershire has always used red, and f****** horrible sketchy stuff it is!

  • Drunk driver who killed charity cyclist Christian Smith jailed for five years1 day 3 hours agoi feel sick reading this

    i feel sick reading this report - sick over the human being who was driving, sick for the wife and what she had to go through, but most of all , sick of this justice system - that gives these people more chances to kill and mame on our roads.
    if that had been a drunken stabbing, drunken brawl or drunken push the fella over a bridge death, life in prison would be the call. cyclists, 5 years, out in 2. sick.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 day 3 hours ago12th January 104km, Points:

    12th January 104km, Points: 1
    23rd February 106km, Points: 1
    09th March 113km, Points: 1
    29th March 130km, Points: 1
    05th April 106km, Points: 1
    19th April 102km, Points: 1
    04th May 101km, Points: 1
    18th May 178km, Points: 1
    06th June 100km, Points: 1
    12th June 208km, Points 2
    22nd June 135km, Points 1
    20th July 102km, Points 1
    31st July 187km, Points 1
    09th August 162km, Points 1
    17th August 100km, Points 1
    21st August 208km, Points 2
    07th September 200km, Points 2
    28th September 261km, Points 2
    03rd October 101km, Points 1
    12th October 119km, Points 1
    02nd November 113km, Points 1
    09th November 106km, Points 1
    13th November 106km, Points 1
    19th November 106km, Points 1
    30th November 106km, Points 1
    07th December 106km, Points 1 Party
    14th December 104km, Points 1
    21st December 104km, Points 1

    Total Points: 33

    Total Kilometres: 3470

  • Ride a Pinarello Dogma F8 for $10 a month* + video1 day 3 hours agoQuote:Thanks, Pinarello, for

    Thanks, Pinarello, for moving cycling one more tiny step towards being just another form of consumerism.

    Cycling is already there, and has been for years. Pro cycling exists because it works as a form of advertising; notice the sponsors?

    Lately it's become yet another hobby for people with enough disposable income, it has it all from tradition, through history, through epic tales of struggle, scandal and best of all; you can buy all this in a shop or online. Selling world tour standard equipment to weekend warriors; wear the same clothes as your heroes, ride the same bike, get a bike fit, upgrade to the next best thing, ride the same roads, follow the gossip on line, ride the virtual bike on the virtual race course, the obvious answer for the time poor rider, read the reviews, buy the kit...

  • Video: Cyclist in China has very lucky escape after lorry runs him over1 day 4 hours agoWhere was he going at that

    Where was he going at that jaunty angle?

  • Drunk driver who killed charity cyclist Christian Smith jailed for five years1 day 4 hours agoWhilst drink driving is as

    Whilst drink driving is as bad as it gets, I don't think random breath testing is any more of a benefit than fixed speed camera's.

    I would prefer if there were more traffic patrols pulling in all dangerous driving.

    There are bloody awful drivers out there who don't speed or drink, they are a danger to everyone.

    A few of the lesser blamed for you:

    1) old farts who can propel their vehicles forward but can't react to anything in front of them and never look in their mirrors.
    2) invincible housewives in truck sized 4x4's who speed in built up areas and who mount kerbs at high speed.
    3) the slouch, holding the wheel to to the left with their right hand or their chin on the wheel - can't react to anything.
    4) the smoker, holding a smouldering device in one hand ( this is legal, but biting an apple isn't...) try dialling in 180 degrees of lock with one hand.
    5) the plainly uninsured and licence less, who the police can also spot, but what's the point, they've nothing lose.
    6) the 'careful' driver who never goes above 40 - but in built up areas never goes less than 40, this type of driver can't cope.

    All of the above are a danger to everyone on the road, pavement and even in your bed, if you live near a road.

    Full test every 5 years for motor vehicles, no exceptions, and a 2 stage test for new drivers, let's drive the standards up. It's a small cost to pay and will generate some revenue with proper instruction and an army of examiners. It's a privelege, not a right, it's a lethal machine and one that can't be trusted.

    I do have some experience, as a former race and performance driving instructor, who has even taught the police conversion between FWD/RWD/4WD ( though now with VDC that doesn't happen anymore)

    It would be good to say that having a licence should include bicyle or motorcycle (CBT) type competency, but I suppose that discrimaties against those with physical issues.

  • Contador says Tour crash was his fault – but feels he got away lightly1 day 4 hours agoJ90 wrote: At times he didn't

    J90 wrote:
    At times he didn't really need to attack at all, yet he did and dropped a lot of other great riders numerous times, got the stage wins and put himself up there with the great Merckx.

    Agree with this. I've never been a big fan of nibbles before but I loved the way he rode in the tour. Every time he felt strong he attacked, really good to see.

  • Ride a Pinarello Dogma F8 for $10 a month* + video1 day 4 hours agoOf course, if you don't want

    Of course, if you don't want to buy into it, you don't have to...

  • Five victims come forward with injuries caused by new Brighton 'death trap' cycle path1 day 5 hours agodazwan wrote: as technically

    dazwan wrote:
    as technically we aren't supposed to cross solid lines

    I suppose, but such a rule

    1. assumes everyone who might cycle will know/have been taught/correctly apply it. I imagine most kids know about traffic lights, but the subtleties of white lines?

    2. means that a rider in a bus lane can't legally make a right turn, or turn right into a bus lane from a side road, as here on CS7:


    or overtake buses clogging up the lane by coming out of it, or move in and out of mandatory cycle lanes etc etc. All about discretion or common sense? Wait till the Met cotton on.

    Bit off topic, sorry, but FWIW I agree the kerb is Surprise